Advantages of Working with Shieldon for All Your Outdoor Knife Needs

Advantages of Working with Shieldon for All Your Outdoor Knife Needs, Shieldon

Guangdong Shieldon was established in 1998 and works to provide quality knife options in China and around the world. Over the years, they have perfected their art when it comes to the manufacture of different types of knives. This has allowed them to gain a name and reputation as one of the best knife manufacturers to work with.


They feature qualified professionals with next-level skills and the use of cutting-edge technology in all their productions. They work to always be consistent with the knife options they release with a touch of creativity and great emphasis on performance. If you are looking for quality knife options, Shieldon is the best company to work with. Here are a few advantages you can expect when working with them.


Variety of Knife Choices


Shieldon features the help of qualified designers and other professionals who work to provide great quality knife options. This company features a wide variety of knife options in its catalog that you can invest in.


The variety of knife choices allows them to be inclusive and cater to the needs of different individuals. When working with Shieldon, you can trust that you will find a knife option that will cater to your specific desires. Some of the best knife options you can expect when looking into this company include:


  • Pocket Knives


Pocket knives are also referred to as everyday carry and are designed to be your perfect partner in your daily activities. The knives are designed to be foldable and are also quite portable which allows you to carry them around. As the name suggests, you can have them in your pocket or backpack, somewhere you can easily access. When carrying a pocket knife, be sure to consider the laws within your vicinity. This will help you ensure that you don’t get into trouble for concealing a weapon.


  • Fixed Blade Knives


Fixed blade knives feature longer and more sturdy blades compared to those found on pocket knives. This is mainly because the fixed blade knives come in handy for more heavy-duty tasks especially when hunting or fishing. These knives are designed to feature incredible strength and offer you great service while in use. With these knives, you’ll need to invest in a sheath to make it easier to move around with them.


  • Multi-Tools


Multi-tools are typically pocket knives that feature additional tools such as screwdrivers, nail files, corkscrews, and hammers among others. This knife option is designed to offer a portable all-in-one option especially when it comes to more hands-on applications. It is important to note that the strength of the blade in this option may not be as strong compared to a simple pocket knife.

Quality Assurance


When looking for quality knife options, Shieldon has got you covered. The company features quality control measures to ensure that all the knives produced meet the set standards. The work by first ensuring that all their raw materials are adequately sourced. Before the raw materials are accepted for use in the manufacturing process, they are examined to ensure they fit the bill.


The manufacturing processes involved in the production of these knives are also examined to keep up with the right practices. Once the knives are ready, they undergo a quality check where they need to pass with a 99% success rate. The examiner checks for normal function, flawless appearance, and correct assembly before the knives are deemed fit for use. These processes give you great assurance that investing in these knives will allow you to enjoy the best qualities.

Pocket-Friendly Prices


Over the years, Shieldon has mastered the art of sourcing the right materials and employing the best technology in the manufacturing process. Additionally, all the manufacturing processes are done in-house given that they feature a fully functional factory. These aspects allow the company to offer pocket-friendly prices that you can work with. They feature competitive prices making them a great company to consider when investing in knife options.

Availability of Custom Made Solutions


Given the fact that different individuals will expect varied features and designs on their knives, Shieldon offers custom-made solutions. The custom options offer great convenience seeing as you get to invest in a knife that suits your customized pocket knife.


All you need to do is send your design to them and they will work to fine-tune it to a functional piece. You can choose the design, style, and materials that will be used in the manufacture of your desired knife. There are different aspects that you can choose to custom make to your liking. This option is a great advantage that allows you to be unique and stand out.

Incredible Expertise


Shieldon features professionals who boast years of experience in the manufacturing industry producing quality knife options. They work with designers and bladesmiths who have incredible expertise and have perfected their skills over time. This allows them to provide knives that are designed to cater to your needs.


The knives produced by these professionals are not defective and will last you for a long time. Investing in Shieldon knives gives you the confidence of knowing that they have been designed and developed by the best. The expertise featured also allows them to familiarize themselves with the latest technology to ensure that they keep innovating and offering better.

Use of the Best Raw Materials


As mentioned earlier, Shieldon works with high-quality suppliers who provide the best raw materials for the manufacture of their knives. They work with different materials when it comes to the blade and also to the handle. What is common is that all the materials used are designed to be the best in their application. Some of the raw materials used by Shieldon include:


Blade Material


  • D2


D2 is also referred to as semi-stainless steel and features some advantages when used. When using this material, the blade holds its edge longer and better and is more resistant to corrosion.


  • VG-10


VG-10 features more durability and resistance to corrosion with a higher degree of toughness compared to other blade materials.


  • M390


This material is designed to offer great resistance to damage by wear and tear which allows the blades to last longer. Additionally, the blades stay sharp for longer compared to other options.

Handle Material


  • Titanium


Titanium offers an amazing grip and is lighter than steel options which makes it perfect if you want a light knife.


  • Aluminum


Aluminum offers more tensile strength and is designed to offer more durability with a comfortable grip that is easy to use.


  • Micarta


Micarta is a great material, especially when customizing your knife options. The material offers a soft and comfortable grip and feel that makes the knives easier to use.


Detail Oriented Manufacturing Processes


Shieldon features different manufacturing processes designed to offer a highly effective result. The different processes are designed to create the knives and ensure that they are ready to be used. Some of the processes featured in the manufacture of these knives include:


  • Steel plate stamping


This is the process where the steel material for the blade is stamped out to form the shape of the knife.


  • Hole punching


In this process, the stamped steel is taken and holes are drilled into it that will be required in assembly.


  • Straightening and heat treating


The blade is straightened to give it shape and reduce the risk of deformities. Once that is done, it is then heated at high temperatures to increase its durability and function.


  • Grinding, milling, and polishing


This is where the blade undergoes a grinding process to remove any rough edges, a milling process for those knives that required detailed edges and lastly polishing for the shiny glow.


  • Surface finishing


Surface finishing is done to treat the knife and keep it in perfect shape There are different options including sanding, mirror polishing, and thermal transfer among others.


Wide Range of Applications


Shieldon knives are designed to be used in different aspects which makes them a great option to consider. The knives mainly apply to outdoor activities such as camping, hunting, and fishing among others.


You can use your knife as a defense weapon, a survival tool, for first aid and other useful applications. Investing in Shieldon knives gives you the chance to apply them in different activities. They come in handy to ensure that your outdoor activities are a great success and incredibly fun.



Shieldon knives come with a lot of advantages that you should consider when investing in them. They are designed to be your perfect partner in all your outdoor activities and designed to feature suitable functions. You can trust that your knives will feature the best quality from the raw materials used to the processes employed in their manufacture.


Take your time to visit our website and check out the best knife options available. If you are looking for custom options and have specific designs for your knife, Shieldon is the perfect company for you. The advantages we’ve covered will offer great clarity when working with Shieldon for all your knife needs.


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