20 recommended selections by type of design knife! Introducing the popular Olfa and Tamiya!

Design Knife 01, Shieldon

What is a design knife? If you use it as a hobby, you know it well, but if you don’t, you don’t know what it is. Design knives are knives that are active in paper-cutting and plastic model production, and are a genre that I would like to recommend as a hobby. This time, I will introduce the recommended design knives!


What is a design knife?

Unlike the so-called cutter knife, it is a knife that has a pen shape and the cutting edge can be replaced because it is used for detailed work such as cutting and making plastic models. Let’s compare its characteristics with a cutter knife and so on.

Design Knife 02, Shieldon

(1) A pen-type cutter knife with a sharp edge, that is, a sharp edge, suitable for fine cutting work. (2) There are two types of knife holders, a normal cutter type and a pen type. (3) There are various blade shapes, such as flat blades, curved blades, and saw blades, which can be used for various types of cutting.


Comparison of cutter knives and design knives!

The biggest difference between a utility knife and a design knife is that the shape of the main body is different, and as you can see by comparing the angles of the cutting edges, the angles are completely different.

Design Knife 03, Shieldon


Is the shape of the main body different between the cutter knife and the design knife?

Most design knives have a round shape like a pen. Therefore, when using it, you can operate the knife as if you were holding a writing tool, so you can perform detailed work in a stable manner. The cutter knife has a flat shape, and to use it, pull the blade straight to cut the paper.

Design Knife 04, Shieldon


Is the angle of the cutting edge different?

And if you compare the cutter knife and the design knife, there is a difference in the angle of the cutting edge, and the design knife is attached with the cutting edge at an angle of about 30 degrees. Generally, the angle of the cutting edge of the cutter knife that we use by folding the blade is made to 60 degrees.


This angle is used only for the purpose of cutting slightly thicker materials such as cardboard, but in the case of design knives, the angle of the cutting edge is 30 to 45 degrees, which is sharper than that of a cutter knife. This is because it is not a simple task such as cutting cardboard, but is suitable for more precise cutting work and plastic model work.

Design Knife 05, Shieldon


Cutting is easy by setting the angle of the cutting edge!

By making an angle like this, it becomes easier to see at hand, and there are features such as processing deep parts and making it easier to apply force to push through.


What are the drawbacks of design knives?

On the other hand, there is a demerit that the length of the cutting edge cannot be secured by angling the cutting edge. Therefore, it cannot be used to scrape large objects.

Design Knife 06, Shieldon


Differences in how to use a utility knife and a design knife!

What about a utility knife?

The utility knife is mainly used for cutting straight lines, and is used while supporting the main body with the palm of your hand. Therefore, the blade is on the blade so that it can handle a certain thickness, and when the sharpness drops, the blade is broken to improve the sharpness.


When you use it normally, you can use it in the same way as a “small sword”, and you can use it in the same way as using a knife, such as sharpening a pencil.

Design Knife 07, Shieldon


Be careful when breaking the blade of a utility knife!

If you want to replace the blade (to improve the sharpness of the blade) in the case of a utility knife, use pliers. Even if the sharpness is reduced, the blade of the knife is sharp and dangerous, and if you do not do it well, you will hurt your fingertips, so even if you make a mistake, do not use it to break the blade with your bare hands.


How to replace the cutting edge of a design knife?

Design knives, by their name, are used for fine clipping work such as design. For that purpose, the basics of cutting a design knife is to cut it in the same way as a pencil and use it upright so that it can be used for curved cuts.


However, since the blade edge is often chipped and only the tip of the blade is used, the blade is replaced one by one.


What is the use of design knives?

The design knife is used for cutting work when performing paper-cutting or paper crafting, and for model work such as making plastic models.


What are the precautions when storing design knives?

Design knives have the same shape as pencils and are easy to roll. Therefore, there is a risk of injury to the cutting edge. When not in use, cover the cutting edge with a cap to avoid injuring your hands.


Let’s prepare a replacement blade for the design knife

The cutting edge of the design knife is very delicate, so it may be difficult to cut it due to chipping during use, so it is important to always prepare a large number of spare blades.


