10 Key Features of a Quality Tactical Knife

10 Key Features of a Quality Tactical Knife, Shieldon

Tactical hunting knives are used by people in various capacities which makes them a great addition to your knife collection. These knives are designed to be used mainly as defense weapons to protect yourself from anything harmful.


They come in handy, especially when going on camping and hunting trips where you are exposed to all kinds of danger. Additionally, these knives can also be used as cutting tools or fishing tools among others.


When it comes to investing in quality tactical knives, there are a few features you need to keep in mind. This will help you ensure that you invest in options that will cater to your needs efficiently. Some of the most important aspects to consider when investing in tactical knives include:



Tactical knives are used for protection but also cater to other tasks with great efficiency which makes them a great option. However, for this, you need to invest in the right type of tactical knife.


Your choice of knife needs to fulfill the required design. This will ensure that you are working with a knife that will give you the best service. The design of a tactical knife plays a critical role in its performance and abilities.


One of the most important parts to consider is the blade design you are investing in. Different blade styles are featured by manufacturers when creating quality tactical knives. These blade styles offer great options for you to consider and work with when investing in quality knife options.


They all offer different advantages and are used in varied applications. When looking into the blade design, consider the most important uses that you want to cater to with your tactical knife.

Fixed or Folding Blade Knife


When it comes to tactical knives, you’ll find some that feature fixed blade knife while others come with foldable blade options. This gives you a great variety to cater to the specific needs you have when looking for such a knife.


To make the best decision here, you need to consider the most prevalent uses of your tactical knife. For instance, if you want to have a tactical knife that will also serve as a hammer or other tool then a fixed blade is the best choice.


On the other hand, if you are looking for something easy to carry with you, then a folding blade knife is the best option for you. Both options provide great value and are appreciated by their users for their effective performance.


Just remember that a tactical knife is meant to be easy to get to in case of any emergencies. Folding knives come in handy given that you can just have the knife in your pocket without having to worry too much. With the fixed blade, you have the option of investing in a sheath to help you place the blade on your belt. This will greatly improve your accessibility.



Your desired size will vary depending on what is most important to you. Some people prefer to have a small tactical knife designed to accurately execi=ute desired tasks. The small pocket knife is preferred by people who would like to fit their knife in their front pockets.


On the other hand, some people would rather work with larger knives that give them more control. However, large knives will not offer the same convenience when it comes to carrying them. You may have to either fit them in your back pocket or your backpack. Keeping this in mind will give you the best time when looking for the perfect tactical knife to cater to you.


Single Edged Blade


With tactical knives, you need to aim at having one that only features a single sharp edge on its blade. Some knives will come with both sides sharp especially those using blade styles such as needlepoint. However, you need to stay away from this given that they will make it harder to use the same tactical knives on other tasks like cutting.


You may end up cutting yourself in the process. The best thing is to work with a blade that features one sharp edge of the blade while the other is flat and blunt. It will work quite well for you especially if you plan to use it for different applications.

Handle Design


Tactical knives are important especially when it comes to using them as defense weapons. This is why you need to ensure that you are working with a very comfortable knife handle. Your handle design impacts your ability to use the knife effectively which is why you need to be very mindful of this.


Take your tie to find a handle design that is smooth with some texture to allow for better grip. Avoid handles that come with elaborate indents and corners that would make the whole experience a nightmare. Your knife handle needs to feature the best ergonomic attributes to ensure your comfort while using it. Take your time to find a knife that features the perfect handle for you.

Handle Material and Feel


The handle plays a major role in your performance with a tactical knife as you have just seen. In addition to the design, you also need to consider the material that is used to create these tactical knives.


Some of the best handles in the market will feature the use of synthetic materials such as G10 or Micarta. These materials offer great comfort when using tactical knives in different applications. On the other hand, you’ll also find some tactical knives that feature stainless steel handles. These handles are also a great option given that you’ll get the best grip when working with your knife.

Straight Blade Edges


When investing in a tactical knife, you also need to consider the type of edges that are being used on the blade. You want to aim at investing in a straight-edge blade compared to a serrated one. With this, it is mainly because of the efficiency of the blade you will be investing in.


When it comes to working with blades, they lose their sharp edge over time which makes them a bit blunt. However, when working with straight edge blades sharpening is so much easier.


On the other hand, serrated knives will require more skill and may even force you to send them back to the manufacturer for an accurate job. With this in mind, you need to ensure that you are mindful of the type of edges featured on your blade.

Blade Material


The most preferred blade material to use on any knife is steel given its incredible strength and performance. In this case, you have options to consider when investing in a tactical knife.


You could either go with a blade that features either a stainless steel material or a carbon steel material. Choosing between this two will require you to sacrifice a few aspects. For instance, the stainless steel option will not rust as fast as the carbon steel and is more resistant to damage. On the other hand, carbon steel will keep its sharp edges for a longer time compared to stainless steel. Choose one that you can work with and invest in it.

Opening Mechanism


If you decide to invest in a folding tactical knife, you need to consider the opening mechanism that is featured. Some knives will come with a nail nick or thumb stud that you need to access to open the blade.


On the other hand, some knives will come with assisted opening options like switches and buttons that you can just press. It is important to note that some of the assisted opening knife options don’t feature a locking mechanism. This exposes you to potential injuries if the knife opens while still in your pocket.

Locking Mechanism


When it comes to the locking mechanisms available, you’ll find different options in the market. Some companies have developed their specific locks and market them as being the best in the business.


But generally, all locking mechanisms will give you great service without having to worry about failure. The most common traditional locking mechanisms featured in the market are liner locks and lock backs.


They offer great service and are used by different manufacturers for their excellent performance. Take your time when examining the tactical knife you’ll be investing in to ensure they feature a locking mechanism you can rely on.




Tactical knives are a great addition to your knife collections and work great as everyday carr options. They are used as defense weapons to ensure that you are always prepared in case you are attacked.


They can also be used for other significant tasks which makes them a great investment. When looking for the perfect tactical knife to meet your needs, be sure to keep the features you need to consider in mind.


This will give you the best chance at finding an option that will cater to your needs efficiently. If you’d like to browse some of the tactical knife options available, check out our website and find one that speaks to you.



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