Certain sharpness and cute appearance. The definitive edition of portable scissors

portable scissors

From the left, “blue”, “green”, and “black”.

Speaking of Leatherman, multi-tools with pliers as the leading role are standard, but this “Raptor” has scissors as the leading role. These scissors are not just scissors, but medical scissors. The length, including the scissors, is about 18 cm, and you can put enough force into it. According to the manufacturer, even leather jackets can be cut. It also features a rounded cutting edge so as not to damage the skin when cutting clothes. Also, since the single edge is jagged, it is easy to cut even slippery objects.

Many of the world’s most portable folding scissors are small accessories (for example, fishing lines have small blades because they are used to cut fishing lines). Also, there are many types of blade retracting to the handle part. This structure will inevitably make the handle and blade click and rattle, lacking a sense of stability. If you try to find giant, solid folding scissors, you’ll find that you can’t find them.

By the way, this “Raptor” has five tools besides scissors. A ruler, a ring cutter (cutting a ring), a wrench for an oxygen cylinder, a seatbelt cutter, and a window glass split. It’s all heavy tools (initially developed for American hygiene, fire departments, and rescue teams), but it’s pop in color and cute when folded, so feel free to use it.


They are stored in a case with scissors. It is firmly locked so that the scissors do not pop out.


It was stored in a folded state. It is fixed to the case with a clip.

* This product was one of our OEM projects for a Japanese client.

Rescue tool “Raptor.”

If you have ideas of multi-tools in your dream, we can make your dream come true.


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