14 Recommended Spyderco Knives

14 Recommended Spyderco

Some are used by U.S. police officers


Now, let’s introduce the recommended outdoor knives that hold down the above points.


Spyderco “Police Model Stainless Steel (C07)”

Spyderco Knives 01 1, Shieldon

Overall length: 240mm

Closed length: 135mm

Blade length: 104mm

Blade type: Full-wave blade

Weight: 159g

Smart and sturdy construction that American police officers also love

As the name suggests, this model has been popular with police officers in the United States. The handle part is longer and a little slimmer than the others. Thanks to that, it will be easier for Japanese people who have smaller hands than Americans.

The delicately chamfered edges provide a solid support for comfort during use. The method of fixing is the back lock method. It has a handle structure that can be locked firmly so that the blade does not accidentally pop out during use.


Spyderco “Harpy Stainless (C08)”

Spyderco Knives 02 1, Shieldon

Overall length: 165mm

Closed length: 98mm

Blade length: 70mm

Blade type: Full-wave blade

Weight: 109g

Curved blades show their power in the fishing industry

A harpy with a unique design that resembles an eagle’s claws with an inwardly curved edge shape. The shape is not only eye-catching but also has the function of firmly grasping the object to be cut with the cutting edge and cutting it.

It has been devised so that it dries easily even when it gets wet, so it can be used for work at the beach. The stainless steel blade and handle make it look more unified, making it one of the most beautiful models of Spyderco.


Spyderco “Pacific Salt 2 (C91BK2)”

Spyderco Knives 03 1, Shieldon

Overall length: 221mm

Closed length: 126mm

Blade length: 96mm

Blade type: Straight blade

Weight: 82g

Excellent sharpness and no rust! Beach work knife.

Pacific salt series that is resistant to seawater. The blade is made of H-1, which is a rust-resistant material and has a black titanium coating. Even if you soak it in seawater, you can just wash it lightly. You can use it with confidence when working on the sea or in marine sports.

Glass fiber reinforced nylon is used for the handle. After all, the sharpness is outstanding!


Spyderco “Ambitious G-10 (C148)”

Spyderco Knives 04 1, Shieldon

Overall length: 148mm

Closed length: 91mm

Blade length: 57mm

Blade type: Straight blade

Weight: 85g

The point is a blade that is not slippery and suitable for peeling.

Straight blade type Spyderco knife. It is a drop point blade and is suitable for peeling vegetables and fruits in addition to cutting. You can also cut materials such as cardboard.

The handle has a belt clip. Since the position can be changed anywhere on the left and right, it can be used properly so that it is easy to carry. The material is G-10, which is not slippery.


Spyderco “Persistence G-10 (C136G)”

Spyderco Knives 05 1, Shieldon

Overall length: 175mm

Closed length: 105mm

Blade length: 70mm

Blade type: Straight blade

Weight: 105g

A versatile knife with improved sharpness and strength level.

Just size that is neither too big nor too small and does not get in the way even if you put it in your pocket. The lock incorporates a liner lock type folder.

A skeleton steel liner is inserted into the handle to improve the sharpness and strength level. A versatile Spyderco knife that can be used indoors for everyday use or almighty cooking outdoors.


Spyderco “Tenacious G-10 (C122GBBK)”

Spyderco Knives 06 1, Shieldon

Overall length: 197mm

Closed length: 113mm

Blade length: 86mm

Blade type: Half-wave blade

Weight: 117g

Diversity half serration knife.

Half serration type Spyderco. There is a lanyard hole behind the handle, and it is possible to pass a string such as a paracord. With a belt clip, it is very convenient to carry.

The checkering is firmly applied and the non-slip is perfect. One of the features is that the specifications do not make your hands tired even if you use it for a long time.


Spyderco “Lady Bug 3 Salt RN (LYL3)”

Spyderco Knives 07 1, Shieldon

Overall length: 111mm

Closed length: 62mm

Blade length: 49mm

Blade type: Full-wave blade

Weight: 18g

Excellent sharpness and rust resistance even in the palm of your hand.

A cute Spyderco knife that fits comfortably in the palm of your hand. The blade uses H-1, a material that does not rust. The handle made of glass fiber reinforced nylon has a non-slip coating and is lightweight. Easy to handle even for children and women.


Prices start at 60 dollars, so it’s a great gift or gift.


