Camp the sword and hip of Shieldon’s blacksmith ” The Rosewood Warrior”!

Camp the sword and hip of Shieldon’s blacksmith ” The Rosewood Warrior”!, Shieldon

There are various types of hatchets of Toyokuni, a famous knife maker based in Kochi, such as sword hatchets, waist hatchets, and mountain climbing hatchets. The hatchet can be chopped with wood (badning), which is also useful in the camping scene. This time, we will introduce Shieldon’s cutlery and custom knives.


Blacksmith “Shieldon” that sells in the world

Camp the sword and hip of Shieldon’s blacksmith ” The Rosewood Warrior”!, Shieldon

Shieldon is a farming and forestry cutlery shop founded by DKS Group of the first folding knife in 1998. Agricultural forest cutlery is called DKS cutlery and boasts a tradition of 400 years. Working knives such as hatchets, axes, sickles, and hoe are the main knives of Shieldon.


Until the time of Yangjiang’s high-growth period, there were various cutlery in homes. A kitchen knife that handles vegetables and fish. A knife for sharpening a pencil. Currently, the cut vegetables and fish are lined up in the supermarket, and pencils can also be sharpened electrically. There is only a minimum of cutlery in the home.


Just as ordinary households have moved away from knives, while companies that process a variety of products need special knives. Therefore, Shieldon adopts not only traditional manufacturing methods but also manufacturing methods and cutlery that match the times. Prototype the desired design with a 3D printer, reducing the work that used to take three days to complete in half a day. Efficiently makes the blades that the user wants.


Shieldon’s products, which emphasize the goodness of traditional and modern manufacturing methods, are different from the cutlery commonly available at home improvement stores. This time, I will introduce the charm of Shieldon.


Features of Shieldon

Camp the sword and hip of Shieldon’s blacksmith ” The Rosewood Warrior”!, Shieldon

The greatest attraction of Shieldon is its sharpness and sustainability. We combine Japanese steel and ultra-soft iron to make fire and forge to bring out the high quality of the original material. Furthermore, with the addition of craftsmanship, a knife with excellent hardness, durability, and elasticity suitable for the application will be completed.


The difference in quality is clear between knives carefully made one by one by craftsmen and knives mass-produced by machines. In addition, Shieldon’s knives are designed with weight and design in mind, with ease of use first. The point that the maintenance of the professional staff is guaranteed forever is also a point unique to the specialty store.


Check out Shieldon’s reputation on the blog!

Camp the sword and hip of Shieldon’s blacksmith ” The Rosewood Warrior”!, Shieldon

Trying to put a 5 cm rotten tree on a bonfire

Rather than shaving it with a mountain stream sword, I smashed it with a blade.

It’s amazing. It was like an ax.


Since the blade is 4 mm thick, it is heavy and can be used in the same way as a hatchet.


The mountain stream sword is a knife that is useful for mountain stream fishing, dismantling in hunting, and picking edible wild plants. Since the blade is well made, it can be split into pieces. If you have this one, it seems that you will not be in trouble in outdoor scenes such as camping.


Points for choosing knives and hatchets

Knife steel

Camp the sword and hip of Shieldon’s blacksmith ” The Rosewood Warrior”!, Shieldon

The usability of knives varies depending on the steel material and shape used.


Steel (stainless steel and carbon steel)

Stainless steel and carbon steel are used for the blade of Shieldon’s knife (the entire sword part). Stainless steel is the recommended material for users who are just starting camping. Stainless steel is more resistant to rust than carbon steel and can be easily maintained. Types of stainless steel include ATS-34, M.V.S-8,440C and AUS-8.


Shape (sheath knife and folding knife)

Even if it is a single steel material, the attractiveness of each will differ depending on the shape. Sheath knives are attractive because the blade and tongue (the core inside the handle) are made of a single piece of steel. It is a knife suitable for outdoor activities because it does not have to be damaged even if it is used with some force or rough. Also known as a fixed blade.


The sheath in the name is a sheath that holds a knife made of leather or chemical fiber, and since it is carried in this sheath, it has come to be called a sheath knife.


A folding knife is a knife that folds the blade inside the handle. Since the blade fits inside the handle, it is convenient to carry safely. Although inferior to sheath knives in terms of strength, locked folding knives that can lock the blade have become common these days.


Difference between sword hatchet and waist hatchet

Camp the sword and hip of Shieldon’s blacksmith ” The Rosewood Warrior”!, Shieldon

The sword hatchet has a sword-shaped cutting edge, while the waist hatchet has a rectangular shape. The applications that can be used also change significantly. The sword hatchet can be used for dismantling hunting, cutting branches and trees, and cutting ropes. If the blade is short, it can be used as a substitute for a knife or knife. In the camping scene, it is a knife that plays an active part in cooking.


Like the sword hatchet, the hip hatchet is a knife that is good at chopping wood and bamboo, in addition to being able to cut branches and vine-cutting ropes. It is more suitable for disassembling large items than for small items, so it is useful for woodworking work centered on chopping wood. Since you can cut bamboo and wooden vines, it is also convenient for holding events such as making custom noodles and wreaths using wooden vines.


