15 Recommended Survival Knives! Also for chopping wood in the camp

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Survival knives (outdoor knives, camping knives) are knives that can be used for a wide range of purposes such as chopping wood and cooking when camping or climbing. There are foldable folding knives, buttingable sheath knives, and multifunctional multi-tool knives. There are various features such as compact and easy to use for solo camp, easy-to-make feather sticks for a bonfire, and highly durable full tang type. This time, we will introduce how to choose a survival knife and recommended products such as Opinel, Mora knife, Victorinox, Bushcraft knife, Colombia knife.


How to choose a survival knife

Choose the type of knife that suits your needs

Durable and durable sheath knife

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A sheath knife is a knife with a blade and handles integrated. It’s durable and easy to grip, so you can use it for batoning to crack firewood or to make a feather stick at the crater of a bonfire. It is highly durable and can be used for a wide range of purposes, so it is recommended for beginners outdoors and those who are new to knives.


The folding knife that can be folded and carried around

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Folding knives are compact knives that can store swords (knife blades) inside the handle. Since it is not integrated with the blade, it is not suitable for cutting large items, but it is easy and easy to use for cutting ropes and for small cooking. It’s not bulky, so it’s also recommended for solo camps where you want to reduce your luggage.


Multi-functional tool knife

Survival Knives 04, Shieldon


A tool knife is a knife that includes a driver, a cutter, scissors, a can opener, a nail clipper, etc. in addition to a sword. It is called by various names such as army knives, multi-function knives, multi-knives, Jitoku knives, and camping knives. It is compact and has a lot of functions, so it is often useful in an emergency if you carry it with you.


Choose by blade material

Made of sharp carbon steel

Survival Knives 05, Shieldon


Carbon steel (carbon copper) is a material with high functionality as a blade that is sharp and easy to sharpen. Although it is sharp, it is easy to rust, so regular maintenance such as removing water and dirt is required after use. By covering the surface with black rust, “black rust processing” can prevent the occurrence of red rust and facilitate maintenance.


Made of stainless steel that is easy to clean

Survival Knives 06, Shieldon


Stainless steel is an easy-to-maintain material that is also used for scissors and kitchen knives. Although it is less sharp than carbon steel, it is resistant to rust and easy to use even for beginners. It is also recommended for cooking in the camp.


Choose by blade shape

Flat grind that does not easily chip the blade

Survival Knives 07, Shieldon


The flat grind has a flat sword angle and a V-shaped blade shape. Since the blade is thick, it is durable and hard to chip, and it is easy to break straight even with batoning.


Hollow grind that is hard to lose sharpness

Survival Knives 08, Shieldon


The hollow grind is a blade shape in which the blade is hollowed out so that the cutting edge becomes thin. The sharpness is good, and the angle of the sword does not change easily even when sharpened, so the sharpness does not easily drop. Since the blade is thin, it is easy to chip, so care must be taken when handling it.


Choose a grip that is easy to hold

There are various materials and designs for the grip part of the survival knife. Choose a grip that is easy to hold and that you can hold stably when you hold it. There are also products with excellent surface processing and design, such as non-slip rubber, softwood, and lightweight plastic.


Characteristics of survival knives by manufacturer

OPINEL is a long-established manufacturer of folding knives

Survival Knives 09, Shieldon


Opinel is a long-established French knife manufacturer that developed folding knives in 1890. It has a locking function, is simple, sturdy, and is highly practical, so it is loved all over the world as a masterpiece of survival knives. You can choose from a wide range of sizes and two materials, carbon and stainless steel, to suit your needs.


The Shieldon has good sharpness and blade holding

Survival Knives 10, Shieldon


Shieldon is a Chinese knife maker founded in 1998. The folding knife “9042S”, which is sturdy, has a long blade, and can cover a wide range of outdoor work, is also recommended for outdoor beginners.


