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EG01A s01
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Shieldon EDC knife, Pocket Knife, EG01A Viper, 154CM blade, G10 handle, nested liner lock, Eric Garza (USA) design

Item NO.: EG01A

Item segment: Blacksmith

Item name: Viper

Designer: Eric Garza (USA)

Blade material: 154CM

Handle material: G10

Blade HRC: 58-60

Sharpened angle: 15-20

Blade thickness: 0.118”/3mm

Blade length: 3.48”/88.3mm

Handle thickness: 0.472”/12mm

Total length: 8.48”/215.5mm

Weight: 4.09 oz/116g

Main pivot hardware: T8

Assembly hardware: T8

Clip hardware: T6

Carry orientation: Right hand

Ball bearing: Caged ceramic

Blade style: Clip point

Handle color: Tangerine

Pocket clip: Stainless steel tip-up

Lock mechanism: Nested liner lock

Open way: Flipper

Blade finish: Diamond-like coating

Blade grind: Flat

Ultimate Guide on Blacksmith Viper EG01A EDC Pocket Knife

Viper EG01A EDC Pocket Knife

Knives have come a long way in the industry and their uses are vast and never fail to deliver. It is important to have the best knives available.


With that, Shieldon together with Eric Garza came up with a cutting-edge on the market today called EG01A Blacksmith Viper knife.


The EG01A model from Blacksmith Viper is an excellent option for those who are looking for a quality knife that can offer both precision and durability.


This knife is made from premium-quality materials that are tough enough to stand up to continuous use but remain sharp and precise. With a sleek and snake-like design,  the EG01A knife is both functional and stylish, making it a great choice for all your cutting needs.


This guide will provide an overview of the EG01A so that you can decide if it is the right knife for your needs.

Brief Background about Blacksmith Viper EG01A Knife

The EG01A started off as a straightforward fixed knife, but Shieldon modified it so that it could be used as an everyday carry folding knife. Therefore, it has the appearance of a somewhat fixed knife sensation.


Shieldon put a lot of attention into the process since it requires creativity to turn a huge fixed knife into an everyday carry folding knife because it delivers a large size and survival style.


Because the design is simple, Shieldon focused his attention and effort on the item’s color coordination in order to ensure that it will be trendy and widely used.


The name “Viper” was originally given to the fixed-blade version of the knife, and we have decided to continue using it for the EDC version as well.

EG01A Knife Handle

The EG01A knife’s handle is made sturdy, safe, and simple by the use of T8 screws and two standoffs.


It also has a nested liner lock, making it more suited to the everyday carry (EDC) style and the popular folding knife design.


In addition to that, the knife has a fresher and more youthful appearance thanks to the tangerine G10 scales.

EG01A Blade Material

The blade of the EG01A model is constructed of 154CM, popular budget steel that is used in the majority of high-end folding knives. 154CM is utilized in the majority of folding knives.


The drop point on the tip is convenient and popular for use in most everyday carry (EDC) activities. Additionally, our team built it to have a 15-20 degree sharper angle when it is unboxed, with the goal of preserving the optimal use first on the hands.


Additionally, a blade edge that is waved requires less force to perform chopping and slicing tasks.


On top of that, we gave the blade a finish known as DLC (diamond-like coating), which is the coating with the highest level of corrosion resistance and the toughest surface available.

EG01A Accessory

When it came to the accessories, the Shieldon team settled on a deep carry tip-up clip with a matte blackened finish.


This kind of clip is preferred by the majority of people who carry their weapons every day. Additionally, a ceramic ball bearing makes the opening process with the flipper very smooth.

Overall Impression of EG01A Blacksmith Viper Knife

Overall, the EG01A Blacksmith Viper knife is an excellent choice for those who want a high-quality and durable folding knife for everyday use. The sleek and stylish design will look great in your collection, while the premium materials ensure that this knife can withstand even the toughest tasks.


The EG01A knife, at 116g/4.09 oz, is a big EDC blade but with a very light and slim profile. If you are looking for a high-quality folding knife that can meet your everyday needs, then this is the perfect option for you.

Detailed Process of Blacksmith Viper EG01A Knife

Presentation of the initial model

Viper EG01A EDC Pocket Knife

This is an existing model that Eric displayed at the exhibit, and it was met with a lot of enthusiastic support from the audience.


Eric was known for hand-crafting his own designs in the past. He is an active member of a large knife community, and one of society’s regular activities is the exchange of hand-crafted knives and equipment.


Despite the fact that Eric had previously shown this model, he was too busy to locate a knife manufacturer for the purpose of mass manufacturing and sale.


Before Shieldon contacted Eric, Kizer and Kansept inquired if there was a royalty project model.


Nevertheless, Shieldon was fortunate to finally get this model known as the Viper. And the Viper ended up being the first model that Shieldon and Eric used when they initially started working together.

Checking of initial model’s specifications and measurements

Eric was not adept with CAD software but was passionate about hand drafting and manufacturing things by hand.

Viper EG01A EDC Pocket Knife

Simply presenting us with various photographs of the hand-crafted Viper, he then requested that we sketch in accordance with the prototype already in existence.


Our specialists verified the measurements, computed the size, and made an educated guess on the internal structure.