Spyderco “Delica 4 FRN Black (C11BBK)”

Spyderco Knives 08 1, Shieldon

Overall length: 181mm

Closed length: 108mm

Blade length: 73mm

Blade type: Half-wave blade

Weight: 71g

Even if it is light, it has excellent durability and a high-class feel.

Delica 4 model with black titanium coating on both the handle and blade to give it a luxurious feel. Recommended for those looking for a more durable knife.

The design of the pocket clip has been slightly changed compared to other products, and it is also characterized by a structure that is easy to attach and hard to come off. Easy-to-use half-wave blade type. The stainless steel liner inside the handle makes it lighter and cuts ropes well.


Spyderco “St. Fante 3 FRN (C66BK3)”

Spyderco Knives 09 1, Shieldon

Overall length: 194mm

Closed length: 114mm

Blade length: 80mm

Blade type: Straight blade

Weight: 71g

Slim and lightweight, full of functionality.

Uses a slim and lightweight FRN handle. Two indentations are carved to support the grip when gripped. The lock is a back-locking method with a blunt back that holds your thumb firmly in place during the amputation.

The pocket clip can be moved to a total of 4 locations on the front, back, front and back. You can set it to any position according to your needs. Also supports left-handed people.


Spyderco “Civilian G-10 (C12G)”

Spyderco Knives 10 1, Shieldon

Overall length: 233mm

Closed length: 132mm

Blade length: 105mm

Blade type: Full-wave blade

Weight: 134g

Inverted S-shaped blade shape enables slicer function.

A model that was introduced at the request of the police agency of the US government. The blade has a unique inverted S shape that resembles a large beak. Hollow grind finishes using VG-10 steel as the material. At first glance, this knife has an impact, but it is also useful for picking edible wild plants and gardening.

Also, although it is difficult to see in the photo, the tip is thinly polished and can be cut into thin slices.


Spyderco “Karahawk G-10 (C170G)”

Spyderco Knives 11 1, Shieldon

Overall length: 165mm

Closed length: 114mm

Blade length: 60mm

Blade type: Straight blade

Weight: 108g

A full-scale knife that can be worn like an accessory.

The etymology of Kalahawk is said to be in Southeast Asia, and the design is different from other models in that it looks unusual. At the bottom of the hook’s hand-carved blade is a safety ring on which your thumb can be hooked.

The handle is made of G-10 material, which is non-slip and easy to grip. It’s compact enough to replace a key chain, so it’s convenient to carry.


Spyderco “Dragon Fly 2 Salt FRN (C28YL2)”

Spyderco Knives 12, Shieldon

Overall length: 141mm

Closed length: 84mm

Blade length: 57mm

Blade type: Straight blade

Weight: 34g

Convenient to carry regardless of right-handed or left-handed.

Straight blade type Spyderco knife. By adopting the material H-1 that is resistant to seawater, the usage scene has expanded dramatically.

The handle is made of nylon resin and uses a tough Zytel that is lightweight yet has high impact resistance and chemical resistance. The newly engraved handle pattern fits in the user’s hand. With a wide grip that can be switched between left and right, it is convenient to carry regardless of whether you are right-handed or left-handed.


Spyderco “Endura 4 FRN (C10BBK)”

Spyderco Knives 13, Shieldon

Overall length: 222mm

Closed length: 127mm

Blade length: 96mm

Blade type: Half-wave blade

Weight: 103g

It is even more resistant to rust and is safe to use in the sea.

In Spyderco, a half-wave blade type knife falls into the large category. High-performance stainless steel VG-10, which is resistant to rust, is used for the blade material, and titanium coating is applied. The rust-resistant series has been further strengthened.

The handle is made of glass fiber reinforced nylon and has an uneven design that makes it easy to grip. It is not slippery even when used in the sea and is safe.


Spyderco “Cricket Stainless (C29)”

Spyderco Knives 14, Shieldon

Overall length: 117mm

Closed length: 70mm

Blade length: 47.5mm

Blade type: Straight blade

Weight: 49.5g

Unified with stainless steel color! Small and easy to carry.

A straight-edged Spyderco knife with an inverted S shape. Since the handle is made of stainless steel, it is a beautiful finished product that is unified in silver color. When folded, it becomes an egg-shaped small piece. It is also convenient to carry because it has a clip.

The material of the blade is VG-10, which is resistant to rust. A nice point is that you can use it anywhere in the sea or the mountains.



In this article, we have introduced 14 Spyderco knives.

Examine the characteristics of each of the various models and series, and find the one that suits you best!


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