Reasons Why You Should Always Have Your Camping Knife with You at All Times

Camp Knife

A camping knife is one of the most important things you can have when out in the wild, the number of things you can do with it is unlimited, and the lack of it can really leave you dangerously exposed. Unlike most knives, camping knives are designed with specific tasks in mind, and this is why there are so many types of them out there.

We will be looking at some notable types of camping knives, the features that make them unique, and the many applications that one can put them to when they are out camping. If you have been thinking of going out camping, you may get some good clues about going about that.

Types of Camping Knives

Defensive Stance

As mentioned earlier, camping knives come in varying shapes and sizes, and depending on the purpose you have in mind, you can get a big one or a small one. To give you a better understanding of what camping knives are all about, the following are some of the general types that exist.

  • Boot Knife: A boot knife is a tactical camping knife that is designed to be concealed in the boot. It is a very convenient tool to have around, and the fact that it can be stored in the boots means that it is a knife that is always near enough for quick retrieval even in an emergency. Other places that they can be placed in include the belt, around the neck, or the pant leg.
  • Buck Knife: A buck hunting knife can be used to chop up things and skin animals. It is also well suited for self-defense purposes and has one of the sharpest tips you can find on any camping knife. The blade is also slightly thicker than usual camping and hunting knives and can be used for a number of functions.
  • Consealed Knife: This is a discreet type of camping knife customized to be small and portable. It is a convenient type of knife that can be disguised as other tools, making them handy for emergencies and like self-defense. Despite their diminutive sizes, they are very sharp and can handle a lot of things when outdoors.
  • Military Knife: This is one of the most reliable knives you can take with you camping. It is robust, made of high-quality materials, and can last you ages without getting as much as a scratch. This is the ultimate survival knife that should definitely feature in your toolbox.
  • Combat Knife: A combat knife is described by its name. It is a knife that’s designed to deal with fights if you ever come down to it. It is a survival knife that one can use for self-defense and is built with extra weight to inflict the most damage on people.

The Reasons Why You Should Carry the Knife With you

Pocket Knife

When you go out camping, there are tools that you have to carry with you for the most success. The following are some of the reasons why you need to carry a camping knife with you at all times.

Self Defence

You never know what may happen once you are in the wild. Camping may sound like fun on paper, but you realize how dangerous things can get once you are out there. Having a camping knife may not offer you the ultimate protection, but not having it exposes you and makes you vulnerable to many risks. A camping knife will come in handy for such situations in the vent that an animal jumps at you from the bushes without warning. Cases of people getting attacked by other people are common, and having a knife with you will make them think twice before making such moves.


Finding food in the wild is one thing; turning it out into something edible is another matter, and getting that done is something that will require a lot of expertise and a good tool that can get that down. This would be a camp knife. You can use a camp knife to improvise a lot of things out in the wild that would increase your chances of survival. If you ever plan to go camping alone, make sure that a camping knife is topping that list of all things you carry with you.

To Make a Fire

You can start a fire without a knife when going out camping; everybody usually carries a matchbox with them just for this purpose. However, unpredictable things can happen. You could find yourself stuck in a bad storm that may make the match ounces unusable. This is where a caping knife comes in handy. You can use it to create some kindling, cutting firewood into smaller pieces that are easy to ignite. If the matchboxes are out of commission, you can use the sparks from friction caused by clicking the knife against another hard material. This could be too hard for most people and may require some form of expertise to pull it off.

Outdoor Sports

You can turn that camping trip into a fun-filled exercise with your buddies. There are so many things you can participate in using your pocket camp knife to while away the time. When you choose to go hunting or fish

ng, all these are outdoor sports that not only get you the food you need, but you bet to have fun while at it. Field dressing an animal, gutting a fish, cutting off the hook lines, filleting the fish once you have it outside the water. All these may look and sound easy, but once you get down to it, they are extreme sports.


When out in the wild camping, people usually avoid carrying too many food provisions choosing to look for food on their own to get that survival experience. Most of the animals they hunt are small game like rabbits, squirrels, small birds, and the likes. A camping knife would come in handy when hunting these sizes of animals, all you need to do is set a trap, and once they are caught, you can use the camping knife to dispatch them from their misery quickly. However, before engaging in hunting, make sure you are aware of the rules and regulations that govern the hunting of animals in your locale.

Food Preparation

Never use your hunting knife to cut up vegetables; that’s not what it is designed for. However, when it comes to cutting up food into equal rations or skinning that rabbit cleanly after a hunt, the camping knife is the ideal tool to go with.


Diggin up small holes for the tent poles can be a lot of work and may require a bigger tool, but since going camping with a long metal rod is out of the question, you have to do it with a camping knife. Some come with very sturdy tips that can be used to dig up holes for the tent poles. At the same time, you can use the camping knife to create sharp poles that can then be pushed into the ground. The ropes that are used to tie up the different parts of the poles and tents will also need a camping knife to cut them to size, among other things.

Whittling Gear

Whitling is the process where you shape wood by taking off bits of it until it gains the shape you want. This could include sharpening the edge into a harpoon for fishing or for setting up the tent, or making a rudimentary spear for hunting small animals. It can also be the process where you cut down huge chunks of wood into smaller ones to be used as kindling for the fire. The options are unlimited, and the better you are with a knife, the more the possibilities open to you.

Miscellaneous Tasks

There are a thousand other things that you can do with a camping knife beside the ones mentioned above. Some of these include an opening that beer or soda can, dislodging a hook or nails from a plank of wood, putting that screwdriver into place using a multitool camping knife, setting up the shelter, and so many more. It all comes down to what you need at a given moment.


Camping knives are necessary tools that you have to carry with you if you plan to spend some time in the wild away from other people and from essential services. Selecting a good camping knife is not easy as there are so many options out there to choose from, and making the right selection can be a headache. If you are having trouble deciding what to go for, check out our website and find some good options as well as informative tips on how to go about that.

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