Couteau de chasse CPM-20CV : conception multidirectionnelle extérieure avec gaine K !

Délai de mise en œuvre

The project took a total of 5 months from design to shipping. While the idea for the knife came from the customer, Shieldon contributed the concept of the K-sheath.

In this project, we developed a K-sheath with a tek-lok belt clip that allows users to carry it in various orientations according to their preferences. Get the best quality knife and K-sheath combination for your needs!


Comment le projet est venu

When looking for an outdoor knife OEM processing factory, brand owners must find a reliable one. They often visit the factories in person to evaluate the production environment, capacity, scale, and the manufacturer’s attitude.

Choosing a manufacturer based solely on low cost can lead to more losses than benefits. At Shieldon, we believe in sharing real customer experiences to help you find the right OEM processing partner for cutting tools.

We cannot reveal the customer’s actual name, so for now, let’s call them Mr. A.

Mr. A’s brand started operating in the summer of 2020. When their contract with the previous manufacturer ended, they wanted to switch to a better factory. One of our long-time customers recommended a manufacturer known for reasonable pricing and quality. That’s when we reached out to Mr. A, and our story began.


Reasons why customers chose us

We supplied structural images

When customers reach out to inquire about starting a project, they often wonder about the next steps. At Shieldon, we offer complimentary structural and rendering images to our customers after they sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA).

These images provide specific data and color for confirmation, although it’s important to note that the rendering images may differ slightly from the physical color.

Our goal is to ensure clarity for both parties involved. If the customer is satisfied with the images, we will provide a quote before proceeding with the project. Contact us today to get started!

We supplied K-sheath design and making

We offer a wide range of accessories that are designed to complement the products our customers order. These accessories include sheaths, pocket clips, packaging boxes, instruction papers, knife hanks, zipper cases, knife cloths, and more.

Our comprehensive list of supporting services ensures that we address all of our customers’ needs. At our manufacturing facility, we prioritize customer satisfaction and strive to provide a seamless, one-stop solution.

In this project, we helped the customer create a K-sheath featuring a tek-lok clip. The tek-lok clip is versatile, offering various carrying options that bring convenience and flexibility to the table.

Our K-sheaths are available in a wide range of colors, with black being the most popular choice. Crafted from durable Kedyx material, our K-sheaths are the ideal match for outdoor hunting knives.

We take great care and time to ensure the durability and quality of our products. Experience the best in outdoor gear with our K-sheaths!

We supplied logo engravement

To maintain product confidentiality, we have applied a mosaic effect on the OEM brand logo. Please note that we do not advertise products in this context.

As part of our production process, we offer a free logo engraving service with two laser options: correction focus and deviation focus. Each option provides a different laser performance.

Describing these differences accurately through words alone is challenging. If you’re interested in learning more about our production technology, please contact Shieldon and leave a message with your ideas.

At Shieldon, we have over 20 years of experience in the knife and tool manufacturing industry.

Our expertise in making knives involves a wide range of techniques, skills, and the use of advanced machinery across 24 meticulous steps. If you’re not familiar with the entire knife-making process, you can trust Shieldon to handle the hard work for you.

We have successfully assisted more than 100 brands in their knife-making efforts. Choose Shieldon for exceptional quality and expertise in knife manufacturing.


Histoire du processus de fabrication

1) Our journey began with a .STEP file from Mr. A. Typically, we start by creating structural and rendering images at no cost before generating a quote. This process allows us to provide an accurate price estimate. If all is agreed upon, we proceed to the next step.

2) In the subsequent phase, we embarked on creating visually captivating rendering images of the product. Mr. A expressed his desire for a handle that incorporated a distinctive fusion of three vibrant G10 colors – red, black, and white.

Despite the complex challenge that this posed, our ingenious engineers skillfully devised a solution. Once we shared these initial images with Mr. A, we received his validation, confirming the efficacy of our approach.

3) The full tang blade design with three-color scales on both sides was the highlight of our next rendering images for Mr. A.

We also included a square concave and a prybar at the end of the pommel for QR code placement and other functions. Initially, Mr. A wanted to see a stonewash finish, which we rendered for his review. He liked it but wanted to explore more options.

4) We then prepared to render images of the same model but with a black titanium coating finish for Mr. A’s comparison.

In the end, he preferred the black titanium coating. We always ensure that our customers are 100% satisfied with all details before starting the machining process, as changes are not possible once machining begins.

5) Mr. A expressed his wish for the K-sheath to be encircled by a leather belt, which we thought was an excellent differentiation strategy. We created rendering images to show this design, which Mr. A approved.