However, the original Viper was far too large to be a suitable Everyday Carry (EDC) folding knife, which Shieldon manufactures for tactical purposes. Therefore, our team asked Eric about the possibility of making it a little bit more compact.


After receiving approval from Eric, our specialists began the process of decreasing the overall size so that it would fit the Shieldon model.


The team was not going to cut it down by an excessive amount. In each and every instance, our professionals craft knives that are an exact replication of the originals.

Prototype created

The photographs clearly demonstrate that our trained specialists were able to simply design the graphic design.


The technology required to make this knife was not complex. The point of the sale goes to the blade and the edge that has been honed. It is not in a straight line but rather wavy.


The total length of the royalty model was reduced by our staff from 220 millimeters to 200 millimeters, which will result in a blade length that is less than 3.5 inches and is ideal for an EDC side.


In point of fact, Eric had hoped that the initial size would be maintained, but after more consideration, Eric respected Shieldon’s approach.


It is capable of catering to the needs of the vast majority of the populace thanks to its trendy and well-liked EDC knives.


Consideration of angles


The blade angle of this so-called huge knife reaches 47 degrees, and the overall sharpness is like a seesaw, slender on both sides but heavy in the center.

This model reminded us of a little bit of a snake. Because of this, Eric decides to call it Viper.


Checking the pivot

Our experts took great care in creating the pivot, which allows the blade to rotate into the handle in the correct manner. There is just one mechanism that can be opened. It’s the reverse side.


It used to be said that the more open the mechanism was, the more popular the model would be since individuals could play the game in a variety of ways.


Amending of appearance


It is believed that Eric’s fixed knife was the inspiration for the Viper, which also seems to have been designed to function as a fixed blade. When our group worked to improve the aesthetic of the whole thing, one of our primary goals was to eliminate the impression of a survival knife.


Therefore, they make the handle and the blade slimmer, and we smooth off the ricasso region and the guard. At long last, this thing has the makings of a large everyday carry folding knife.


Finalizing 3D drawing


That sums it up well. We began by constructing the model one step at a time using the 3D picture as our guide.


It was expected that the general framework would be straightforward. The water milling line was constructed by our team to be as tall and as heavy as was humanly feasible in order to make it as sturdy as possible.


Eric was also asked by the experts at our company what color he would want, and he listed a few possibilities, including black, blue, orange, olive, dull green, and dessert tan. After that, they gave serious consideration to the color of the first draft.


Deciding on the color

Tangerine G10, which is a kind of orange, was ultimately selected to be the best option for the first release of Viper by our team of industry professionals.


In fact, according to the findings of our market study, folding knives with orange handles are the most popular.


The versions that are now available on the market include the Spyderco Endura 4, the Kershaw Leek, the Cold Steel Finn Wolf, the Gerber Haul, and many more.


Design inspiration

When Eric requested that the knife be made with as many different colors as he desired, the first thing that sprung into our minds was a painting by Piet Mondrian.


It is identified by the colors yellow, blue, and red respectively.


Our team planned to pay homage to the classics.


However, contemporary technology could not convert G10 into such a blended hue since the cost would be too expensive.


Viper-inspired handle

Since the name of the knife is Viper, we consider it to be a kind of snake. And since designers consider the handle to represent the skin, specialists made the handle brown and the blade black.


If the tangerine version proves to be a best-seller, designers have decided to produce a premium version of this design in the future.


The entire length is 215.5mm, which is about the maximum length for an EDC knife. The length of the handle is 127mm.


Blade finish


Designers utilized DLC for the first time ever for this blade finish.

DLC finishes are created in the same way as synthetic diamonds are – by blasting carbon particles onto the steel’s surface – and provide a far stronger and more durable protective layer than titanium coating.


Diamond is one of the hardest substances on the planet.


This comes the closest to a diamond coating, or more accurately, a diamond-like coating, as used in military grade.



Asking for Eric’s feedback


Specialists asked Eric what kind of finish he prefers.

At that time, designers opted to employ DLC (diamond-like coating), which is more difficult than black titanium coating, since we wanted a coating that was superior to titanium.

We know it must create a racket since it’s so rare in today’s market.




Our team is used to putting more thought into every aspect of the creative and productive process because we forget that simplicity is ideal while we’re working. This discipline was required to keep in mind.


3D render approval


The 3D rendering was completed without any problems, and Eric gave his approval. Orange-colored grip, with a titanium coating in the blade and a pocket clip that is black.


A design with the perfect pivot and waving lines.


You can easily see how we were able to transform a so-called fixed knife design into a standard everyday carry (EDC) folding knife by looking at the entire thickness of the blade, which is just 12mm.


Eric has said that once the prototypes are finished, he needs one right away so that he may get a sneak peek. He will share his teaser and conversation with the knife communities he is a part of. He is keeping his fingers crossed that his royalty model would be successful.


So if you are looking for an affordable and premium quality knife Shieldon offers you the Blacksmith Viper EG01A knife that is sure to offer you the perfect balance of durability, elegance, and usability.


Whether you are a seasoned outdoor adventurer or simply enjoy camping and hiking, this knife is sure to meet all your EDC needs. So what are you waiting for?


Contact Shieldon today to know more!



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