Everything You Need To Know About Bulbasaur Folding Knife

Everything You Need To Know About Bulbasaur Folding Knife, Shieldon

The folding knife introduced to you today is a brand new design from the designer of


What Is A Bulbasaur Folding Knife?

Everything You Need To Know About Bulbasaur Folding Knife, Shieldon

The overall blade adopts a combination of green and black. The Bulbasaur folding knife is green in color. With the black background, the green color in the Bulbasaur folding knife will be more prominent, giving people a very comfortable and relaxing feeling, and sublimating your temperament to a dignified and elegant effect. In the bearing part, designer Django uses a hot-wheeled green and black outer ring, plus a yellow-green gradient middle ring, giving this knife a cool feel.


Application for the Bulbasaur Folding Knife



The opening method used by this knife is Flipper, which is a very suitable opening method for novices. As the designer only retains the Flipper opening method, the folding knife is purer and more practical.



To build it into a practical outdoor hunting knife, Django chose the most practical drop-shaped tip in the knife shape. The tip of the drop-shaped tip is located slightly above the centerline of the blade. The tip angle is larger and the cutting ability is better. It is also the more commonly used form of a hunting knife, and it is the most balanced tool type with comprehensive strength.

Material Used To Make Bulbasaur Folding Knife



Of course, in order to make it more practical, the material of the blade is also very important, because it is the soul of a knife. However, since there are so many materials for making knives, some are pursuing faith, some pursuing the strongest, and some pursuing cost-effectiveness. This also makes the designer spend a lot of thought to consider.


In the end, Django chose SANDVIK 14C28N martensitic stainless chrome steel, which is excellent in the industry. This is martensitic stainless chromium steel developed and produced by Swedish SANDVIK, with a chemical composition optimized for high-quality professional tool applications.


Sandvik 14C28N is suitable for knife applications that have extremely high requirements on blade sharpness, blade stability, and corrosion resistance, such as kitchen knives, pocket knives, hunting knives, and fish knives. The manufactured blade is easy to sharpen, has good stability, and is not easy to chip, fold or curl the edge.


The final product has a blade thickness of 3mm, a blade length of 93mm, an open length of 218mm, and a weight of 125g. This knife is very suitable for outdoor camping or survival. Of course, you can also carry it around for daily use (but please check whether it complies with local laws and regulations).


About designer Django

Everything You Need To Know About Bulbasaur Folding Knife, Shieldon

Django is currently designing a series of folding knives for Shieldon. The designs of these folding knives are mostly inspired by creatures in nature. In terms of tool design, Django’s selection of materials is also very wide. He believes that there is no best material, only the most suitable.


The purpose and positioning of the knife are the keys to material selection. Therefore, whether it is traditional carbon steel or now popular tool steel, whether it is G10 or carbon brazing, as long as it is suitable, it can be used.



The folding knives produced by Django are very individual and practical and have received wide acclaim. This success is also because he has been engaged in the design and production of knives for many years, and has always been adhering to the concept of knives to be integrated with nature. It is this concept that gives the knives he made, in addition to practicality, an artistic sense gifted by nature.


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