However, the high production cost and minimum order quantity (MOQ) requirements made it unfeasible.

We often encounter scenarios where trade-offs are necessary due to price, minimum amount, or time constraints. After explaining the situation to Mr. A, he understood and we moved forward with the project.

6) Mr. A had a specific design in mind for the K-sheath. After considering the cost and minimum amount, he decided on a design that met his requirements.

The sheath is made from KYDEX® Thermoplastics, a material known for its strength, rigidity, impact resistance, and chemical resistance. This material also has better flammability characteristics than other plastics.

The sheath is important because it protects the knife blade, keeps it sharp, and ensures safety.

7) The prototype for Mr. A’s hunting knife was produced within 20 days as it wasn’t too complex. The prototypes were shipped to Mr. A and received his appreciation for our quick turnaround. The samples were tested and compared positively with mid-to-high-end products in the local market.

Despite the tight timeline of 50 days before Mr. A’s pre-sale period, we decided to work around the clock to deliver the bulk goods.

8) We took extra care in detail, even in aspects where Mr. A had no specific requirements. For instance, he wasn’t particular about how the G10 scales were attached to the handle, but we used two T8 screws on both sides to ensure a solid, good-looking fit.

This attention to detail reassured Mr. A of our commitment to quality, even on his first collaboration with us.

9) The production process of the full tang blade is quite straightforward. Two blade pieces are fixed in a CNC machine using clamp molds. After inputting the program data, the machining begins.

The machine runs automatically, taking about 20 minutes to mill two blades. This means we can produce 48 pieces in a standard 8-hour workday.

10) Catching up with Mr. A’s tight timeline meant going beyond our standard work hours. We increased production by working overtime for a month, ensuring we could deliver all the blades promptly.

This was our first collaboration with Mr. A, who had previously experienced delays with another supplier, so we aimed to make up for lost time. The photo showcases the precision of the CNC machining process, creating the skeletonized hole and fuller on the raw blade.

11) For those interested in the technical aspects, the attached video demonstrates how we use CNC machinery to create our blades. By inputting specific data (X, Y, Z axes), the machine can carve a piece of metal into a blade.

12) After the initial machining, we used a process called bead blasting with pearl sand. This step is crucial as it covers any traces left by the CNC machine. If skipped, these traces would be visible on the final, black titanium-coated surface.

13) The image below shows a blade after the black titanium coating process. This coating not only provides a sleek look but also increases the blade’s durability and resistance to wear.

Titanium is a safe material that maintains a high-gloss finish for up to 10 years. It’s worth noting that the coating will naturally wear off at the edges with sharpening.

14) The following picture displays the K-sheath we created for Mr. A’s hunting knife. We added a multifunctional feature—a rotatable tek-lok clip—which allows the knife to be oriented differently based on user preference.

Mr. A was delighted with this additional detail, reinforcing our commitment to providing the best service. We decided on KYDEX® Thermoplastics for the sheath due to its strength, rigidity, and superior flammability characteristics compared to other materials such as ABS and HIPS.

15) As we received Mr. A’s OEM order, the Shieldon team eagerly geared up for the production sprint. Our dedicated team members increased their work pace, ensuring that we could deliver on time and meet our quality commitments.

The trust placed in us by our clients like Mr. A, underpins our drive for punctuality and quality. Mr. A’s positive feedback and his intent to recommend Shieldon to colleagues further confirmed our reputation for excellence in the knife and tool market. We value and protect this trust bestowed upon us.

16) In addition to the hunting knife, we included extra components that were neatly organized in separate bags for easy identification. Following Mr. A’s preference, the knives were carefully packaged in plain white boxes.

Our successful collaboration with Mr. A was another testament to Shieldon’s commitment to quality and punctuality. Hoping for a quick sell-out, we eagerly await a reorder from Mr. A. Note that all OEM data is securely stored and will not be publicly disclosed.


Expédition et résumé

1) It’s important to understand that there can be slight differences between the prototype and the final product due to the complexities involved in the prototyping process.

We ensure to communicate these nuances to all our customers, including Mr. A, who appreciated our transparency. Prototyping involves testing and trial methods to determine the best way to manufacture the final product.

2) Upon completion of the product, Mr. A expressed his gratitude towards Shieldon Knives. For inquiries about OEM/custom projects, feel free to reach out to us. To stay updated and for more fun content related to Couteaux Shieldon EDC and tools, feel free to explore the following platforms:


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