OEM Folding Pocket Knife 3Cr13 Blade Anodized aluminum Handle XW-1020

Item NO.: XW-1020

Item segment: Folding knives

Blade material: 3Cr13

Handle material: Anodized aluminum

Blade HRC: 50-52

Blade thickness: 2mm/0.079”

Blade length: 82mm/3.23”

Handle thickness: 25mm/0.984”

Total length: 193mm/7.6”

Weight: 147g/5.19 oz

Handle color: Camo

Pocket clip: Tip-up

Lock mechanism: Liner lock

Open way: Thumb stud

Blade grind: Flat

ODM Regular MOQ: 1200




Item NO.: XW-1020

Item segment: Folding knives

Blade material: 3Cr13

Handle material: Anodized aluminum

Blade HRC: 50-52

Blade thickness: 2mm/0.079”

Blade length: 82mm/3.23”

Handle thickness: 25mm/0.984”

Total length: 193mm/7.6”

Weight: 147g/5.19 oz

Handle color: Camo

Pocket clip: Tip-up

Lock mechanism: Liner lock

Open way: Thumb stud

Blade grind: Flat

ODM Regular MOQ: 1200



3Cr13: It is martensitic stainless steel with good machining performance. After heat treatment (quenching and tempering), it has excellent corrosion resistance, polishing performance, high strength and wear resistance, and is suitable for manufacturing to withstand high loads, high wear resistance and Plastic molds under the action of corrosive media. After quenching and tempering, the 3Cr13 material with a hardness below HRC30 has better workability and is easy to achieve better surface quality.

Aluminum: A low-density metal, aluminum adds a layer of durability to the knife while giving a comfortable grip that makes long-term use hassle-free.

– Superior tensile strength

– Anti-magnetic

– Can be anodized for color variation


If you are looking for an EDC knife that can be wholesaled for less than $10, this model is recommended. The blade length is about 5.1 cm and the material is stainless steel. Blackstone washes finish for a matte finish.

It has a distinctive design and is popular because it is cheap but easy to make. Since it is customed flat as a whole, it fits comfortably in your pocket. It also comes with a clip so you can hang it in your pocket.

XW-1020 is a cheap model that can be wholesaled for about $10, and the point is that the blade length is about 32 mm and the total weight is about 15g, which is very lightweight.

Aluminum is extremely lightweight and is characterized by its toughness. In addition, this EDC knife is equipped with a handle that can be firmly grasped despite its small size.

A knife that is the same size as or smaller than your finger and fits in your hand. There is a hole in the back of the handle, and you can attach the key by using a ring.

In addition, a clip is mounted on the back. Small EDC knives are easy to lose, but you can prevent them by hooking them in your pocket.

It can also be used as a pocket clip, so please use it to prevent loss. XW-1020 is a popular multi-tool, and is used by beginners and professionals alike. Please take this opportunity to purchase it.


What is an EDC knife?

There are many different types of EDC knives. The more you stick to the structure and material of the “blade” that most affects the sharpness, the material and shape of the “grip”, the deeper you are, and the appeal that makes you want to own many types of EDC knives. , There are in each.

Although it is such an attractive EDC knife, strictly speaking, there is no such thing as “this is an EDC knife!”, And it is not a mistake to say that a knife used outdoors instead of at home is an EDC knife.

Is the kitchen knife also an EDC knife?

In the first place, EDC knives are often used as kitchen knives when cooking, but nowadays, there are even factories that have a lineup of EDC kitchen knives as products, so even home knives can be taken outdoors as “outdoors”. You may call it a “knife”. Kitchen knives = kitchen knives.

Types of EDC knives that are active in camping

There are three main types of knives for EDC activities. 1, Sheath knife 2, Folding knife 3, Tool knife (multi-knife) Looking at the characteristics of each, it looks like this.

Sheath knife

A sheath knife is a knife with a structure that does not have a folding function in the knife body, and is a type of EDC knife that stores the blade part in a sheath when not in use. A typical shape that is structurally very robust and easy to understand is the so-called “survival knife”.

Since it is not necessary to fold and store it in the grip part, the sheath knife type EDC knife is very effective in situations where a certain length of blade length is required. However, as will be described later, many sheath knives have a long blade length due to their nature and structure, which may conflict with the gun sword law, so care must be taken when handling them.

Challenge the longing “feather stick” with a sheath knife

Use this sheath knife to custom something called a “feather stick” to prepare the firewood for a bonfire. You can custom feather sticks with EDC knives other than sheath knives, but it is convenient and recommended because you can make it safely and with a light force.

Sheath knife for chopping wood in the camp

In addition, if you have a sheath knife, you can break firewood by a method called “battoning”. It is possible to reduce the weight of the equipment without having to bring a machete or an ax. The sheath knife lacks compactness because it is not foldable and has the image of being bulky, but once you get used to it, there are endless uses, so it is convenient to cover everything from cooking to processing firewood with this one.

Folding knife

Folding knives are knives that are convenient to carry and have the ability to fold the knife body. Originally, all knives that can store blades in the grip part, such as butterfly knives and switchblades, are called folding knives, but foldable EDC knives are usually called folding knives.

Folding knife with many choices depending on the usage

Due to its structure, many of them are smaller than sheath knives, and it is easy to choose because there are many choices from beginners to EDC knives to those that are particular about materials and for professionals. A full-fledged blade that is particular about the material, and compactness is the biggest attraction of folding knives.

This folding knife also violates the gun sword law depending on the blade length, so be careful.

Folding knives are also convenient for EDC cooking

Since the blade is stored in a scabbard (grip), many blades have a slim thickness, making it convenient to use for cooking as if it were a kitchen knife. If the material is stainless steel, it is recommended because you do not have to be nervous about rust.

Tool knife

Tool knives are EDC knives called multi-knives, multi-tools, and multi knives. There are very famous brands such as Victorinox and Leatherman, so it’s probably the most familiar EDC knife.

The shape is a foldable shape like a folding knife, and it is smaller than a folding knife. It’s fashionable and makes you want to collect a lot.

It has all the useful functions for camping

In addition to the knife blade, it has multiple functions such as a slotted screwdriver, a bottle opener, and a can opener.

In addition, “disgorger” and “corkscrew” are included for fishing, “pitch mark” and “divot repair tool” are included for golf, and “corkscrew”. The appeal of tool knives is that they have many useful functions such as “scissors”, “pliers”, “nail files”, and all-purpose types such as “Tsumayoji”.

Have two for a comfortable camp

Although it is a tool knife that is robust as an EDC knife, there are some parts that are not as good as the sheath knife and folding knife depending on how it is used.

It is a good idea to use a sheath knife or folding knife as the main knife and as an auxiliary for the second and subsequent knives. It’s cool and amazing to cover everything with a single knife, but in reality, it’s definitely recommended to have multiple knives that are convenient and comfortable.

Let’s narrow down the usage in the camp

Victorinox, a multi-tool male, has a tool knife with up to 81 different functions. However, many features are a bit overkill for us, or even never used. For example, if you don’t drink wine, you don’t need the function of a cork opener. If you don’t cut firewood, you can use a saw.

I also want a function, but please hold back and narrow down the usage. Also, many tool knives have a short blade length and do not violate the Firearm and Sword Law, but the knife itself is still dangerous and may violate the Minor Crimes Act, so this is also the case. You need to be very careful.



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