OEM carabiner hard climbing tool custom handle different color JLD-20800

Item NO.: JLD-20800

Item segment: Carabiner

Main body material: 2CR13

Handle material: Aluminum

Closed length (mm): 115

Opened length (mm): 185

Total thickness (mm): 14

Blade length (mm): 80

Weight (g): 102

Closed length (in): 4.53”

Opened length (in): 7.28”

Total thickness (in): 0.55”

Blade length (in): 3.15”

Weight (oz): 3.6 oz

Handle color: Blue

Main body finish: Blacken

Locking blade: Liner lock

Regular MOQ: 2000

Functions: 6 in 1

Function description 1: Knife

Function description 2: Phillips Screwdriver

Function description 3: LED Light

Function description 4: Key hole

Function description 5: Button

Function description 6: Awl


Item NO.: JLD-20800

Item segment: Carabiner

Main body material: 2CR13

Handle material: Aluminum

Closed length (mm): 115

Opened length (mm): 185

Total thickness (mm): 14

Blade length (mm): 80

Weight (g): 102

Closed length (in): 4.53”

Opened length (in): 7.28”

Total thickness (in): 0.55”

Blade length (in): 3.15”

Weight (oz): 3.6 oz

Handle color: Blue

Main body finish: Blacken

Locking blade: Liner lock

Regular MOQ: 2000

Functions: 6 in 1

Function description 1: Knife

Function description 2: Phillips Screwdriver

Function description 3: LED Light

Function description 4: Key hole

Function description 5: Button

Function description 6: Awl



2Cr13 is a martensitic stainless steel with magnetismundefined good hardness and preheating for welding. Austenitic stainless steel electrodes for welding and Q235 do not need preheatingundefined such as A302 A307 will do.

Aluminum:A low-density metalundefined aluminum adds a layer of durability to the knife while giving a comfortable grip that makes long-term use hassle-free.

– Superior tensile strength

– Anti-magnetic

– Can be anodized for color variation


JLD-20800 is a Q-shaped simple design carabiner. The lean form allows you to incorporate the items you want to wear into your fashion.

The Q-shaped design is easy to put on and take offundefined and is perfect for those who want to carry a lot of items. You can attach it to your belt loop as a fashion itemundefined or you can attach it to your backpack. Spectrum color is recommended for those who want an accent.

“There are many sizesundefined and there are various ways to use itundefined such as fixing the camera pouch or camera bag to the shoulder belt of the backpackundefined or attaching it to the back belt or metal fittings to hang small items. convenience. Rainbow color is good.”

A set of 3 carabiners made of high-strength and highly durable aluminum alloy. With a safety ringundefined it is especially safe for long-term use or when attaching important items.

It’s a 100kg load-bearing model that’s convenient for tents and backpacksundefined so it’s highly safe if you use it in your daily life. The pop and bright colors are attractiveundefined so it is also recommended for fashion accents and children’s use.

JLD-20800 carabiner is a type with a safety ring that is safe for storing keys and important things. By locking the safety ring firmlyundefined you can prevent it from falling during use.

A key ring is also includedundefined so it’s perfect for those who want to keep small items together. There are many color variations and metallic colors are availableundefined so it is especially recommended for those who like casual style.

“I use it to put together the keys. I thought that the lock mechanism was unnecessaryundefined but it’s fine if you get used to it because you can prevent it from coming off accidentally when you attach it to jeans. It can be released by turning the lock with one hand and is easy to handle.”



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