EDC DROP! Everyday carry that collects and takes out what you like

User participation type EDC (everyday carry) planning started. Everyday Carry is a portable set that you carry every day. The composition is diverse depending on the person and the scene, but it is a microcosm. We will deliver adult EDC’s attractiveness, an adult mono-playing game that pursues configurations that match lifestyles and use.

What is EDC/Everyday Carry?


By brushing up your originality and fit the scene, you will be able to complete a convenient and convenient EDC.

The EDC created in this way will inevitably show plenty of “the person, the scene”. EDC, which is full of individuality unique to people, jobs, and scenes, is fun to look at, and it is also a treasure trove of ideas for gear configuration.

Search #edc and #everydaycarry on Instagram. All kinds of EDC are spread all over the world. In this new project, we will focus on EDC as “adult’s play with something” and send out a culture EDC to enjoy gear that fits Japan.






EDC (Everyday Carry) is a “microcosm of things.”


Even if you say EDC in a word, various configurations depend on the person, scene, occupation of the owner, etc. The structure of the minimum necessities is a “microcosm of things”. The limited screen contains a lot of information. In addition to gears, scenes, owner information, current trends inevitably reflect the world.

Although some cultures overseas have a solid military colour, this project is entirely rule-free. There is no military frame, and you are free from the outdoors. You can use EDC that matches the formal scene you have in a suit or use EDC with a solid female colour specializing in cuteness.

Inside the diverse EDC, you will find a wealth of unique and seasonal information that allows you to feel innovative gear ideas and trends.



Various EDC (everyday carry) that varies depending on people and scenes


EDC based on glossy silver. The minimalist pen designed by Sean shines, and the lineup is visually formal. It’s an excellent example of Everyday Carry, which doesn’t have to be military-like, but can be freely fitted depending on the person or scene.









Vic2’s EDC feels like an adult weekend adventure. Equipped with a BORED VB and stainless steel bottle, the black lens is perfect for UV protection. Change to a light wallet and go on an adventure! Can you see such a scene? It is also a fun part of this play that the location is reflected, and the owner’s individuality appears.








An EDC that lets you feel the urban colour while using the duck pattern as a point. Attributes such as military and outdoor are not necessarily masts.


There are urban EDC, stylish EDC, and every day carries with an intense fashion colour. The lineup that matches each lifestyle and scene is OK.






Major components of EDC/EVERYDAY CARRY



Multi tool

・Key ring







The general EDC (Everyday Carry) item composition is almost this street.

From such an essential item composition, the design items will change or increase or decrease depending on the lifestyle and character of the owner. From the perspective of “things that match the scene,” we first decided on the item composition. Once the design is settled, select the best point from each item frame.

EDC (Everyday Carry) Flower-shaped knife, but what about the domestic situation?



-Gunto method-

“No one may carry a blade with a blade longer than 6 cm, except for business or other legitimate reasons.

Violations can be punished by imprisonment for up to 2 years or a fine of up to $3,000.

*For folding knives 8 cm across the blade

-Minor Crime Law-

“People who carry hidden tools, iron bars, and other devices that are used to harm human life or cause serious harm to human bodies for no good reason.”

Violation is detention or charges.

To put it simply, the current state in Japan is that “any mini knife may be subject to the “light crime law” if carried without purpose.” For this “purpose”, camping, fishing, and attending a chef are permitted. However, there is a precedent that “for self-defence” and “preparation in case of disaster” is not allowed.

Then how about “EDC”? If you use EDC for camping or fishing, you can carry it with you. Speaking of daily carrying, in the case of “carrying it in the city all the time”, “the EDC used in Japan cannot be equipped with a knife (similar tool)”. From that point, I will omit the knife item this time—knife on another occasion like an outdoor EDC.

The world is enormous even if you choose from the items that can be carried on your mobile phone. Choose an item that matches the climate and enjoy Everyday carry games that you can bring daily in Japan.

How to make EDC (Everyday carry)


The only way to make EDC (Everyday Carry) is to “collect whatever you like.” As a result, the EDC with each person’s character and characteristics is completed. If you don’t understand anything for the first time, please select a product emphasizing “optimizing for your lifestyle and scene”.

EDCs by occupation are often posted in overseas forums. Because the content varies greatly depending on the field. By selecting the items you feel are “more necessary” in your life, you will become a more convenient EDC. Let’s try to match the function and the world view and taste as well as fashion.

Based on the main constituent items, we will list out the leading item candidates we would like to include in the EDC lineup. Please use it as a reference for making your everyday carry.

EDC (Everyday carry) bladeless multi-tool


No knife/Victorinox bladeless


Manufacturer: Victorinox

Material: stainless steel, resin

Size: Handle size = 58mm



Victorinox is world-famous, This is a bladeless version of the Vickers knife, and you may have seen it once. Since “scissors” also apply to the “Miscellaneous Crimes Act”, you can only carry scissors when you have the purpose of using an application tool.

However, the bladeless model is more accessible to carry than the one with blades. With this model, you can walk with Victorinox, which is easy to use, as long as you have the purpose of using scissors. If you are not a Victorinox fan but want to put together a practical everyday carry, this is one point you should keep in mind.


Compact and light-Leatherman brewer


Manufacturer: Leatherman

Material: Stainless Size: 6.2 cm

Weight: 13.5g

If you hang it on the key chain, you can avoid the situation of “canned but canned!” The flat tip is very convenient as a small, powerful lever. The unique beer bottle-shaped hole can be carried around by attaching it to the critical chain. A thin and compact tool is perfect for everyday carrying.


Easy to carry without a knife / Leatherman Style PS


Manufacturer: Leatherman

Material: Stainless steel, glass fibre resin handle on one side

Size: Overall length = approx. 7.5 cm (when pliers are stored)

Weight: 44.7g




The Letterman style series is a popular multi-tool bladeless modelLeatherman’s multi-tool, which is reputed for its exceptional precision, is a tool suitable for EDC that is useful in various situations. With the style CS with blades, it isn’t easy to take out the tools used in the town, but with the bladeless style PS, it is easy to carry every day and suitable for EDC. However, don’t forget that you can bring it only if you have “the purpose of using scissors”.


Seven functions in mini size Gerber shard key chain

Manufacturer: Gerber

Material: Stainless

Size: 7cm

Weight: 20g





EDC’s popular multi-tool key chain. It is one of Gerber’s most acclaimed items and can be found in EDC forums worldwide. With seven types of functions in a small body, it is ideal for those who aim for a more compact EDC, This is also a perfect point if you want to create an “everyday carry” atmosphere.

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