Shan Hassan

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While you may not recognize his name, if you’re involved in the domain of EDC, you’re probably familiar with his company. Tepe Designs is without a doubt one of the top knife-making firms of all time, owing in large part to the talents of its show-runner and creator, Shan Hassan.


Shan Hassan’s knife portfolio is impressively diverse, thanks to working with companies like Shieldon, Two Sun Knives, and his own Tepe Design. This craftsman’s remarkable assortment is a culmination and synergy of his many years of committed knife design, with a peppering of EDC pocket knives within a variety of folders.


Fascinated by knives from a young age, Shan Hassan’s passion for knives grew from the very fast pocket knife that was gifted to him by his grandfather. In 2016,  he started as a backpack designer, motivated to improve efficiency during transit.


It didn’t take him long before he fell back to his love which still is designing pocket knives. In 2018, he partnered with Shieldon to spearhead the designing and crafting of a vast range of knife designs under their catalog.


Shan Hassan, a knife manufacturer based in California, has made innovations like the Kilij pocket knife and the hornet pocket knife, as well as a variety of knife design patents, it’s no surprise he’s so well-known in the business.


His high-quality folding knife features characteristics that are often found on much more costly blades, such as bespoke knives; they are works of art in action. It is this unwavering commitment to design and quality that makes Shan Hassan’s knives so special.

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