3 Recommended Bark River Knives! Also highly durable CPM-3V steel

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The BARK RIVER knife is highly regarded for its excellent sharpness and durability and is known as the highest peak in the world. It is useful in various scenes such as camping batoning and full-scale hunting. There are many types such as the typical “Bravo 1”, “Bird & Trout”, “Aurora”, and the tracker knife “Tracker Companion”, so you can find your favorite knife as if it were a semi-order. This time, we will explain how to choose Bark River knives, explain the differences in steel materials, and introduce highly reputed recommended fixed blade knives sold online.


What is Bark River?

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Bark River is a manufacturer based in Michigan, USA. Bark River knives combine traditional and state-of-the-art knives to create knives with sharp sharpness and excellent durability. All of them are simple and knife-like knives, but they are characterized by their beautiful flowing design because of their simplicity. In addition, we are also a manufacturer that puts the highest priority on practicality, such as preparing many handles to suit the user’s application. With a wide variety of knives, you’ll find the one that suits your needs.


Features of Bark River Knife

Craftsmen are carving out one by one

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Bark River knives are made one by one by craftsmen. Therefore, although the price range is a little high, all knives boast high quality and can be used habitually for a long time. One of the features is that all knives have lifetime compensation to support their high quality. The more you use it, the more you will become attached to it, and it will surely color your outdoor life. In addition, the part of the blade created by the craftsman is a convex grind by hand polishing.


Convex grind

Convex grind is a type of blade that is also called a Yamaguchi blade and has a round thickness on the outside of the cross-section. The blade of the Japanese sword also uses a convex grind (Hamaguchi blade), which is characterized by its sharpness and high durability. Other than Japanese swords, it is often used for knives used in the military and outdoors. Due to its excellent durability, it is also suitable for hard use such as chopping wood. It can be said that it is a blade that can be satisfied from beginners to veterans because it plays an active part in various scenes.


Bark River knife types

Ganny with a small knife

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The Ganny series is a small version of Bark River’s classic Bravo series. Although it is made smaller than the Bravo series, it is sturdy and easy to use, and its performance is not inferior to that of the Bravo series. Since the Bravo series has a large blade length, it is a little difficult to handle for small people. The “Ganny” series is recommended for those who do not use hardwood such as chopping wood and those who are small.


Bark River’s classic Bravo

Bark River Knives 05, Shieldon

The Bravo series is a staple of Bark River knives. It is also a masterpiece of Bark River and is a full-scale knife developed by the order of the US Navy reconnaissance corps. This series has a good balance of sharpness, durability, and ease of sharpening. It is also perfect for handling such as finely manipulating the cutting edge. It can be said that it is a knife that is active in various situations such as bushcraft, hunting, and the outdoors.


Recommended for hunting Fox River

Bark River Knives 06, Shieldon

The Fox River series is a standard model of hunting knives among bar rivers. Since the blade is a drop point, it is easy to handle and is good at quick work. In addition, there are almost no finger grooves, and it is also characterized by being slender. Therefore, you can freely change the handle in your hand, and you can finely change the angle and direction of the blade hitting the object. This series is recommended not only for outdoor activities but also for full-scale hunting.


How to choose a bark river knife

Select by type of steel

Rugged CPM-3V

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CPM-3V is tool steel made in the United States. It is sturdy steel material with excellent toughness, wears resistance, and corrosion resistance. Due to its strong and hard blade, it is difficult to sharpen unless it is a high-performance whetstone.


ELMAX with good blade holding

Bark River Knives 08, Shieldon

ELMAX is powder metallurgy steel, which is also called “super stainless steel”. Like CPM-3V, it is a high-grade steel material and exhibits the best performance in various aspects such as wear resistance, impact resistance, and corrosion resistance. That’s why the price is higher than CPM-3V.


Sharp A2

Bark River Knives 09, Shieldon

A2 is a standard material for tool steel and is characterized by its excellent toughness and sharpness. Compared to the above two types of materials, it is cheaper and easier to sharpen, but it also tends to rust, so be sure to maintain it properly.


Choose the length of the blade

If you use the blade outdoors in Japan, it can be said that the length of the blade is about 6 cm to 10 cm. It’s long enough if you use it to cut ingredients or drop tree branches. Also, by law, knives with a blade length of more than 6 cm are prohibited from being carried without good reason. If you carry it around with a casual feeling, you may be subject to crackdowns, so be careful. Even if you are traveling by car, be sure to pack your outdoor knife in a proper case and pack it before moving to your destination.


Choose the thickness of the blade

Depending on the model, the thickness of the blade of the Bark River knife can be selected. Thicker blades are more suitable for tough use such as chopping firewood, so if you want to cut thick or hard ones, thicker blades are recommended. However, all knives are designed for outdoor and hunting use, so even slightly thinner knives such as 4mm can be used satisfactorily. If you value the portability of the knife, we recommend a slightly thinner blade that is light and easy to handle.


Choose a grip

The materials used to grip knives vary widely, depending on the knife, from natural objects such as deer horns to artificial synthetic resins. Bark River knives are mainly made from a material called “Micarta”. Micarta is an artificial material made by mixing resin with paper, linen cloth, wood chips, etc., and compressing it. Most of them look like black campuses. For the grip, try to hold it in your hand and choose the one you like, such as how it looks and feels, whether it is slippery, and whether it fits in your hand.


3 Recommended Bark River Knives

Shieldon Folding Pocket Knife D2 Blade G10 Handle 9049G1-B

Bark River Knives 10, Shieldon

This is 9049G Empoleom from Shieldon. The size is 190 mm in total length, 82 mm in blade length, and 3.0 mm in blade thickness. The weight is 97g. The steel material is D2 steel. Black G10 concave-convex is used for the handle material. A dedicated nylon sheath is attached. Recommended for those who are looking for a knife that can be used for a variety of purposes.


Bark River Bravo 1 A2 Knife Black Campus Micarta

Bark River Knives 11, Shieldon

Bravo 1 from Bark River, an American knife brand. The size is 23.4 mm in total length, 11.2 cm in blade length, and 5.5 mm in blade thickness. The weight is 203g. The material is A2 steel (full tang structure). Comes with a genuine leather sheath. This knife was made in collaboration with the US Marine Corps, so it is recommended for those who like the outdoors such as survival.


Bark River Bravo 1.25 3V Light Black Canvas Micarta Lampless

Bark River Knives 12, Shieldon

Among Bark River, it is a popular series “Bravo 1.25 3V” because it can be used for various purposes. A classic knife that can be used in a variety of situations such as bushcraft, hunting, and the outdoors. It comes with a special leather sheath, so you can carry it safely. In addition, since it comes with a lifetime warranty, even if the grip is broken or the blade is broken, it can be repaired as many times as you like as long as it meets the standards.


How to care for a burglary knife

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Bark River knives are durable, but if left untreated, they will lose their original sharpness. The blade will always curl up as you use it, so be sure to sharpen it with a whetstone. If it is difficult to clean with a stone, it is recommended to use a strop. Razor strop is an item that sharpens the blade using brushed leather and an abrasive. Since it can be sharpened quickly without using water, it is possible to easily maintain the knife. It is important to wipe the blade clean after each use, as it can cause rust if the blade remains dirty.



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