Shieldon EDC knife, MT01A Colibri, 154CM blade, G10 handle, nested liner lock, Max Tkachuk (Ukraine) design

Item NO.: MT01A

Item segment: Blacksmith

Item name: Colibri

Designer: Max Tkachuk (UKR)

Blade material: 154CM

Handle material: Double G10

Blade HRC: 58-60

Sharpened angle: 15-20

Blade thickness: 0.118″/3mm

Blade length: 2.91″/74mm

Handle thickness: 0.504″/12.8mm

Total length: 6.73″/171mm

Weight: 2.42 oz/69g

Main pivot hardware: 416SS T8

Assembly hardware: 416SS T8

Clip hardware: 416SS T8

Carry orientation: Right hand

Ball bearing: Ceramic

Blade style: Drop point

Handle color: Blue and yellow

Pocket clip: Titanium Tip-up

Lock mechanism: Nested liner lock

Open way: Front flipper

Blade finish: Stonewash

Blade grind: Flat

MAP (USD $): 79

MSRP (USD $): 112

If you’ve been looking for a pocket knife lately, you’ve undoubtedly heard of the “Colibri Knife.” The Colibri knife is famous for its lightweight design, sharp double color, and its compact structure making it the ideal everyday carry.


This new addition was designed in 2022 by Max Tkachuk, a famous Ukrainian graphic & industrial designer who works with many knife manufacturers. In partnership with Shieldon, the designer used his skills and ability to build this articulate knife that is both utilitarian and visually beautiful, inspired by his real curiosity for knives since childhood.

Let’s take a look at some of the design features that make the Colibri knife a must-have pocket knife.


Overall Weight

The Colibri knife weighs a total of 69g/2.42 oz. It offers an unencumbered feel. Its overall lightweight design is intended for portability and meets the fundamental EDC knife requirements.

Handle Craft

The style colors of the Colibri Pocket knife handle were inspired by the designer’s native country, Ukraine.

The handle is constructed of G10 material,  featuring a blue and yellow handle and backspacer,  which adds vibrancy and individuality through color matching. When not in use, it may also be utilized as a decorative item rather than just a tool for outdoor survival. This also accounts for eye-catching grip protection.

On the overall design, the handle is equipped with one SS416 T8 size screw, resulting in a straightforward assembly and clean look.


Blade Craft Features

The Colibri knife features a 154CM long blade. It also employs the most cost-effective quality steel, which has an ideal mix of corrosion resistance and hardness. What more could you ask for?

The knife has a Stonewash finish and flat grinding on the blade, giving it a rough and striking appearance. This design allows the knife to do a variety of tasks, from cutting and chopping to slicing and filleting.

The knife has a drop-point blade design on the tip and a distinctive spin swedge on the blade to reduce thickness and improve piercing, making it ideal for most everyday activities.

Last but not least, while unpacking, the angular 15-20 sharpened angle keeps the best usage immediately on hands. This ensures a solid grip and comfort while in use.


Opening Mechanism

The knife has a ceramic ball bearing and a smooth, easy-to-open front flipper. This mechanism works by bringing leverage closer to the knife’s pivot, allowing the knife to open more smoothly and quickly.

Locking Mechanism

The knife is equipped with a nestler liner lock mechanism. This locking mechanism has the added advantage of being both safe to use and reasonably simple to produce. You may also operate it with one hand.



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