The Texas Gravity Knife Guide: Legality and Risk

In Texas, knives are important tools for many tasks, whether it’s self-defense, outdoor activities, or daily chores. But the laws about carrying certain knives, like gravity knives, can be confusing. This post will help answer if you can carry a gravity knife in Texas. Gravity knives, often called switchblades, are special. Unlike regular folding knives, […]

The Machete Manual: Tips for Use, Safety, and Maintenance

The machete is a versatile tool, widely used for clearing brush, chopping wood, and even for farming tasks. This manual is designed to give you practical tips and advice on how to use a machete effectively and safely. Whether you are a seasoned tool user or a beginner, understanding how to handle, maintain, and store […]

The Diver’s Invisible Companion: The Multi-Role of Dive Knives

Divers carry knives for a multitude of reasons – to cut away tangled lines, free trapped equipment, defend against dangerous marine life, or even as an emergency signaling device. This indispensable tool tucked neatly into a leg strap or BCD pocket serves divers in expected and unexpected ways, making it a true invisible companion on […]

The 154CM Steel Guide: Crafting Excellence in Pocket Knives

Introduction 154CM steel has gained immense popularity among pocket knife enthusiasts for its excellent edge retention, corrosion resistance, and ease of sharpening. This high carbon stainless steel is commonly found in high-end EDC (everyday carry) and tactical folders from top brands. In this guide, we’ll explore what makes 154CM such a versatile and durable knife […]

Isang Gabay sa Florida Knife Laws: Pagdadala ng Tuwid at Natitiklop na Kutsilyo

Understanding the laws about carrying knives in Florida is important to ensure you stay within the law. These laws can differ for fixed knives and folding knives, so knowing what is allowed can help you avoid legal problems. Florida’s knife laws are more lenient than most states, but if you want to own, buy, sell, or […]

N690 Bohler Steel: Ang Praktikal na Pagpipilian para sa Iyong mga Kutsilyo

N690 Bohler steel is a high-quality material that has become a favorite in the knife-making world. Known for its excellent edge retention, corrosion resistance, and overall durability, this steel is used by craftspeople and manufacturers alike to create superior knives. Whether you are crafting a fixed blade or a folding knife, N690 Bohler steel offers […]

Paggalugad ng D2 Steel Knives: Mula sa Materyal hanggang sa Pagganap

D2 steel is a popular material used in making both fixed and folding knives. Known for its durability and toughness, D2 steel offers excellent performance for various cutting tasks. The purpose of this article is to provide a comprehensive analysis of D2 steel knives, exploring the material’s properties, benefits, and how they affect the knife’s […]

3Cr13 Steel: Yay or Nay?

3Cr13 steel is a type of stainless steel commonly used to produce folding knives. Known for its good balance between hardness and corrosion resistance, this steel is often chosen for budget-friendly knives. However, while it is affordable and easy to sharpen, some knife enthusiasts question its durability and edge retention compared to higher-end steels. This brings […]