In-Depth Application and Tutorial: How to Use Pikal Wisely?

“Pikal” is a term derived from the Visayan dialect in the Philippines, and it literally means “to rip.” It is a combat technique involving the use of a knife, which is prominently featured in indigenous Philippine martial arts like Pekiti-Tersia and the Sayoc family system, among others. When using Pikal, the knife is held in […]

Gravity Knives: Essential Insights for Business Application

In today’s rapid commercial and industrial scenes, being efficient and precise isn’t just nice to have—it’s a must. For example, a gravity knife is a tool that’s shaking things up with its aesthetic design and functionality, proving its worth in all sorts of business settings. A gravity knife has a blade hidden inside the handle, […]

Mastering the Art of Everyday Carry: A Beginner’s Guide

The Everyday Carry (EDC) concept focuses on having a set of essential items with you at all times, so you’re ready for daily tasks and unexpected situations. It’s key for anyone wanting to be independent and prepared for everything from daily commutes to outdoor adventures. An EDC kit ensures you’re always equipped for whatever you […]

Leatherman vs Gerber: Deciding the Right Multi-Tool for Your Needs

Multi-tools are handy gadgets that combine various tools in one, making them essential for anyone who likes to be prepared at home, outdoors, or in surprise scenarios. Their popularity has surged among outdoor lovers, DIY enthusiasts, and even emergency kits because they offer many functions quickly. Leatherman and Gerber are leading brands known for their […]

Budget-Friendly Sharpness: The Best Hard Use Pocket Knives Under $50 and $100

Pocket knives are versatile tools that serve numerous purposes in everyday life, outdoor adventures, and in times of emergency. Essentially, they are compact, foldable knives that can be easily carried in one’s pocket, making them an indispensable part of daily carry for many individuals. The selection of a hard-use pocket knife requires a careful balance […]

Washington Knife Law – Der vollständige Leitfaden

Um sich im Washingtoner Messerrecht zurechtzufinden, ist ein klares Verständnis darüber erforderlich, was innerhalb der Staatsgrenzen legal mitzuführen, zu besitzen und zu verwenden ist. Nach dem Gesetz von Washington ist der Besitz der meisten Messertypen legal, darunter Klappmesser, Taschenmesser und andere Gebrauchsklingen; Allerdings sind Federklingenmesser, auch Springmesser genannt, verboten. Übersicht über Messer […]

S90V VS M390 Stahlmesser: Welches ist das schärfste?

In the world of knife enthusiasts and professionals, two names stand out: S90V and M390. These high-performance super steels have captured the attention of bladesmiths, outdoorsmen, and chefs worldwide. Beyond the allure of a razor-sharp edge, which of these blades truly excels? Let’s delve into the details of S90V and M390 steel, comparing their intricate […]

S35VN vs. M390 Stahl | Welches ist besser

When it comes to discussing superior blade steels, two main contenders have caught the eye of knife enthusiasts and the Everyday Carry (EDC) community: S35VN and M390. S35VN is used in high-end knives and is known for its impressive toughness, wear resistance, and corrosion resistance. It was developed as an improvement to the popular S30V […]

Formen der Taschenmesserklinge: Der ultimative Leitfaden für Messerliebhaber

A pocket knife isn’t just a tool; it’s a smart design you can carry around. Even though it’s small, the blade shape plays a big role, in influencing how you use it and how well it performs. In this guide, we’ll check out different blade shapes in pocket knives, digging into what makes each one […]

Leitfaden für Messerstähle: Eine kurze Liste der Stähle und was sie sind

Da Klappmesser in unserem täglichen Leben immer häufiger vorkommen, ist das Verständnis von Messerstählen von entscheidender Bedeutung. Die Art des Stahls in einer Klinge kann deren Leistung stark beeinflussen. Sowohl Liebhaber als auch Profis müssen über die verschiedenen in Messern verwendeten Stahlarten und deren Verwendung Bescheid wissen. Kennen Sie Ihre Stahlklingen spielen eine entscheidende Rolle bei […]