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Professionals and knife admirers alike will find the bead blasted blade finish both appealing and useful. To get this finish, fine gritty beads are pushed against the blade’s surface carefully. This makes the surface matte and not shiny. Bead blasting has a number of important benefits. It lowers glare, lowers the risk of rust, and gives the blade a feel quality. This finish is used on a lot of different kinds of knives, from military and outdoor knives to regular carry knives. We at Shieldon know that bead blasted blade finishes look good and are useful. Because we are skilled and dedicated to OEM/ODM/OBM quality, we make sure that your knives not only look great but also work perfectly in a wide range of situations. This gives them a unique look and usefulness.

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Bead Blasted

Bead blasting serves as an effective means to reduce glare and reflections on the blade, enhancing visibility and reducing distractions during use, especially in outdoor or tactical scenarios. Additionally, the texture created by bead blasting adds a tactile dimension to the blade, improving grip and handling.


From a scientific standpoint, bead blasting also plays a role in enhancing the blade’s corrosion resistance. By creating a textured surface, it reduces the contact area with moisture and environmental elements, thus minimizing the risk of rust and corrosion.


Overall, the bead blasted blade finish is a testament to how a meticulous combination of materials and technique can yield a finish that not only looks unique but also offers tangible functional benefits, making it a favored choice among knife enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Shieldon Can Provide Quality Bead Blasted Blade Finish Option for Your Knives


We understand that every knife has unique requirements. Shieldon allows you to customize the bead blasted finish to align perfectly with your brand identity or personal style.

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Our seasoned professionals provide expert guidance to help you make well-informed decisions, ensuring that the chosen finish meets you

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With Shieldon, you can trust in our unwavering commitment to quality. We uphold stringent quality control standards throughout the bead blasting process, guaranteeing that your knives not only look exceptional but also perform optimally.


Striking a balance between quality and affordability is essential, and Shieldon ensures that our bead blasted finishes not only meet aesthetic and functional requirements but also fit within budget constraints.

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How Bead Blasted Looks Like

Advantages of Bead Blasted Blade Finish

The benefits of a bead-blasted blade finish are both striking and useful. The finish on this knife not only gives it a unique look, but it also makes it better for using. First, it cuts down on shine and shadows on the blade, making it easier to see in different lighting conditions. This is especially helpful for military and outdoor knives. Second, bead blasting gives the blade a matte, non-reflective feel that makes it more interesting to hold and use. The rough surface also helps prevent rust by reducing the area that comes into touch with water and other natural factors. This makes it a great choice for knives that are used in tough conditions. Actually, bead blasted blade finishes are a great choice for knife fans and workers who want both style and performance in their blades because they look good and work well.

How Business Owners Choose Bead Blasted Finish for OEM/ODM Knife Creation?

Business owners who want to start making knives need to make a very important choice about the bead blasted blade finish because it has a big effect on both the look and the usefulness of their OEM/ODM knives.

Blade Engravings: Business owners consider the option for blade engravings as a means of personalization and branding, ensuring that their knives leave a memorable mark.

Blade Length: Assessing the ideal blade length is crucial, and Shieldon’s expertise helps business owners choose lengths that align with the intended use and target audience for their knives.

Blade Color: The choice of blade color is pivotal for aesthetics, and Shieldon provides a spectrum of color options, allowing business owners to create knives that resonate with their brand identity or personal style, ensuring a lasting visual impact.

Shieldon - Professional OEM/ODM Manufacturer that Offers Bead Blasted Finish Option

Shieldon is an expert manufacturer that is known for its skill in providing a bead blasted blade finish choice that makes your knives stick out in both style and quality. Shieldon improves both the look and the usefulness of your knives by always focusing on quality and new ideas. Our team of experienced professionals will walk you through every step and make sure that the bead-blasted finish fits perfectly with your brand or personal tastes. Shieldon’s constant commitment to quality is clear in the strict standards we follow during the bead blasting process. This ensures that your knives not only look great, but also work perfectly and last a long time. When you choose Shieldon, you’re not just picking a finish; you’re working with a trusted OEM/ODM manufacturer in the world of blade making who wants to help your knives shine and stand out in a competitive market.

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Handa kaming tumulong sa anumang yugto ng iyong OEM knife project. Ipadala sa amin ang iyong katanungan at ang iyong badyet at babalikan ka namin sa loob 24 na oras.

Kumokonekta sa Amin

Handa kaming tumulong sa anumang yugto ng iyong OEM knife project. Ipadala sa amin ang iyong katanungan at ang iyong badyet at babalikan ka namin sa loob 24 na oras.