OEM Product 13 In 1 Multi Plier YX-9232A

Item NO.: YX-9232A

Item segment: Multi-pliers

Main body material: 2Cr13

Handle material: Anodized aluminum

Closed length: 105mm/4.13”

Opened length: 160mm/6.3”

Total thickness: 22.4mm/0.88”

Blade length: 70mm/2.76”

Weight: 239g/8.43 oz

Handle color: black + red

Main body finish: Polishing

Handle finish: Anodized aluminum

Locking blade: Yes

Sheath: Nylon

ODM Regular MOQ: 2000

Functions: 13 in 1
– Needle nose pliers
– Regular pliers
– Wire cutter
– Knife cutter
– Nail File
– Phillips screwdriver
– Bottle opener
– Small flat screwdriver
– Phillips screwdriver
– Seat belt cutter
– Scissors
– Flintstone
– Whistle

Ideal for home use! “Scissors main type with scissors” that can also be used as a nail clipper

Some multi-tools are main scissors without a knife. The scissors main multi-tool does not have a knife, so you can always carry it with you. Scissors are suitable for various cutting functions and will come in handy in every scene such as camping and every day.


In addition, the scissor’s main multi-tool also has a function that can be used as a nail clipper. In many cases, other useful functions such as tweezers and nail files are also included, so I would like to choose the one that suits my purpose.


Convenient as a tool “with Phillips / flat-blade screwdriver”

This is mainly for multi-tools of pliers tools, but those with tools such as screwdrivers are also convenient for daily use. It is also useful for camping tents and equipment repairs, so it is a function that often comes into play in case of an emergency.


The types of screwdrivers vary depending on the product, and some of them are equipped with a full range of screwdrivers that are as good as tool sets. If you expect to use the tool on the go, it is a good idea to choose a product with a full range of screwdriver functions.


For disaster prevention, it is convenient to have a “can opener”

As an emergency food for disaster prevention, “canned food that can be preserved” is easy to prepare on a daily basis. Some cans can be opened by hand, such as corn cans, but many can openers such as canned fruits and vegetables. Let’s check if the multi-tool has a can opener function.


“Bottle opener” function that has many opportunities to play an active role unexpectedly

Recently, the number of beverages in bottles has decreased, so the “bottle opener” function that seems unnecessary. However, it is a function that has many opportunities to play an active role unexpectedly, such as when drinking a bottle of alcoholic beverage in a camping scene with a large number of people. When you have a problem with bottled beverages, it will be smart and cool if you can quickly take out the multi-tool and use it.


Note that some multi-tools are similar to bottle openers and can openers. If you use another tool instead of the bottle opener, you may be injured, so be sure to check for the bottle opener function and use it correctly.


Choose by manufacturer / brand

Multi-tools are sold by various manufacturers and brands, but here are some of the most popular brands.


“Leatherman” with a wide variety of charms

Born in the United States in 1983, Leatherman is a brand of multi-tools for outdoor activities and survival. The feature of Leatherman’s multi-tool is that it is based on a tool-type tool that is so rich that it has the nickname of “palm-sized tool box”, and its compact foldable body is attractive.


A collection of tools that are easy to grip and handle, and can be expected to be used in various scenes. In addition, we are particular about quality, and high durability is also popular. Therefore, it seems to be favored by rescue teams, rescue teams, and the military all over the world.


The cool shape with excellent design and full functionality is attracting fans from all over the world.


Fashionable design is also popular “Victorinox”

Victoria Knox is a Swiss knife maker. We sell a large number of items based on the “original multi-tool” that we obtained through our own development. The users are diverse, including mountaineers, sommeliers, sailors, and military personnel. We are developing convenient products for people of various occupations.


We narrow down the target for each product and specialize only in the necessary tools. Therefore, you can choose the item according to the purpose you need. Its quality is so high that it is used by the Army in Switzerland. NASA is also known as a tool for astronauts to bring into space.


“Nakabayashi Seisakusho” is recommended for products made in Japan with consideration for safety.

Multi-tools are a genre that is in high demand from overseas brands, but some of them are made in Japan. If you are looking for a multi-tool made in Japan, we recommend the products of Nakabayashi Seisakusho, which manufactures various tools.


“Power tool type multi-tool” is popular for Makita and Bosch

This time we are introducing multi-tools for outdoor activities and survival, but there are also electric multi-tools. Brands such as Makita and Bosch are popular for electric multi-tools, and many spare blades and abrasives are sold as well as the main body.




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