The spare blade is the one that matches the knife you are using now!

Design Knife 08, Shieldon

Also, because there are variations in the structure and size of the base into which the blade of the design knife is inserted, not all replacement blades can be used in common. It is important to align the replacement blades that match the knife you are using.


What kinds are design knife?

Various types of design knives are sold by each factory, and there are two major factories, “Olfa” and “NT Cutter”, and Tamiya also sells design knives as an OEM from Olfa. In addition, special knives are also sold by “FEATHER”.


Which design knife is easy to get?

Among the design knives, the easiest to get is the “Art Knife 10B” sold by OLFA, whose blade is fixed to the knife so that it can be sandwiched between the plastic body, and this knife is from Tamiya. Sold under the name “Modeler’s Knife” and is appreciated by lovers of plastic making.


What about Tamiya’s Modeler’s Knife?

The Tamiya modeler’s knife is customed in a polygonal body shape, so it is not slippery and has a stopper to prevent rolling, which has been improved in consideration of modeler use.


High-end product of art knife!

The (OLFA Limited AK) model is wholesale as a high-end product of the art knife. This knife has a handle body made of full aluminum, and the fixed part of the blade to the knife has also been changed to metal parts, overall. It is customed to increase rigidity.


Also, because this knife has a full metal body, it weighs more than twice as much as an art knife, so it feels stable and comfortable, but on the contrary, it may feel heavy and easy to get tired.

Design Knife 09, Shieldon


Choose a design knife that suits your needs!

One thing to keep in mind when using a design knife is to choose a cutter that is suitable for the material to be cut and its thickness. In addition, it is important to select the cutter to be prepared according to the work, such as making plastic models and design cutting.


Where to sell design knives

Find out where to get your design knives.

Design Knife 10, Shieldon


Do you sell it at stores other than stationery stores?

You can buy design knives at stationery stores, home improvement stores, Edc Hands, and of course online. In addition to this, 1-dollar shop are also sold, but there are not many types compared to stationery stores.


I found a design knife at 100 Daiso!

What is the design knife that is actually sold at 100%?

Design Knife 11, Shieldon

In fact, design knives are sold at 100%, so if you are a beginner, you should start by using 100% design knives before you suddenly get Olfa or Tamiya products!


20 design knives!

Design knives are indispensable for crafting work! I chose 20 of those design knives.


Recommended by type of design knife! ①

NT Cutter | NT Design Knife D-400P

Design Knife 12, Shieldon

What is the word-of-mouth evaluation?

This is good! The knife is compact in size and weight and easy to use, and the point is that it fits perfectly in your hand.


“I decided to start paper-cutting and bought it because the price was reasonable. It contains several spare blades, which is enough for normal use. It’s easy to use anyway.”


Recommended by type of design knife! ②

OLFA | Art Knife 10B

Design Knife 13, Shieldon

What is the word-of-mouth evaluation?

It is a knife that is easy to hold, sharp and very satisfying, and it also has a spare blade, so once you buy it, it can be used for a long time, and it is not comparable to other knives.


“We purchased for work with child. It’s easy to hold and sharp, and I’m satisfied with the price and functionality (^ ^) With a cap, it’s safe to use with children.”


Recommended by type of design knife! ③

Tamiya | Craft Tool Series No.40 Modeler’s Knife

Design Knife 14, Shieldon

What is the word-of-mouth evaluation?

This sounds good. The good design raises motivation, and it is incomparable to 100 average products.


“The sharpness is the best. It’s also easy to use. The thing was solid.”


Recommended by type of design knife! ④

OLFA | Limited AK Art Knife Ltd-09

Design Knife 15, Shieldon

What is the word-of-mouth evaluation?

It’s a knife that is very sharp and can be cut too much! If you’re not careful, you’re likely to cut your hand before cutting the plastic model!


“I’ve been using the OLFA Art Knife 10B ever since, and I was surprised when I bought and used it. Since the shaft is made of metal, it does not bend and is safe.”