Victorinox has a wide variety of tool knives

Survival Knives 11, Shieldon


Victorinox is a long-established Swiss manufacturer that developed the “Swiss Army Knife”, which is the prototype of the tool knife in 1897. It is the most famous tool knife maker in the world with the impressive white cross mark of the Swiss national emblem on the product. With its versatility to handle any situation and the wide variety of tools, you can find the one that suits your purpose.


GERBER is durable and durable

Survival Knives 12, Shieldon


Gerber is an American knife brand. The trademark is the sword (Excalibur) stuck in the rock. We have a wide range of products such as sheath knives and folding knives. It has a high design and excellent sharpness, so it is easy to use in camping and mountain climbing.


Morakniv features high-quality blades

Survival Knives 13, Shieldon

Mora Knife is Sweden’s leading knife brand. We produce a large number of high-quality knives that combine the durable swords traditionally inherited in the Mora region with easy-to-grip grips. Due to its high quality, it has been certified as a Swedish royal family.


[Sheath knife] 5 recommended survival knives

Shieldon Reverse Tanto Point D2 Blade Black 3Cr14 + Carbon Fiber Handle 9042S1-G

Survival Knives 14, Shieldon

A survival knife made in Yangjiang. Using traditional techniques, we combine a sturdy blade made by craftsmen with an easy-to-grip grip. The blade is made of carbon steel and the handle is made of rubber. It rusts more easily than stainless steel but boasts outstanding sharpness. Recommended for those who value sharpness.


Bushcraft Modan Candi Arocas

Survival Knives 15, Shieldon

A stainless steel sheath knife with a total length of about 225 mm. It is resistant to dust and dirt and is highly durable. It can be used for all purposes such as fire starters and bushcraft. The honeycomb structure grip is easy to grip and has the advantage of not slipping your hands. For long-term use, wipe off any water after use to thoroughly remove dirt before storing.


Victorinox Full tang outdoor master

Survival Knives 16, Shieldon

A sheath knife that comes with a fire starter. Since it is possible to start a fire without an ignition device such as a lighter, it is convenient for bonfires in camping and outdoors, and in the event of a disaster. The structure that the blade and grip are integrated makes it sturdy and suitable for chopping wood. The handle made of Micarta, which has a beautiful contour pattern, is characterized by excellent water resistance, heat resistance, and abrasion resistance.


Columbia knife High-quality sheath knife natural wood handle

Survival Knives 17, Shieldon

A natural wooden handle is used to create a luxurious sheath knife. The handle is easy to fit in your hand and is comfortable to grip. The blade is sharp and suitable for outdoor cooking and custom, such as camping, fishing, and mountaineering. The sophisticated form is also recommended for ornamental use and display use, and enjoy the beauty of modeling.


Volker Magnum Trail Sheath Knife 02SC099

Survival Knives 18, Shieldon

It is a sheath knife from Germany. The blade is made of rust-resistant stainless steel, and the handle is made of metal, a phenolic resin material with excellent waterproof, durable, and antiseptic properties. It comes with a leather sheath, making it safe to carry. It is sharp and useful when cutting ingredients at camping or barbecue.


[Folding knife] 5 recommended survival knives

Shieldon D2 coating

Survival Knives 19, Shieldon

A folding knife with a G10 carbon fiber handle. The handle that feels the warmth of wood has the advantage of being easy to fit in your hand and easy to grip. It has a simple design that you won’t get tired of, and it is easy to use. It can be used for various purposes such as outdoor cooking and rope cutting. Since the blade can be stored in the handle part, it can be carried safely and compactly.

Survival Knives 20, Shieldon

A folding knife native to France. Each one is carefully made by skilled craftsmen. The handle part is made of wood, and the blade can be stored and carried compactly. The handle that feels the warmth of wood is a bright red color, and it looks fashionable. A strap is also attached to the handle. Recommended for those who want to enjoy camping and the outdoors in style.