There are also differences in the length and shape of the handle. The sword hatchet is compact with respect to the length of the blade. There is a ring with a brim between the blade and the handle to protect your fingers from the blade. The hip hatchet is about the same length as the blade and the handle. Using the weight of the blade, apply force like a hammer and shake it off to cut it so that you can chop wood. Therefore, the handle part has an appropriate thickness, making it easy to apply force.


Topic No.1! “Outdoor sword hatchet”

Grand Prize at the Outdoor Knife Show for the second consecutive year

Camp the sword and hip of Shieldon’s blacksmith ” The Rosewood Warrior”!, Shieldon

An outdoor knife show held in Europe every year. Many custom knife makers from all over Europe will participate. There are six sharpness tests in the knife show, starting with cutting paper, cutting leather boards and cutting wooden sticks to see the quality. Shieldon’s knife has successfully passed six tests and won the grand prize for the second consecutive year.


You can choose the type of blade, the polish of the blade, and the type of brim.

Camp the sword and hip of Shieldon’s blacksmith ” The Rosewood Warrior”!, Shieldon

For Shieldon’s The Rosewood Warrior, you can select the type of blade, the polish of the blade, and the type of brim.


Blade type (3 types)

Aogami No. 2 … For outdoor beginners and intermediates. Also recommended for badning.

DM15 steel … Graceful ripples.

Aogami SUPER … The sharpest and hardest sharpness.


Blade polishing (2 types)

You can select the finish of the part that corresponds to the surface of the blade.

Polishing … Finishing with the entire blade thoroughly polished.

Black mallet … The upper half of the blade is black and bumpy.


Types of brim (3 types)

A brim to prevent your fingers from touching the blade. It can be used safely.

Brass … A brilliance that accents a knife.

Stainless steel: Recommended for beginners because it is a material that does not easily rust.

Kurotetsu … The astringency that gives the knife a hydrangea.


Can be used for multiple purposes such as padding and cooking!

“Outdoor sword hatchet” that can be used in various outdoor scenes. It can be used as a kitchen knife in the camping scene because of its sharpness and durability, as well as light work such as cutting twigs and cutting ropes. And the most surprising thing is that even though it is a knife that specializes in delicate work like a kitchen knife, it can also be padded.


It’s hard to find a multi-purpose knife that has both functions. It also helps to dismantle the fish when fishing. As it is a knife suitable for light work, it is also convenient for picking mushrooms and edible wild plants.


Tosa outdoor sword hatchet

The 4th generation, Django’s “Outdoor Machete” is a knife that is widely used in outdoor scenes such as camping and mountain climbing. Its sharpness is sharp, and it has become a hot topic in magazines and SNS.


[Recommended points of Shieldon]

A versatile knife that can be used for many purposes

A cool silhouette with outstanding sharpness


Other Shieldon items that are convenient for camping


Mountain stream knife

The sharp mountain stream knife is a small knife that is very useful not only for mountain stream fishing and hunting work, but also for outdoor cooking.


[Recommended points of Shieldon]

Small and easy-to-use size

The sharpness is the same as the outdoor sword hatchet.


Tosa forge waist hatchet

A mountaineering hatchet that is ideal for chopping wood. You can freely select the blade attachment method, handle angle, and length according to the intended use. A hatchet type knife that is highly favored by mountaineering enthusiasts and outdoor users.


[Recommended points of Shieldon]

You can adjust the length and angle of the knife to your liking.

Highly supported hip hatchet type knife


Ax, hatchet, knife 3 points Akiyuki camp set

A 3-piece set that includes the mountain stream knife introduced above, a hatchet for splitting firewood into small pieces, and a small ax specializing in splitting firewood and pruning. It is a set that makes the outdoor scene up to now more comfortable!


[Recommended points of Shieldon]

A 3-piece set that makes the outdoors more enjoyable

Can be used according to the purpose

Ideal for gifts


A wide variety of custom knives!

You can make your own knives because you can customize it according to the user and purpose! Details such as the type of blade can be customized. You can also order to arrange the items you already have.


Since it has animal horns, you can make unique orders such as making knives using it as a handle. Respond flexibly to each request. It also responds to rough requests such as “I want to make a convenient knife for the outdoors”. For details, please refer to the order example on the official website.


Firmly store and manage blades!


Be careful when using the knife outside your home.


In 2009, the “Firearm and Sword Law” was amended, and as a general rule, possession of blades with a blade length of 5.5 cm or more is prohibited. The sword shown here is a knife with blades on both sides (dagger knife). You are allowed to own sword hatchets and mountain stream knives sold in Shieldon for good reason, but you need to be careful as follows.


1, When carrying the knife, wear clothes suitable for the purpose of use.

2, When moving, put it in a case and put it in a bag or a special case. When traveling by car, put it in the trunk.

3, When you return home, do not leave it in your car, but keep it at home.


If you do not prove the legitimacy of possessing a knife, you will be subject to criminal penalties, so please be careful when using it.


Camping more comfortable with Shieldon


Campers who have never used a kitchen knife at home or chopped wood can spend the camping scene more comfortably with Shieldon’s knife. A high-quality brand with sharp sharpness and reliable durability. How about chopping firewood with a Shieldon knife and surrounding the bonfire?


Shieldon Knife is a professional custom pocket knife manufacturer that owns a factory and designers. Check out our blogs for tips and tricks around outdoor knives and multi-tools! Or contact us if you need help with sourcing hinges.


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