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The open way mechanism is a clever innovation designed for pocket knives and multi-tools, making them easy to use and highly practical. This mechanism allows for swift and smooth deployment of the blade or tool with a simple, single-handed action. It ensures quick access when needed, turning your pocket knife into a reliable and efficient companion for various tasks. The open way mechanism enhances the overall usability of the tool, providing convenience and ease in everyday situations. At Shieldon, we prioritize functionality and simplicity in our pocket knives and multi-tools, incorporating the open way mechanism to ensure a seamless user experience. Discover the effortless utility of Shieldon products, where innovation meets practicality.

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Open Way

When you look into the science behind the open way mechanism, you can see that it is brilliantly simple. This device can be used with one hand, making it easier to quickly and easily release blades or tools in multi-tools and pocket knives. It is based on the idea of usefulness, which means that it allows quick entry with little work. The open way mechanism is an example of engineering that makes things easy for people to use. It makes everyday tasks easier while still getting the job done. Its form strikes a perfect balance between being simple and being useful, showing how careful engineering can make pocket knives and multi-tools much easier to use. The open way mechanism is popular because it is easy to use and works well. This makes it a good choice for people who like tools that are easy to use every day.


OEM your knives and multi-tools even handier with Shieldon’s top-notch open way mechanism. It ensures your tools open smoothly and quickly, making everyday tasks a breeze. Here’s why Shieldon is the right choice for practicality.

Shieldon Offers Quality Open Way Mechanism Option for your Knives and Multi-Tools

Material Options:

Pick strong and durable materials for your tools, ensuring they last.


Choose how your tools look with Shieldon's customization options.

Smart Design:

Benefit from Shieldon's clever design that makes using your tools easy and dependable.

Careful Craftsmanship:

Our tools are made with care and attention to detail, showing Shieldon's commitment to giving you the best.

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Asahan ang aming mayamang karanasan sa paggawa ng mga pocket knives para sa mga negosyong tulad ng sa iyo.

Open Way

What are the Main Advantages of Open Way Mechanism?

The main advantages of the open way mechanism are its quick and easy one-handed operation, allowing swift access to the blade or tool. This feature enhances the usability of pocket knives and multi-tools, making them convenient for various tasks. The straightforward design ensures efficiency, offering users a simple yet effective way to deploy their tools whenever needed, making everyday tasks more accessible and efficient.

How Purchaser Choose Open Way Mechanism for their Knives and Multi-Tools business?

Purchasers carefully consider the open way mechanism for their knives and multi-tools, focusing on key factors:

Efficiency: The open way mechanism’s quick, one-handed operation ensures efficient use in various business tasks.

Durability: Purchasers prioritize durability, selecting materials for knives and multi-tools that withstand rigorous daily use.

Customization Options: The ability to customize the open way mechanism allows OEM owners to align tools with brand aesthetics and operational needs.

Shieldon - Professional Supplier of Open Way Mechanism Option

Shieldon is a trusted supplier to making open way mechanisms, offering a professional touch to your knives and multi-tools. Known for quality and innovation, Shieldon ensures that your tools have a seamless and efficient deployment system. With a commitment to reliability and precision, Shieldon stands as a go-to choice for those seeking a professional-grade open way mechanism for enhanced usability and convenience in their knives and multi-tools.

I-customize ang Iyong Knife Gamit ang Isang Sanay na Knife Maker.


Kumokonekta sa Amin

Handa kaming tumulong sa anumang yugto ng iyong OEM knife project. Ipadala sa amin ang iyong katanungan at ang iyong badyet at babalikan ka namin sa loob 24 na oras.

Kumokonekta sa Amin

Handa kaming tumulong sa anumang yugto ng iyong OEM knife project. Ipadala sa amin ang iyong katanungan at ang iyong badyet at babalikan ka namin sa loob 24 na oras.