Recommended by type of design knife! ⑤

NT | Design Knife Pink D-401P-P

Design Knife 16, Shieldon

What is the word-of-mouth evaluation?

It’s fun to have sober stationery as colorful as this!


“The sharpness was good. It is recommended because it comes with a spare blade at this price. There was also black, so I bought it together with my husband (^^)”


Recommended by type of design knife! ⑥

NT cutter spare blade design knife for D type, SW type, DS type 40 pieces BDC-200P

Design Knife 17, Shieldon


What is the word-of-mouth evaluation?

It is a blade that is sharp and durable regardless of how much the blade is worn. ⑤ It is very convenient because it is packed one by one so that it does not rust easily.


“The sharpness and the angle of the blade are good, and it is difficult to cast shadows, so I will continue to use it. Thank you.”


Recommended by type of design knife! ⑦

Tamiya Craft Tool Series No.20

Design Knife 18, Shieldon

What is the word-of-mouth evaluation?

This is a recommended product, but it cuts really well, and it is the best product for radio-controlled polycarbonate body cuts. It’s a Tamiya product, so you can use it with confidence!


“I’ve used various design knives, but the grip is also moderately heavy and easy to use. I am satisfied with the replacement blade.”


Recommended by type of design knife! ⑧

NT Design Knife SW-600GP

Design Knife 19, Shieldon

What is the word-of-mouth evaluation?

It is the best knife for cutting curves such as paper cutouts!


“I think it’s easy to use, and I recommend that you can easily cut round pictures and letters on the cutting sheet.”


Recommended by type of design knife! ⑨

LIBRATON Art knife 14-piece set

Design Knife 20, Shieldon

With a sharp cutting edge, it is a pen-type cutter that is ideal for fine work. The blade uses a special stainless steel made by Feather Safety Razor for the best sharpness. The shape of the cutting edge can be selected according to the application.


Since it has a built-in LED light, you can do precision work even at night, which is very convenient. Since it can be stored in a special box, it can be stored safely.


What is the word-of-mouth evaluation?

Thanks to the light that illuminates your hands brightly, your work will be faster!


“With LED the size and the type of teeth are perfect.”


Recommended by type of design knife! ⑩

OLFA | Designer’s Knife Black 216BBK

Design Knife 21, Shieldon

What is the word-of-mouth evaluation?

It comes with a knife stand, which is really convenient! As expected, it is a product of Olfa, and its sharpness is outstanding.


“It’s very sharp, so it feels great to be able to work without putting effort into small parts. I thought it was Olfa ♪”


Recommended by type of design knife! ⑪

NT | NT Cutter Design Knife D-400P

Design Knife 22, Shieldon

What is the word-of-mouth evaluation?

It is an item that is easy to support and has excellent sharpness for making a model of God’s Terada or making an eraser stamp.


“I have been using it for many years. There is no wobbling of the blade, and the attached blade has excellent sharpness with a shape that embodies Simple is Best.”


Recommended by type of design knife! ⑫

NT | Design Knife D-500GP

Design Knife 23, Shieldon

What is the word-of-mouth evaluation?

It is easy to cut because the cutting edge is small, and it is easy to grip because the shaft is a little thick, and it is a product that is easy to use because it is less likely to be made of metal!


“I used to use the NT Design Knife D-400P, but I felt that it was easier to use because it had a slightly larger shaft and a better center of gravity.”


Recommended by type of design knife! ⑬

NT | Cutter Design Knife DS-800P

Design Knife 24, Shieldon

What is the word-of-mouth evaluation?

Very light and as thick as a pencil, it is a very easy-to-use product! Of course, it’s easy to use, and you can’t let go of it!


“We purchase to cut tone for comics. The sharpness was much better than that of a normal tone cutter. Once you use it, you can’t go back to other design knives anymore.”


Recommended by type of design knife! ⑭

Japan Clinos Precision Cutter Professional Specifications PCK-01

Design Knife 25, Shieldon

What is the word-of-mouth evaluation?

The cutter has a good shape and a smooth sharpness, and the size is just right and it is easy to grip.


“Excellent sharpness. If you put out the teeth in the first stage, only the tip will come out. When opening the cardboard, he finds it useful for cutting vinyl tape when it is out of the way.”


