Dirk Pinkerton

I began seriously making knives in 2005. That was when I purchased my first serious grinder.  Prior to that, my interest in making knives grew from a lifelong interest in knives. My father always carried a knife and felt it was an essential tool. While he could appreciate the work and craftsmanship that went into a beautiful knife, he always believed them to be a tool, first.  I believe that is where I learned my design principles for knives. Most of my work is toward straightforward, functional knives designed for a task.


My professional career was 18 years in the private security field for a large corporation. During that time I was able to train and work closely with several protection details, law enforcement, S.W.A.T., fire and life rescue, various military units, and the Secret Service. Through this experience, I began to understand how knives were looked upon as tools and weapons. This greatly influenced how I would design knives.


During this time, I began collecting knives and became friends with Darrel Ralph. He was my mentor and he essentially opened the door to my knife-making career. I used to bug him to make me a knife that I designed. Finally, he told me he made his designs and that if I wanted a particular design, I should make it.  So, I did.


My knives are in use with US Military and Law Enforcement and around the world with many countries military and law enforcement along with civilians who just need a good knife for utility or self-defense.

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