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A neck knife is a compact and versatile cutting tool designed to be worn around the neck for quick access and convenience. Primarily used as a backup or EDC (Everyday Carry) tool, neck knives offer portability and discreet functionality. They excel in outdoor adventures, survival situations, and urban settings, providing a practical solution for various cutting tasks. Shieldon, a renowned knife manufacturer, brings its expertise to the realm of neck knives, ensuring top-notch quality, ergonomic designs, and premium materials. Elevate your preparedness with Shieldon’s neck knives, crafted to be reliable companions wherever you go.


Neck Knife

Neck knives are compact, purpose-built cutting tools designed for easy portability and quick access. They typically feature a small fixed blade, often with a sheath that allows them to be worn around the neck. These knives serve as backup tools, providing a secondary cutting option in addition to larger knives. Their versatility makes them useful for various tasks like food preparation, rope cutting, and self-defense. Neck knives are favored by outdoor enthusiasts, hikers, campers, and those seeking discreet everyday carry options. The ergonomic design and secure carrying method make neck knives a reliable companion for anyone requiring a compact cutting tool on the go.

Shieldon Factory Can OEM/ODM Neck Knives

Forma della lama

Source neck knives with various blade shapes, such as drop points, tanto points, or clip points, to match your specific cutting needs and preferences.

Materiale manico

Wholesale neck knives with handles made from a variety of materials, including G-10, paracord-wrapped, or stainless steel, to cater to different grip styles and aesthetics.

Rivestimento della lama

Purchase neck knives with different blade coatings, such as black oxide or stonewash, to enhance durability, reduce glare, and improve corrosion resistance.

Sheath Style

Wholesale neck knives with a range of sheath styles, including Kydex, leather, or nylon, to suit your carrying and accessibility preferences, ensuring easy access and secure retention.

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Numerous Neck Knife Customization

Advantages of Neck Knives OEM/ODM:

OEM/ODM Neck knives offer a host of advantages due to their unique design and functionality. Their compact size and lightweight nature make them exceptionally convenient to carry, seamlessly integrating into daily life or outdoor excursions. The ability to wear them around the neck ensures immediate accessibility, a critical feature in urgent situations. Their versatility, despite the small package, is remarkable, enabling tasks ranging from mundane chores to intricate cutting needs. With their discreet appearance, neck knives maintain a low profile while providing a reliable backup tool. Altogether, these benefits make neck knives an essential choice for individuals valuing practicality, preparedness, and the capability to handle various cutting challenges.

How Distributors And Retailers Source Neck Knives

When selecting a neck knife, distributors and retailers consider several key factors to ensure the right fit for their needs:

✓ Overall Size and Weight: The balance between compactness and functionality matters. Consumers seek a size that doesn’t hinder movement while offering a sufficient cutting edge.

✓ Sheath Quality: A secure and well-designed sheath ensures safe carrying and quick access.

✓ Blade Material and Design: A durable, corrosion-resistant blade is essential for longevity. Consumers often opt for stainless steel or high-carbon options. The blade design, whether drop point, tanto, or other, influences its versatility and cutting performance.

Shieldon: Your Supplier in OEM/ODM Neck Knives

Shieldon stands as a trusted companion in the realm of neck knives, offering a range of expertly crafted options designed to meet your diverse cutting needs. With a heritage of knife manufacturing excellence, Shieldon brings unparalleled expertise to the table. Our neck knives are meticulously designed, incorporating top-tier blade materials and ergonomic handles for optimal performance and comfort. The sheaths are engineered to provide secure and efficient carrying solutions, ensuring quick access whenever required. Whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast, a survivalist, or a company simply seeking a reliable everyday tool, Shieldon’s OEM/ODM neck knives service exemplify quality, durability, and functionality, making designers and companies an ideal choice for those who demand the best from their cutting tools.

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Siamo pronti ad aiutarti in qualsiasi fase del tuo progetto di coltello OEM. Inviaci la tua richiesta e il tuo budget e ti risponderemo entro 24 ore.