Buck Folding Hunter 110 with Leather Sheath

Survival Knives 21, Shieldon

A lockback type hunter knife that has been loved as a staple of folding knives for over 50 years. It’s a little heavy, but it has a classical design and excellent sharpness. A leather sheath is also included, so you can carry it with confidence. It is a versatile knife that can be used not only outdoors such as cutting ingredients such as meat at camping and barbecue, but also for everyday use.


Victorinox Outdoor Hunting Pro M AL

Survival Knives 22, Shieldon

A folding knife native to Switzerland. The feature is that the blade has a thumb hole. A knife suitable for cooking and preparing firewood, it can be used in a wide range of situations such as camping, barbecue, and fishing. The aluminum handle is comfortable to the touch and has a shape that is easy to grip. It is also equipped with convenient money clips and paracord lanyards.


Shinko Works Uniframe serrated blade camping knife

Survival Knives 23, Shieldon

A type that can be folded compactly and is easy to carry.

A kitchen knife for the outdoors with a knurled tip. If you use the tip of the blade, it will chew firmly on the ingredients, so it is easy to cut. Since the part other than the tip is a straight blade, it can be used as a general kitchen knife. A foldable kitchen knife with a design that allows the blade to be stored in the handle. When the blade is stored, it becomes a compact size, so it is convenient to carry.


[Tool knife] 5 recommended survival knives

Shieldon Folding Pocket Knife Drop Point D2 Blade Black G10 Handle 9049G1-G

Survival Knives 24, Shieldon

Equipped with 7 tools! Recommended for emergency disaster prevention goods.

A versatile tool-type folding knife equipped with 7 tools. Equipped with useful tools such as nail files, scissors, knives, toothpicks, tweezers, keyrings, and flat-blade screwdrivers. It can be used for multiple purposes with one, and it is also recommended for outdoor scenes such as camping, mountain climbing, fishing, and as emergency disaster prevention goods.


Victorinox Huntsman 1.3713

Survival Knives 25 E1637629770152, Shieldon

Compact size that fits in the palm of your hand.

A multi-tool type outdoor knife equipped with 15 types of functions. In addition to large and small knives, various tools such as scissors, bottle openers, can openers, and saws are installed. Therefore, it is convenient to have one in every scene such as camping, mountain climbing, and traveling. It is recommended to carry it not only for outdoor activities and when going out but also as equipment for your home or office.


Gerber Suspension multiplier Multi-tool

Survival Knives 26, Shieldon

It is a multi-tool that contains 14 tools in one. Equipped with two types of knives, Phillips screwdriver, flat-blade screwdriver, bottle opener, can cutter, wire, strapper, scissors, saw, pliers, baggage hook, wire cutter, and awl. With a special case that can be fixed through a belt, it is also excellent in portability.


Leatherman Multitool knife SKELETOOL KBX

Survival Knives 27, Shieldon

Equipped with a liner lock function for safe use.

A multi-tool type outdoor knife equipped with a bottle opener and pocket clip. The combo knife is a combination of a straight blade and a wave blade, and the backside is designed with a handle that can be used as a bottle opener and a pocket clip. Since the blade can be folded and stored in the handle part, it has the advantage of being safe and compact to carry.


Leatherman Multitool SKELETOOL TOPO

Survival Knives 28, Shieldon

Multi-tool with excellent portability! Minimize functionality and reduce weight.

A multi-tool type outdoor knife that can use 7 types of functions. A total of 7 tools such as straight blade wave blade combo knives, cutters, pliers, and screwdrivers are equipped. In addition to being lightweight at 142g, it has the advantage of being easy to carry because it is compact with a total length of about 10cm when the tools are stored. Recommended for camping, outdoor activities, custom, and disaster preparedness.


Be careful of the gun sword method when carrying a survival knife

There is nothing wrong with using a survival knife (outdoor knife) for camping or mountain climbing, but it is a violation of the Firearms and Swords Act to carry a knife with a blade length of 6 cm or more without a justifiable reason. When you carry it, you need to be careful about your safety by putting it in a special case or bag. Do not carry it with you when you do not need it, and be careful when storing it.



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