OEM Fixed Blade Hunting Camping Knife G10 Handle RJ-4503

Item NO.: RJ-4503

Blade material: 3Cr13

Handle material: G10

Blade thickness: 4.85mm/0.191”

Blade length: 155mm/6.1”

Handle thickness: 17.11mm/0.674”

Total length: 310mm/12.2”

Weight: 387.5g/13.67 oz

Blade style: Tanto Point

Handle color: Black

ODM Regular MOQ: 2400


Item NO.: RJ-4503

Blade material: 3Cr13

Handle material: G10

Blade thickness: 4.85mm/0.191”

Blade length: 155mm/6.1”

Handle thickness: 17.11mm/0.674”

Total length: 310mm/12.2”

Weight: 387.5g/13.67 oz

Blade Style: Tanto Point

Handle color: Black

ODM Regular MOQ: 2400


RJ-4503 notes

Gun sword method

When dealing with RJ-4503, the point to be worried about is the gun sword method. RJ-4503 has a blade length of 15 cm or more, so they are subject to the gun sword method without omission. In conclusion, there is basically no problem when you bring it outdoors or barbecue, just like a kitchen knife. The content of the Firearm and Sword Law is that it is prohibited to carry a knife for any purpose other than a legitimate purpose. It’s OK because it has a legitimate purpose of using it for outdoor activities and barbecue. On the contrary, a case that does not correspond to a legitimate purpose corresponds to a violation of the Firearm and Sword Law. For example, if the name is for self-defense, it is not recognized as a legitimate purpose, and the act of leaving the RJ-4503 unattended in the car is also subject to crackdown. Follow the law and carry your RJ-4503 properly.

New products require blade sharpening

RJ-4503 on the market are sold with the blade unsharpened. Originally, it was used for agricultural work such as harvesting sugar cane in South America, so there is a background that such a sharp blade was not required locally. If you want the sharpness of the blade, such as when cutting ingredients, sharpen it with a whetstone.

If the sheath is not included, you need to purchase it separately or make your own.

RJ-4503 does not come with a sheath. In that case, you need to purchase a suitable size sheath separately or make it yourself. In such a case, it is one of the pleasures to enjoy leather crafting and DIY the original sheath to make it your own style.



G10:A composite made from fiberglass, G-10 has comparable toughness to carbon fiber at a fraction of the cost.

– Solid, comfortable grip

– lightweight material

– Non-porous

3Cr13:It is martensitic stainless steel with good machining performance. After heat treatment (quenching and tempering), it has excellent corrosion resistance, polishing performance, high strength and wear resistance, and is suitable for manufacturing to withstand high loads, high wear resistance, and Plastic molds under the action of corrosive media. After quenching and tempering, the 3Cr13 material with a hardness below HRC30 has better workability and is easy to achieve better surface quality.



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