8 Benefits of Always Carrying a Pocket Knife

8 Benefits of Always Carrying a Pocket Knife, Shieldon

Pocket knives have continued to gain popularity over the years among different groups of people. These knives are used by craftsmen, military men, outdoorsmen, and DIY enthusiasts among others.

They are simple tools but very functional and come in handy when carrying out different tasks. The best thing about pocket folding knife is the efficiency and flexibility they offer the users. They don’t compromise on function and can quite dangerous if used carelessly.

Additionally, they are easy to carry around given that they are foldable. You can easily carry them in your pockets without any worries. This is why they are referred to as pocket knives. There are other benefits to always carrying a pocket knife that you should keep in mind. They include:


Ease When Preparing Food

Pocket knives are handy tools that offer great service when it comes to handling and preparing different foods. When you have no utensils at your disposal that you can rely on, your pocket knife will get it all done for you.

You can easily cut up fruits and vegetables using this knife and get perfect results. You can also use this on cheese, bread, and other types of foods that you may need to prepare. Additionally, pocket knives can also be used in place of other utensils like spoons and forks among others.

You can opt to use the knife to feed yourself provided you observe caution. It is essential to realize that when eating with a knife, you may end up cutting your mouth. To avoid this be careful and gently direct the food to your mouth without being too hasty.


Used to Cut up Anything

It is a knife, after all, you can trust that it will come in handy when you need to cut anything including wood, paper, wires, and cardboard among others. Pocket knives are quite sharp and can be used to make clean and precise cuts.

Given the sharpness of the knife ensure to be extra careful to avoid getting injured while using this tool. Additionally, these pocket knives can also be used to open letters and perforate gifts or mail packages.

When it comes to cutting ropes of leashes, you can trust that your pocket knife will get the job done. They are designed to be strong to withstand great pressure when cutting through different materials.


Enhance Your Survival in the Wild

Going for a camping or hiking trip requires you to be well prepared to ensure that you have all the essentials with you. One of the most important tools to ensure that you carry with you is a pocket knife.

Granted, there are other knife options like fixed blades and machetes but pocket knives are more convenient. They can easily fit into your pocket or backpack and do not contribute any significant added weight to your luggage.

Having a camping pocket knife for such expeditions ensures that you are well prepared for what you’ll encounter in the wild. There are different uses that you can apply your pocket knife including setting up tents, cutting up food, and making a fire among others.

Going with a pocket knife allows you the flexibility of having a handy tool in your pocket.  Unlike carrying tedious blades that would only derail you and slow you down. The best part about these pocket knives is that they will perform the tasks at hand with great precision. You will not be compromising on anything if you choose to go with a pocket knife instead.


Effective Self Defense Weapon

In situations where you are faced with life-threatening circumstances that require you to protect yourself, using your pocket knife is essential. This knife is not made as a weapon which is why you only need to use it as one when the need arises.

If you can diffuse a situation without having to use it that would be better. However, if that’s not the case, you can rely on your pocket knife and use it as a defense weapon. Don’t delude yourself that it can do more and go attacking.

Rather just have it in hand and stay vigilant in case anyone tries to come at you. You can use this knife to protect yourself from people who mean you harm and also wild animals. Just remember to be careful with how you handle yourself and the knife.


Critical for First Aid Intervention

Under normal circumstances, first aid interventions call for the use of first aid kits that are packed with useful tools. However, when in situations where you don’t have access to first aid kits, your pocket knife could come in handy. This simple and functional tool could be a real lifesaver and allow you to do different things.

For instance, you could use it to cut the seat belts in case of an accident and it is jammed. You could also use it in the wild when you or someone else gets injured. You could easily get to remove any residue wood or other products that may be in the wound.

Additionally, your knife will come in handy to cut up clothes to make a bandage that you can use to keep the wound clean. Once you get out of the wild, it is essential to seek medical help seeing as the pocket knife only helped control the situation. Keep your pocket knife with you for such emergencies.


Highly Durable

Pocket knives are made to be extremely durable and resistant to any damage which allows them to last for long. When you invest in stainless steel pocket knives, you can trust that they will offer great service without ever getting spoilt or rusting.

Even when exposed to water and the harshest environments, your pocket knife will stay in great shape always. Additionally, these knives might be small but they feature amazing strength that ensures their durability. It is quite hard to break a pocket knife just as it is to break a kitchen knife.

These knives are the perfect deal given that they will offer great usability and durability at the same time. On the other hand, they are also quite easy to carry around and have with you at all times.

You do not need any protective tools like sheaths and blade safes when working with pocket knives. All you need to do is fold the knife and place it in your pocket or backpack. This gives you a great advantage and allows you to always have a handy tool with you at all times.


Multi-Tool Capabilities

When investing in a pocket knife, you’ll find different options offered by varied brands and companies. Most of the pocket knives commonly used only feature the foldable blade that can be used for a variety of applications.

However, there are other incredible options available for you to consider. Some pocket knives are designed to feature multiple tools that you can rely on. You can check out our website to see some of the options we offer.

These personalized multi tool come in handy to cater to a variety of needs that may have not been undertaken when relying on the blade only. For instance, some multi-tools will come with screwdrivers, hammers, and corkscrews among others.

With these combinations, you find that your pocket knife can cater to more tasks making things easier for you. Having a multi-tool pocket knife is a great investment. You can carry it with you everywhere knowing that it will be used to cater to different projects.


Excellent for DIY Projects and Woodworking Crafts

For DIY enthusiasts and woodworking professionals, pocket knives offer great help, especially when cutting up wood and other materials. These knives might be small but as discussed earlier they feature great strength. This gives you the advantage of always having a knife that is portable and that you can use for different projects.

Pocket knives offer precise cuts that you can rely on when working on DIY projects from making furniture to decorative pieces. You can rely on the effectiveness and precision exhibited by these knives to work on different projects with ease.

When working with your pocket knife, be sure to be realistic with the items you plan to cut. Relying on your pocket knife to cut through a thick piece of wood that requires the use of a saw is unrealistic. Understand that the knives are strong but for the best performance, use them on items that don’t require heavy-duty machinery.



A pocket knife is a great tool to have with you at all times whether you are going for a camping trip or just working on home projects. The knife will come in handy in both situations and offer great help when the need arises.

The portability and size of this knife make it a great option to invest in. You won’t have to worry about the different ways you can carry it around. All you need is to fold it and place it in your pocket or backpack and you are good to go.

We offer personalized pocket knives options that you can browse and get the perfect option for you. Check them out and get accustomed to always carrying your pocket knife with you.

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