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For those who may be unaware, Jelly Jerry is a young knife designer you should absolutely keep an eye on. He and his business provide a full portfolio of superb everyday carry folders ranging from the sleek and sophisticated to the nostalgic and basic – all of which are exceptional in both design and function.


Jelly Jerry, a Vietnam-based knife maker, is 20 years old. Since 2017, this modest smith has been making lethal blades, and he is the name behind many of the world’s most legendary folding knives.


The youngster attributes much of his design talent to having learned from his father, an architect who designed government buildings, from an early age. His father was a firm believer in the notion that “if you’re going to build anything, make it endure as long as you do,” and this strongly influenced Jerry’s knife design. He understands that function should always come before form, yet functions without form are dull. He creates designs that catch the eye of users while also being utilitarian EDC components.


The talented designer’s knife portfolio is amazingly diversified, owing to collaborations with other major brands such as Kansept, Twosun, Kubey, and CMB, among others. He incorporates much of his unique expertise and point of view into his work, as seen in his Aurora folder-style knives.

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