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Blade style isn’t just about looks; it’s the essence of your knife, determining its purpose and functionality. For knives and multi-tools, each style serves a unique role. The drop point is practical for everyday tasks, while the tanto excels in precision cutting. If detail work is your focus, the clip point is your ally, and for versatility, the spear point shines. At Shieldon, we recognize the importance of the right blade style. Our collection offers a variety of styles, each carefully crafted to meet specific needs. Choose Shieldon for a knife that not only performs but also aligns with your individual style and purpose.


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Blade style refers to the unique design of a knife’s cutting edge, and it significantly influences the knife’s purpose and functionality. Different styles are crafted for specific tasks, enhancing their efficiency in various applications. For example, a drop point is well-suited for versatile use, while a tanto excels in precision cutting. The clip point is favored for detailed work, and a spear point provides versatility. Understanding blade styles is essential for users to make informed decisions based on their intended use, ensuring that the knife not only looks good but also performs optimally for the tasks at hand.


Whether your daily needs involve versatile tasks, precision cutting, detailed work, or versatile applications, Shieldon provides an array of choices.

Shieldon Offers Wide Range of Blade Style for Knives and Multi-Tools

Options for Varied Purposes:

Select a blade style based on your unique requirements.

Function-Driven Design:

Each blade style is carefully crafted to serve a particular function, ensuring practicality.


Shieldon's range accommodates a spectrum of applications, adapting to different tasks.

Crafted with Precision:

Benefit from Shieldon's commitment to precision craftsmanship, where each blade style isn't just functional but also thoughtfully designed.

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What are the Advantages of Blade Style?

The advantages of blade styles lie in their ability to cater to specific tasks and preferences, enhancing the functionality and versatility of knives. Different blade styles are designed for distinct purposes, such as the drop point for versatile use, the tanto for precision cutting, the clip point for detailed work, and the spear point for general utility. By understanding and selecting the right blade style, users can optimize their knives for specific applications, ensuring efficiency and effectiveness in various cutting tasks. Ultimately, the advantages of blade styles empower users to have a tool that not only suits their needs but also enhances their overall cutting experience.

How OEM Customers Choose the Best Blade Style for their Knives and Tools?

OEM customers navigate the world of blade styles thoughtfully, considering key aspects to curate a collection that reflects both their personal taste and the diverse functionalities offered by different blades.

Versatility Matters: OEM customers often prioritize versatile blade styles that can handle a variety of cutting tasks, making the knives adaptable for different situations.

Aesthetic Appeal: The visual appeal of the blade style contributes significantly to a collector’s choice, with preferences ranging from classic designs to unique and distinctive shapes.

Functional Purpose: OEM customers carefully consider the intended use of each blade style, ensuring that the knives in their collection are not just visually appealing but also practical for specific tasks.

Shieldon Provides High-Quality Blade Style Options for OEM customers and Businesses Alike

Shieldon is your go-to destination, offering high-quality blade style options that cater to both OEM customers and businesses. We understand that each blade tells a unique story, and our range reflects this diversity. Whether you’re a knife designer seeking distinctive styles for personal taste or a business looking for practical yet stylish options, Shieldon has you covered. Our commitment to quality ensures that each blade not only looks good but also serves its purpose effectively. With Shieldon, discover a collection of knives that blends simplicity with functionality, meeting the needs of enthusiasts and businesses alike.

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Terhubung Dengan Kami

Kami siap membantu di setiap tahap proyek pisau OEM Anda. Kirimkan pertanyaan dan anggaran Anda kepada kami dan kami akan menghubungi Anda kembali 24 jam.