Pisau Poket Lipat OEM 7Cr13MoV Bilah Pemegang Kayu Zaitun GC-1603D-OL
Pisau Poket Lipat OEM 7Cr13MoV Bilah Pemegang Kayu Zaitun GC-1603D-OL
Pisau Poket Lipat OEM 7Cr13MoV Bilah Pemegang Kayu Zaitun GC-1603D-OL
Pisau Poket Lipat OEM 7Cr13MoV Bilah Pemegang Kayu Zaitun GC-1603D-OL
Pisau Poket Lipat OEM 7Cr13MoV Bilah Pemegang Kayu Zaitun GC-1603D-OL
Pisau Poket Lipat OEM 7Cr13MoV Bilah Pemegang Kayu Zaitun GC-1603D-OL
Pisau Poket Lipat OEM 7Cr13MoV Bilah Pemegang Kayu Zaitun GC-1603D-OL
Pisau Poket Lipat OEM 7Cr13MoV Bilah Pemegang Kayu Zaitun GC-1603D-OL

OEM Laguiole 7Cr13MoV pemegang kayu zaitun hadiah vintaj Laguiole GC-1603D-OL

Barang No.: GC-1603D-OL

Segmen item: Laguiole

Bahan bilah: 7Cr13MoV Damsyik

Mengendalikan bahan: Kayu zaitun

Bilah HRC: 56-58

Ketebalan bilah: 2.2mm/0.087”

Panjang bilah: 68mm/2.68”

Ketebalan pemegang: 12mm/0.472”

Jumlah panjang: 158mm/6.22”

Berat badan: 96.5g/3.4 oz

Gaya bilah: Titik jatuh

Warna pemegang: Kayu

Mekanisme kunci: Lockback

Jalan terbuka: Tanda kuku

Kemasan bilah: Asid terukir

Kisar bilah: Rata

MOQ Biasa ODM: 2400


At Shieldon Manufacturing & Trading Combo, we specialize in the supply of high-quality, OEM knives that blend traditional craftsmanship with modern design and functionality. Our latest offering, the OEM Folding Knife GC-1603D-OL, epitomizes the elegance and robustness of the classic Laguiole segment. This exquisite piece is designed not only to appeal to knife enthusiasts but also to serve as a unique vintage gift item. Here we detail the specifications and advantages of sourcing this product for your business.


Pisau Poket Lipat OEM 7Cr13MoV Bilah Pemegang Kayu Zaitun GC-1603D-OL

NO. Item: GC-1603D-OL

Segmen item: WS

Bahan bilah: 7Cr13MoV

Bahan pemegang: Kayu zaitun

Bilah HRC: 56-58

Ketebalan bilah: 2.2mm/0.087”

Panjang bilah: 68mm/2.68”

Ketebalan pemegang: 12mm/0.472”

Jumlah panjang: 158mm/6.22”

Berat: 96.5g/3.4 oz

Gaya bilah: Titik Jatuh

Warna pemegang: Warna kayu

Mekanisme kunci: Kunci belakang

Jalan terbuka: Tanda kuku

Kemasan bilah: Cuci Batu Asid

Kisar bilah: Leper



Pisau Poket Lipat OEM 7Cr13MoV Bilah Pemegang Kayu Zaitun GC-1603D-OL

Quality Craftsmanship:

The blade is forged from 7Cr13MoV Damascus steel, renowned for its durability, corrosion resistance, and ability to hold a sharp edge. The steel’s composition provides an optimal hardness level of 56-58 HRC, ensuring the knife performs consistently under various conditions. The drop point blade style is time-tested and versatile, ideal for a wide array of cutting tasks.

Reka Bentuk Ergonomik:

The olive wood handle is not only visually captivating with its unique grain patterns but also ergonomically designed to provide a comfortable grip. This ensures that the knife can be used for extended periods without causing user fatigue. The handle’s thickness and curvature are engineered for both aesthetic appeal and functional performance.

Visual Appeal:

Each knife boasts an acid-etched finish on the blade, giving it a distinctive, vintage look that knife aficionados appreciate. This finish also acts as a protective layer against environmental factors. The rich, wooden hue of the handle complements the blade, creating an overall appearance that is as striking as it is timeless.

Safety and Convenience:

The lockback mechanism ensures the blade remains securely opened when in use, providing additional safety for the user. The nail mark opening feature offers a classic and reliable way to deploy the blade, reflecting the traditional Laguiole essence.

Versatility and Use:

Whether it’s for personal use, as a collectible, or as a gift, the GC-1603D-OL folding knife’s design caters to a broad audience. It is an ideal choice for everyday carry, outdoor activities, or as a sophisticated gift option for special occasions.

Sourcing Advantage:

With Shieldon Manufacturing & Trading Combo, you benefit from direct manufacturer pricing, which ensures competitive rates and higher profit margins. Our low MOQ of 2400 units allows businesses of all sizes to offer this high-quality product without significant inventory risk.

Kawalan kualiti:

Shieldon’s commitment to quality means each knife undergoes rigorous quality control measures to ensure it meets our high standards. We ensure that the knives you receive are free from defects and ready for retail.

Customization and Service:

We offer customization services to make the knife align with your brand’s identity. Engraving, packaging options, and handle material alterations are available upon request. Our dedicated customer service team is on hand to support your needs from order placement to delivery and after-sales support.

