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The Crusader (High-End) series from Shieldon emerges as a formidable collection, featuring top-notch blade steels that cater to discerning knife enthusiasts. Crafted with precision and care, this series encompasses an impressive array of steels, including 154CM, N690, AUS-10, and 14C28N. Each steel brings its unique characteristics to the forefront, contributing to the overall excellence of the Crusader collection. The 154CM steel, renowned for its excellent edge retention and corrosion resistance, stands as a testament to the series’ commitment to high-quality materials. N690 steel adds a touch of European craftsmanship, known for its superb balance between sharpness and durability. AUS-10 steel, originating from Japan, offers exceptional hardness and edge retention. Lastly, the inclusion of 14C28N steel ensures a fine blend of sharpness and ease of maintenance. With the Crusader (High-End) series, Shieldon delivers a collection that harmoniously fuses diverse blade steels, promising a cutting-edge experience for enthusiasts seeking top-tier performance.


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These knives are made with special steels to make them super awesome. The 154CM steel is great because it keeps the edge sharp and doesn’t easily rust. Then there’s N690 steel from Europe, which is like a perfect mix of being really sharp and strong. The AUS-10 steel from Japan is super hard and keeps its sharpness well. Lastly, the 14C28N steel makes sure the knives stay sharp and are easy to take care of. So, these steels work together to make the Crusader knives top-notch, bringing the best from different parts of the world to your kitchen or outdoor adventures.


Shieldon proudly presents a diverse range of high-quality steels and handle materials within its Crusader (High-End) collection, catering to knife enthusiasts seeking top-tier performance.

Shieldon Offers a Wide Range of Steels for Crusader (High-End) Collection

Quality Steels and Handle Selection:

Shieldon's Crusader (High-End) collection offers a wide variety of top-notch steels and handle materials, ensuring customers can choose the perfect combination for their preferences.

Collaborate with EDC Designers Globally:

The brand collaborates with Everyday Carry (EDC) designers worldwide, incorporating diverse design influences into the Crusader knives for a truly global appeal.

Available on Most Area Distribution and E-commerce:

Shieldon ensures that its Crusader knives are accessible to a broad audience by making them available through various distribution channels and popular E-commerce platforms.

Lots of Promotion on Social Media:

Shieldon actively promotes its Crusader collection on social media platforms, using these channels to engage with customers, share product highlights, and create excitement around the exceptional features of the knives.

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What are the Advantages of Choosing Crusader?

Choosing Crusader knives from Shieldon comes with a bunch of awesome benefits. First off, you get to pick from high-quality steels and handles, so you can find the perfect combo for what you like. These knives are made in collaboration with cool designers from all over the world, making them stylish and functional. Plus, they’re easy to find because they’re sold in lots of places and online. And guess what? Shieldon loves showing off these knives on social media, so you can stay in the loop about all the cool things they can do. When you choose Crusader, you’re not just getting a knife; you’re getting a top-notch tool with a global touch!

How Knife Distributors Order from the Shieldon Crusader Product line?

When it comes to ordering the high-end knife collection, distributors often look for specific qualities that align with their preferences and needs. Choosing the best, like the Crusader collection from Shieldon, involves considering key factors that enhance the overall knife experience.

Three Considerations for Ordering the Shieldon Crusader series:

Diverse Steels and Handles: Optimal values offer a variety of high-quality and profit, allowing distributors to sell knives for both reputation and benefit.

Global Design Collaboration: A standout knife collection often collaborates with Everyday Carry (EDC) designers from around the world, infusing diverse design influences and ensuring a unique and stylish appeal.

Accessibility and Promotion: The best knife collections are widely available through various distribution channels and online platforms, with active promotion on social media, keeping enthusiasts informed about the latest features and offerings.

Shieldon - Your High-end Knife Supplier For Crusader Series.

Shieldon is your specialist in the Crusader (High-end) collection, providing a distinct selection of knives manufactured with precision and competence. Shieldon, a famous company devoted to perfection, offers knife aficionados top-tier blades crafted from high-quality steels such as 154CM, N690, AUS-10, and 14C28N, assuring great performance. Shieldon’s commitment to quality is reflected in the Crusader knives, which have a worldwide flavor thanks to cooperation with Everyday Carry (EDC) designers from throughout the globe. Shieldon guarantees that the Crusader line is readily accessible to anyone who wants a perfect balance of design and profit in knives by making it widely available via different distribution channels and E-commerce platforms.

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