Recommended by type of design knife! ⑮

NT | NT Design Knife D-1000P

Design Knife 26, Shieldon

What is the word-of-mouth evaluation?

Made of metal, it is a safe and easy-to-use knife for storage and portability due to its simple storage climate where the blade can be removed and fitted with screws.


“Unlike ordinary design knives, it can be stored inside and is safe and good. Because it was made of aluminum, I was worried about its strength, but I am very satisfied because it is stronger than I expected.”


Recommended by type of design knife! ⑯

Amazon Basic Hobby Knife Set

Design Knife 27, Shieldon

A 29-piece hobby knife set. It has a lot of spare blades, so it can be used for a wide range of purposes. The blade is made of sharp and durable alloy steel. You can easily cut wood, cardboard, cloth material, thin metal, kraft paper, and plastic.


The handle of the knife is made of lightweight aluminum and has a non-slip effect for smooth use. I’m glad that a special storage box, tweezers, etc. are also included.


What is the word-of-mouth evaluation?

It is a recommended product for beginners as it is a product with abundant contents and a price that is easy to obtain.


“It is easy to use, reasonably priced, and recommended.”


Recommended by type of design knife! ⑰

Olfa Art Knife Pro 157B

Design Knife 28, Shieldon

It is a full-fledged art knife that uses a rubber grip that does not tire your hands even when used for a long time. A total of 6 spare blades are included, 2 for each of the 3 types of straight blades, curved blades, and flat blades, and the blades can be replaced according to the application. It can be used for a wide range of purposes.


It is also ideal for making plastic models and for EDC, and is very easy to use. Compared to other knives, it is a knife with outstanding sharpness.


What is the word-of-mouth evaluation?

A high-grade design knife that makes a difference in usability!


“Delicate work in mm units has become accurate. The price is not so high compared to the normal type, but the difference is quite big. I’m surprised. It’s an absolute bargain!”


Recommended by type of design knife! ⑱

Paper-cutting chisel Craft knife Art knife Design knife

Design Knife 29, Shieldon

A design knife that can be used for a wide range of purposes such as wood carving, crafts, home customization, glass stickers, EDC, thin metal, and plastic films. High quality aluminum handles and carbon steel blades make it high quality and durable.


It is a knife with a safe 5-blade blade, a lightweight metal handle and a textured grip that reduces fatigue. It is a very sharp knife, so be careful not to get injured.


What is the word-of-mouth evaluation?

“It has a sharp blade, and the tip is sharp and easy to use, so it is just right. In addition, there are about 5 spare blades.”


It is a design knife that can also be used as a chisel, which is not inferior to other knives.


Recommended by type of design knife! ⑲

NT | Eco Series Design Knife Recycled Resin

Design Knife 30, Shieldon

This knife is the best knife to cut with a cutter ruler and can’t be compared to anything other than this knife.


What is the word-of-mouth evaluation?

“I like this product because it has a center of gravity on the blade side and the blade is relatively small. Because it comes out.”


Recommended by type of design knife! ⑳

Tamiya Craft Tool Series No.98

Design Knife 31, Shieldon

A high-grade version of the modeler’s knife that enables very delicate cutting and shaving work. A set of 3 straight blades, 2 curved blades, and 2 flat blades. The grip is made of elastomer resin that is non-slip and fits comfortably in your hand. Supports smooth work.


All you need is this one to create a plastic model. It can be used for a wide range of purposes, such as cutting plastic boards, disassembling parts, and scraping off paint that has squeezed out.


What is the word-of-mouth evaluation?

Perfect for anyone looking for a high-grade design knife under the Tamiya brand!


“If you do not make a mistake in the position and angle of the teeth, there will be almost no traces left, and the processing that was previously done with a design knife is no longer necessary.”



How was it? I have selected 20 recommended design knives. If you look it up again, you can see that there are various types of design knives. And it can be completely different from a utility knife! Find the time. Why don’t you try making a plastic model, you may be able to return to your childhood!

Design Knife 32, Shieldon


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