In summary, the OEM Folding Knife GC-1603D-OL from Shieldon is more than just a tool; it’s a statement piece that combines functionality, beauty, and tradition. It’s an exemplary product that will stand out in your foreign trade business, offering your customers a slice of heritage and quality craftsmanship. Contact us to place your order and explore a partnership that champions excellence and customer satisfaction.



Proses pembuatan tertumpu jenama kami bertujuan untuk menyediakan pelanggan dengan pengalaman penyumberan OEM yang lancar dan tanpa kerumitan setiap masa.

01 Hantar Pertanyaan Anda:Beritahu kami bagaimana anda mahu projek pisau anda, daripada reka bentuk dan bahan kepada percetakan dan pembungkusan.

02 Dapatkan Sebut Harga Segera:Kami menyediakan anda dengan sebut harga yang komprehensif, memperincikan semua perbelanjaan, termasuk bahan dan yuran logistik.

03 Sahkan Prototaip:Prototaip berfungsi dibina berdasarkan spesifikasi reka bentuk anda dan dihantar kepada anda untuk ujian dan pengesahan.

04 Letakkan Pesanan Anda:Setelah anda berpuas hati dengan prototaip yang dihantar, anda kini boleh membuat pesanan untuk projek pisau anda dan memulakan pengeluaran besar-besaran.

05 Pembuatan dan Penghantaran:Pengeluaran penuh projek pisau dimulakan, bersama-sama dengan pemeriksaan dan pembungkusan produk yang teliti. Pesanan yang lengkap kemudian dihantar kepada anda.

06 Selepas Jualan:Perkongsian kami tidak berakhir pada penghantaran pesanan, kerana pasukan sokongan pelanggan kami yang responsif bersedia untuk membantu dan menjawab pertanyaan dengan segera.

Semua Pilihan Penyesuaian

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Navigating the Complexities of Foreign Trade Sourcing: Key Considerations

In a world that’s more connected than ever, businesses are increasingly turning to foreign suppliers to meet their sourcing needs. However, successful foreign trade sourcing requires a nuanced understanding of international commerce, cultural norms, and regulatory frameworks. Here’s a comprehensive guide on the considerations you should pay attention to when engaging in foreign trade sourcing.

Quoting Correctly from the Supplier’s Website

The foundational step in foreign sourcing is obtaining a quotation. To ensure accuracy, you need to be meticulous when quoting from a supplier’s website. Confirm the currency in which prices are listed and account for exchange rate fluctuations. Look for hidden costs like shipping, insurance, and handling fees. If the terms aren’t clear, don’t hesitate to reach out to the supplier for a detailed quotation and keep written records of all communications for future reference.

Choosing a Correct Supplier Overseas

Selecting the right supplier is perhaps the most crucial decision in the sourcing process. This choice should be based on comprehensive research and due diligence. Check the prospective supplier’s business licenses, financial stability, and market reputation. Evaluate their production capacity and quality control standards. Online supplier databases and trade shows can be excellent resources for finding reputable suppliers. Additionally, consider the geopolitical stability of the supplier’s country, as it can impact their reliability.

Complying with the Rules of the Supplier’s Area

Each country has its unique set of regulations governing trade. To ensure compliance, familiarize yourself with the legal requirements and business practices of the supplier’s area. This includes understanding tariffs, taxes, import/export restrictions, and certification requirements for the products you’re sourcing. Engaging with local legal experts or consultants can provide valuable insights and help navigate complex regulatory landscapes.

Guaranteeing the Supplier’s QC

Quality control (QC) is non-negotiable. A supplier’s adherence to QC can significantly affect the quality of your product and your brand’s reputation. Before committing, inquire about the supplier’s QC processes and standards. Request third-party quality certifications and consider conducting site visits or hiring an independent inspector to audit the supplier’s facilities and processes. Regularly scheduled inspections can help catch potential issues before the products are shipped.

Assuring the Authenticity of the Overseas Supplier

Fraudulent suppliers can pose significant risks to your business. To verify a supplier’s authenticity, request business registration documents, certifications, and references. Check online forums, review sites, and industry blacklists. You may also employ risk management services or use governmental resources provided by your country’s embassy or trade commissions in the supplier’s country.

Finishing International Trade Payment

Choosing the right payment method is critical to securing a safe transaction. Options like letters of credit, bank transfers, or escrow services can provide security to both parties involved. Clearly define payment terms, including milestones for partial payments if applicable, and consider using currency hedging to protect against exchange rate volatility. Always ensure that your payment methods are compliant with international anti-money laundering regulations.

Paying Attention to Other Extra Tariff Besides Customs Duty

While customs duties are expected costs in international sourcing, other tariffs and fees can accumulate and impact the total cost of procurement. It’s essential to account for value-added taxes (VAT), sales taxes, harbor fees, and any other trade-specific tariffs. Engaging with a customs broker or a trade specialist can help in identifying and managing these additional costs effectively.

In summary, foreign trade sourcing is a complex endeavor that requires attention to detail and an understanding of international trade dynamics. By accurately quoting from suppliers, conducting thorough supplier evaluations, ensuring compliance with local rules, guaranteeing quality control, verifying supplier authenticity, managing payments securely, and accounting for all tariffs, businesses can mitigate risks and maximize the success of their international sourcing activities.



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