Pisau Poket Lipat OEM Pemegang Aluminium Bilah 2Cr13 SS-0805
Pisau Poket Lipat OEM Pemegang Aluminium Bilah 2Cr13 SS-0805
Pisau Poket Lipat OEM Pemegang Aluminium Bilah 2Cr13 SS-0805
Pisau Poket Lipat OEM Pemegang Aluminium Bilah 2Cr13 SS-0805
Pisau Poket Lipat OEM Pemegang Aluminium Bilah 2Cr13 SS-0805
Pisau Poket Lipat OEM Pemegang Aluminium Bilah 2Cr13 SS-0805
Pisau Poket Lipat OEM Pemegang Aluminium Bilah 2Cr13 SS-0805
Pisau Poket Lipat OEM Pemegang Aluminium Bilah 2Cr13 SS-0805
Pisau Poket Lipat OEM Pemegang Aluminium Bilah 2Cr13 SS-0805
Pisau Poket Lipat OEM Pemegang Aluminium Bilah 2Cr13 SS-0805
Pisau Poket Lipat OEM Pemegang Aluminium Bilah 2Cr13 SS-0805
Pisau Poket Lipat OEM Pemegang Aluminium Bilah 2Cr13 SS-0805
Pisau Poket Lipat OEM Pemegang Aluminium Bilah 2Cr13 SS-0805
Pisau Poket Lipat OEM Pemegang Aluminium Bilah 2Cr13 SS-0805
Pisau Poket Lipat OEM Pemegang Aluminium Bilah 2Cr13 SS-0805
Pisau Poket Lipat OEM Pemegang Aluminium Bilah 2Cr13 SS-0805

Pisau Poket Lipat OEM Pemegang Aluminium Bilah 2Cr13 SS-0805

Barang No.: SS-0805

Segmen item: Pisau lipat

Bahan bilah: 2Cr13

Bahan pemegang: aluminium

Blade HRC: 41-47

Ketebalan bilah: 1.8mm/0.071”

Panjang bilah: 63mm/2.48”

Ketebalan pemegang: 6.3mm/0.248”

Jumlah panjang: 157mm/6.18”

Berat: 69g/2.43 oz

Gaya bilah: Titik klip

Warna pemegang: Hitam; Camo; merah

Mekanisme kunci: Tiada kunci

Jalan terbuka: Tanda kuku

Kemasan bilah: Dihitamkan

Kisar pisau: Kisar rata

MOQ Biasa ODM: 1


Shieldon Manufacturing & Trading Combo takes pride in delivering exceptional folding knives that combine modern precision with old-world craftsmanship. Our OEM Folding Pocket Knife SS-0805 is designed to meet and exceed the discerning standards of our global clientele, from outdoor adventurers to everyday carry enthusiasts. Here’s a detailed purchasing description of this finely crafted folding knife for our trade partners and customers.

Product Overview:

  • Barang No.: SS-0805
  • Item Segment: Pisau lipat
  • Bahan Bilah: 2Cr13 stainless steel
  • Bahan pemegang: aluminium
  • Blade HRC: 41-47
  • Ketebalan bilah: 1.8mm/0.071”
  • Blade Length: 63mm/2.48”
  • Handle Thickness: 6.3mm/0.248”
  • Total Length: 157mm/6.18”
  • Berat: 69g/2.43 oz
  • Blade Style: Titik klip
  • Handle Color: Black, Camo, Red
  • Lock Mechanism: Tiada kunci
  • Opening Mechanism: Tanda kuku
  • Blade Finish: Dihitamkan
  • Blade Grind: Kisar rata
  • Regular ODM MOQ: 1



Precision Blade Engineering:

The SS-0805 features a robust 2Cr13 stainless steel blade, known for its impressive balance of strength and corrosion resistance. The blade undergoes a heat treatment process to achieve a hardness range of 41-47 HRC, ensuring the knife maintains a sharp, durable edge for cutting tasks of all varieties. The blade’s modest thickness of 1.8mm allows for precision and agility in slicing.

Sophisticated Blade Style:

A clip point blade style has been meticulously fashioned to provide a sharper and more defined point, essential for precision tasks. This design feature makes the SS-0805 particularly useful for piercing, making it an excellent tool for intricate cutting work.

Durable Handle Construction:

The knife’s handle is constructed from high-grade aluminum, selected for its lightweight yet resilient properties. This strength-to-weight ratio ensures the knife is both easy to carry and durable enough to withstand rigorous use. The handle is available in three distinct colors – classic black, tactical camo, and striking red – each offering a different aesthetic to suit personal preferences or operational needs.

Portable and Ergonomic:

With a total length of 157mm and weighing just 69 grams, the SS-0805 is designed for effortless portability without compromising on functionality. Its ergonomic design ensures a secure grip while minimizing hand fatigue during prolonged use.

User-Friendly Features:

The knife opens via a traditional nail mark, a feature that adds to its classic appeal and ensures ease of use. Although the knife does not include a locking mechanism, its sturdy design and quality craftsmanship provide a reliable and safe cutting tool for various applications.

Tactical Blade Finish:

A sleek blackened finish is applied to the blade, increasing its aesthetic appeal and providing an additional layer of protection against wear and tear. The flat grind on the blade ensures an enduring edge that is both sharp out of the box and easy to maintain.

Flexible Minimum Order Quantity:

Shieldon’s business model is tailored to meet the needs of our partners, offering an incredibly accessible minimum order quantity of just one unit. This flexibility allows businesses of all sizes to source high-quality folding knives with minimal risk and optimal inventory control.

