The bayonet blade style is a military-inspired design that has a distinctive double-edged dagger profile. This kind of blade has a symmetrical shape and is designed for thrusting, making it a potent weapon and practical tool. It can pierce through most materials with ease because to its sharp tip and double-edged design. The Bayonet Blade Style originated in military uses but has since become a symbol of power and versatility. Bayonet Blade Styles from the esteemed brand Shieldon reflect respect for history, practicality, and individuality in a variety of ways. With Shieldon, you may possess a Bayonet blade that is both historically significant and fully customizable, guaranteeing that your blade is of the best quality in terms of both construction and utility.



The fascinating origins of the bayonet blade style are inextricably linked to its use in warfare. This kind of blade, with its two identical cutting edges, is a testimony to its fighting and practical merits. Because of its symmetrical design, it can be thrown into action with pinpoint accuracy, making it an effective weapon and versatile tool. The Bayonet Blade’s sharp, acute tip is ideal for piercing applications, highlighting the blade’s versatility. The Bayonet Blade Style has its roots in military history, and it is the perfect combination of power, accuracy, and adaptability. Because of its symmetrical shape, it may serve several purposes and has become an important element of the edged weapon industry.


Shieldon, recognized for its commitment to precision craftsmanship and innovation, provides a remarkable selection of Bayonet Blade Styles that seamlessly merge tradition, function, and customization. With Shieldon, you have the opportunity to make your Bayonet Blade truly your own by customizing it in various ways.

Shieldon Offers High-Quality Bayonet Blade Style

Opções de cores:

Shieldon offers a range of blade finishes and handle materials, allowing you to choose colors that suit your style, whether it's a sleek and polished appearance or a rugged and matte texture.

Personalização da lâmina:

Select from different blade lengths and materials to match your specific needs, ensuring your Bayonet Blade aligns perfectly with your intended applications, whether it's for close combat or practical utility.

Gravações pessoais:

Shieldon allows you to personalize your Bayonet Blade with engravings, logos, or insignias, adding a touch of individuality and meaning to your blade.

Jimping and chamfer customization:

According to the overall shape, we make suitable jimping measurements and chamfer angles to match the item, enhancing both functionality and aesthetics.

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Bayonet Blade for Outdoor Knife

What are the Advantages of Bayonet Blade Style?

The Bayonet Blade Style offers several distinct advantages that make it a sought-after choice for various applications. Its symmetrical, double-edged design provides excellent balance, making it ideal for thrusting and precise piercing, whether in combat or utility scenarios. The acute point of the Bayonet Blade ensures formidable penetration capabilities. This style’s history, rooted in military use, endows it with a sense of tradition and time-tested reliability. Additionally, the symmetrical design simplifies maintenance and resharpening, allowing for long-lasting performance. The Bayonet Blade Style embodies a perfect blend of function, history, and adaptability, making it a formidable choice for those seeking precision and versatility in their blades.

How Knife Clients Select Bayonet Blade Style Option For OEM/ODM Knife Solutions?

Selecting the perfect Bayonet Blade Style for OEM/ODM knife solutions is a process that demands careful consideration and alignment with specific requirements and preferences.

Surface Finish: Consider the surface finish options for the Bayonet Blade, whether you prefer a polished, satin finish for a sleek appearance or a non-reflective, matte finish for a more tactical look.

Handle Material and Color: Choose the handle material that suits your grip and aesthetics, with options ranging from wood, synthetic materials, to metal, and match the handle color to your style or brand identity.

Blade Length and Balance: Determine the blade length that aligns with your intended applications, ensuring it offers the right balance for thrusting and piercing, whether for close combat, utility, or collectible display.

Shieldon - Expert OEM/ODM Manufacturer of Bayonet Blade Style

Shieldon is widely regarded as the go-to source for Bayonet Blade Styles because to their extensive and high-quality assortment that showcases their dedication to meticulous design, time-honored methods, and cutting-edge technology. Shieldon’s Bayonet Blades, from their reputable line of edged weapons, are a perfect blend of time-honored heritage and modern adaptability. Shieldon offers its customers a one-of-a-kind option to customize their Bayonet Blades by choosing their preferred blade finish, handle material, and engravings. By paying such close attention to every little detail, Shieldon has established itself as the go-to manufacturer for Bayonet Blade Styles that strike a perfect balance between respect for tradition and a nod to the individual’s sense of style.

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