Max Tkachuk

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Max Tkachuk is a Ukrainian graphic & industrial designer, and one of the most prodigious knife designers to ever adorn Earth. His abilities are not restricted to his own work; he is famous for custom altering blades and collaborating with well-known firms such as Shieldon, TwoSun Knives, and Kansept knives to design exceptional EDC knives.


Since childhood, Max Tkachuk has had a lifelong fascination with knives. Crafted from his genuine curiosity about knives he employs his knowledge and abilities to design knives that are both useful and aesthetically pleasing. While you may be familiar with his extensive collection of pocket knives, you may not be aware that his craft is governed by the philosophy of “less is more.”


Max Tkachuk is well-known in the knife industry for his creations such as the Kansept prickle pocket knife, Kansept Hazakura pocket knife, and TWOSUN dagger blade, as well as a multitude of knife design patents. His knives are cost-effective when compared to other well-known brands, and this should give you an idea of the quality you will receive if you purchase a Max Tkachuk knife.


Max Tkachuk’s blades stand out as both innovative and original, with a particular aesthetic that tends toward curved or pointed pocket folders manufactured of high-quality material. This craftsman’s extraordinary collection is the culmination and confluence of his many years of dedicated knife design, amongst an assortment of EDC pocket knives within a range of folders.

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