Jaminan kualiti:

Each SS-0805 folding pocket knife is subject to rigorous quality control procedures to ensure it meets Shieldon’s exacting standards. Our commitment to quality ensures that every knife delivered is a testament to our brand’s reputation for excellence in cutlery.


The OEM Folding Pocket Knife SS-0805 from Shieldon Manufacturing & Trading Combo offers a perfect blend of traditional design, modern materials, and practical functionality. This knife is a versatile, reliable, and stylish addition to any product lineup. With our customer-centric approach, you can confidently source this premium folding knife to satisfy the varied needs of your clientele. Contact us to enrich your offering with the Shieldon SS-0805 today.



Proses pembuatan tertumpu jenama kami bertujuan untuk menyediakan pelanggan dengan pengalaman penyumberan OEM yang lancar dan tanpa kerumitan setiap masa.

01 Hantar Pertanyaan Anda:Beritahu kami bagaimana anda mahu projek pisau anda, daripada reka bentuk dan bahan kepada percetakan dan pembungkusan.

02 Dapatkan Sebut Harga Segera:Kami menyediakan anda dengan sebut harga yang komprehensif, memperincikan semua perbelanjaan, termasuk bahan dan yuran logistik.

03 Sahkan Prototaip:Prototaip berfungsi dibina berdasarkan spesifikasi reka bentuk anda dan dihantar kepada anda untuk ujian dan pengesahan.

04 Letakkan Pesanan Anda:Setelah anda berpuas hati dengan prototaip yang dihantar, anda kini boleh membuat pesanan untuk projek pisau anda dan memulakan pengeluaran besar-besaran.

05 Pembuatan dan Penghantaran:Pengeluaran penuh projek pisau dimulakan, bersama-sama dengan pemeriksaan dan pembungkusan produk yang teliti. Pesanan yang lengkap kemudian dihantar kepada anda.

06 Selepas Jualan:Perkongsian kami tidak berakhir pada penghantaran pesanan, kerana pasukan sokongan pelanggan kami yang responsif bersedia untuk membantu dan menjawab pertanyaan dengan segera.

Semua Pilihan Penyesuaian


Mastering the Art of Foreign Trade Sourcing: A Strategic Approach

As the global marketplace expands, businesses are increasingly looking to foreign trade sourcing as a means to acquire goods at competitive prices and tap into new markets. However, this opportunity comes with its own set of complexities. Here’s a 600-word guide to the key considerations every business should heed to ensure a smooth sourcing journey.

Accurate Quotation from Supplier’s Website

The first step in foreign trade sourcing involves getting an accurate quote from the supplier’s website. Precision here is paramount, as any misunderstanding can lead to significant financial discrepancies. Ensure that the price listed is for the current date, taking into account any potential fluctuations due to currency exchange rates. Moreover, scrutinize the fine print for any hidden costs such as shipping, insurance, taxes, and customs fees, and ask for a formal quote that includes all these details.

Choosing a Suitable Supplier Overseas

Identifying and partnering with the right supplier is the cornerstone of successful foreign trade sourcing. A suitable supplier doesn’t just offer a competitive price, but also aligns with your quality standards, production timelines, and ethical practices. Conduct thorough research by reading reviews, checking references, and examining trade records. Prioritize suppliers with a robust track record and those who demonstrate transparency and good communication. If possible, visit the supplier in person or use third-party audits to get a real sense of their operations.

Compliance with Supplier’s Area Rules

Understanding and adhering to the legal framework of the supplier’s country is essential. This includes compliance with labor laws, environmental regulations, trade agreements, and safety standards. Ignorance of these rules can lead to fines, seizures, and a tarnished reputation. It is advisable to engage with legal advisors familiar with the supplier’s local laws to navigate these waters effectively.

Guaranteeing Supplier’s Quality Control

The quality of the product you source is a direct reflection of your brand. To ensure consistency and reliability, verify the supplier’s quality control (QC) processes. This can involve requesting details of their QC protocols, certifications like ISO, or evidence of past QC performance. Implementing an independent quality inspection before shipment can catch defects or non-compliance early, saving time and money in the long run.

Assuring the Authenticity of the Overseas Supplier

Fake or fraudulent suppliers can be a significant risk in foreign trade sourcing. To mitigate this, conduct due diligence checks to authenticate the supplier. This includes verifying company registration, confirming business licenses, and reviewing bank information. Use platforms like Alibaba’s Trade Assurance or other third-party verification services to ensure you’re dealing with a legitimate entity.

Finishing International Trade Payment

Completing payment in international trade is fraught with risks, including currency volatility and non-receipt of goods. To manage these risks, establish clear payment terms upfront, and use secure methods like Letters of Credit (LC) or Escrow services. These tools provide a safety net by ensuring that payment is only released upon fulfillment of agreed conditions. Also, remember to document all transactions meticulously for legal and tax purposes.

Extra Tariff Attention Besides Customs Duty

Custom duties are often the focus when calculating import costs, but other tariffs can accumulate unnoticed. Storage, handling, and other miscellaneous fees can significantly inflate the expected price. It’s critical to conduct a comprehensive assessment of all potential charges. Engaging a customs broker or a freight forwarder can provide clarity on these costs, ensuring that you maintain a profitable importing strategy.

In summary, while foreign trade sourcing can be extremely beneficial for businesses looking to expand their reach and reduce costs, it requires strategic planning and a thorough understanding of international trade complexities. By taking into account these seven considerations, you can minimize risks and establish a successful global sourcing strategy that contributes to your business’s growth and sustainability.



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