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Ji Guangyu (JGY Design) may not be a household name in knife circles, but many knife owners have used blades designed by him at some time. He is famous for creating some of the most amazing knives you will ever see and use.


Ji Guangy underwent systematic art training as a youngster, including sculpting, painting, and paper-cutting, and subsequently studied industrial design. While studying engineering, he had a significant interest in the research of folk crafts, architecture, and art decorating. His prior skills provided a solid technical basis as well as rich aesthetic sustenance for his EDC product design career.


He began contacting EDC products in 2018. In 2019, his curiosity led him to start designing and construction. So far, he has created more than 100 EDC design work, including tactical folding knives, straight knives, butterfly knives, finger tigers, utility knives, fidget spinners, and so on.


Ji Guangy’s creativity is changing, always looking for breakthroughs, and his design covers numerous types such as science fiction, machinery, and biology, in the hopes of providing customers with a unique product experience.


His designs are so successful and distinctive that huge firms like Kizer, Sanrenmu, and Shieldon hire him to create some of their most recognizable outdoor knives. He employs modern procedures and cutting-edge technology to ensure that every blade that leaves the production line is up to the task and gives value for money.

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