Feel free to use a Japanese knife outdoors

I will write about the topic of Japanese knives, casual outdoor activities using them, and bushcraft.


Mountain sword and sword hatchet


By the way, nowadays I get a custom knife and think that it is difficult to sharpen the VG-10, but in terms of ease of sharpening, Japanese-style knives and knives are quite easy to sharpen.


Well, whether or not you can sharpen the appearance is another matter, but in the sense of “restoring the sharpness”, it can be said that it is easy to do.


This area is also mentioned in the almost only book “The World of Japanese Knives” of Japanese knives.

Feel free to use a Japanese knife outdoors, Shieldon

So, from my quest for Nagasa in Akita, I have been devoted to Japanese style knives.


At the moment, the sword hatchet (which is a bit rough) is made by Nunokawa Knife Mfg. Co., Ltd.’s 7-inch and 6-inch specials (which is packed with my ideals. If you are interested, please contact Nunokawa Knife Mfg. Co., Ltd.) is a heavy use for me, and it can be said that it is the best.


Considering my height (185 cm, this is), is it better to have 8 inches instead of 7 inches? I also think that.


In fact, when I visited Nunokawa Knife Mfg. Co., Ltd., I was able to hold an 8-inch one, but it felt like it was sick. On the other hand, when it comes to 9 inches, this is over-engineering.


I understand that there are people who want 9 inches for special purposes, but when it comes to “as a mountain sword when entering the mountain”, 9 inch is 185 cm, even for me, over-engineering. So, in reality, what kind of person carries 9 inches (or more) to the mountain for what purpose? I’m simply interested in it.


As an aside, is there a 9-inch 5 minute one? It also exists as a custom size in Fukuro Nagasa.


What do you think of this?


I feel over-engineered after all. After all, entering the mountain means putting it in a backpack before that. When it comes to 9 inches and 5 minutes, the weight is considerable. Also, because it is long, it can easily be expected to be bulky.


Also, I’m sorry to say that it’s a superstitious story, but it’s a standard for daggers used for seppuku in 9 inches and 5 minutes.


People who enter the mountain carry Gen. Considering that, 9 inch 5 minutes seemed “a little” to me.


Quiet talk break.


I’ve just picked up Mr. Nunokawa’s mountain sword and Fukuro Nagasa for a moment, but I think that what Akita’s “mountain sword = Nagasa” has in common is “good balance.”

Feel free to use a Japanese knife outdoors, Shieldon

I’ve written that “Fukuronagasa has a knife-like balance, and wooden handle Nagasa has a Nata-like balance”, but basically, it’s well-balanced and easy to handle.


Mr. Nunokawa’s mountain sword is also excellently balanced, and although the wooden handle Nagasa is hatchet, its ease of handling and weight balance are great.


On the other hand, there is also a “sword hatchet” that is “really the balance of the hatchet”, and a typical example (?) Is Mr. Django’s black hatchet.


I put it side by side with Mr. Nunokawa’s 7-inch mountain sword.


On the right is Mr. Django’s black sword hatchet 8 inch.

Feel free to use a Japanese knife outdoors, Shieldon

Isn’t it quite powerful?


And this is the balance of “perfect hatchet”. Moreover, since it is 8 inches, it is quite difficult to “swing around” or something like that.


Is it different from 7 inch?


I’m still researching it, but I feel that it can be roughly divided into “mountain knives with a dagger system that is easy to handle” and “mountain knives developed from Nata”. I feel it.



Something like “grind” with a knife is rather rough and has an “atmosphere”, but when compared to a sharply finished one, it becomes “mumu …”.




The price is very reasonable, and it’s easy to sharpen, isn’t it?


This is a 150mm one, which is expensive but still cheap compared to the 8-inch ones and those sold on other web shopping.


If it’s 150mm, I wonder if it’s like a “mountain knife”.


Anyway, considering this price, is it still a useful equipment? I feel like that, but I think the cost performance (although I don’t want to use it positively for knives and cutlery) is extremely high.


I also have an 8-inch one, but I don’t have that much of a turn.


However, it’s reliable and I use it occasionally. Oh, by the way, the black hatchet is double-edged.


Basically, it is solid and can be applied to the grindstone, and the sharpening taste is also good.


The blade is a little sweet, but it is easy to sharpen and has a good blade. Even from such a “sweet” atmosphere, I somehow feel a “nata” atmosphere.


Also, this is like a premonition, but as I sharpen it a little more, I feel that a stickier blade will come out.


For those who want to carry a hatchet-like knife to the mountain, this black hatchet is highly recommended.


It’s difficult to balance and pay for yabs lightly, but I’m sure it’s heavy and reliable.


In places like the introduction to Japanese style knives, Mr. Django’s knives are really recommended.


You can fully enjoy the reasonable price, the fun and ease of handling of Japanese style blades. On the other hand, there are many people who ask, “What is this used for?”


Perhaps you should choose a simple and unadorned model.


Anyway, what I’m thinking about now is that it can be roughly divided into “sword hatchets that are closer to” swords “and sword hatchets that are closer to” hatchets “.”


It seems that which is better or worse, but the difference depends on the origin and use, so I would like to pursue this area as well!


There is a feeling that Akita’s mountain sword has settled down, but what is the “sword hatchet” in the larger category? For example, I’m going to dig deeper into that area.


Therefore, I would appreciate it if you could give us your suggestions.


So, today it’s more disorganized than ever, but this isn’t it.


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