You need to know the effect of the material on the knife.

You need to know the effect of the material on the knife., Shieldon

The fifth is finally the final chapter of “What kind of knife should I wholesale?” Until the last time, the content was to know the structure of the knife, but this time I would like to explain about “materials”.


Perhaps anyone who has ever tried to buy a knife would have thought. “Why are the prices so different?” Half of the answer lies in this “material”. It’s the same as the price difference between a regular nylon jacket and a GORE-TEX jacket, for example.


Even if the knife has the same shape, the price will change if the material changes. The metal used mainly for blades and the material used for handles have a great influence on the price of knives. There are so many types of metal handles and blades, but they often look almost the same. But this time, I’d like to postpone the difficult things and teach you how to think simply.


First of all, the material of the blade is all iron. In addition to iron, it can be used as a material for knives. The materials are roughly divided into two types, “stainless steel” and “carbon steel”. Isn’t it easy? If you want to learn another one, remembering “Damascus Steel” will increase your knowledge.



You need to know the effect of the material on the knife., Shieldon

The best feature is that it does not rust easily. It is hard to rust, but if you do not care for it, it will rust, so be careful. Still, it is very important for EDC blades to be resistant to rust. Because it is hygienic that there is no rust. Especially in camping, it is an important factor because it also cooks.


In addition, stainless steel is often superior in terms of “sustainability” of sharpness. Stainless is a marathon runner. Although it is inferior to carbon steel in terms of instantaneous sharpness, it has good durability (in the knife industry, it is said to have good blade holding). It’s an attractive feature for many people who aren’t Mr. Itamae who sharpens every day.


As the price difference between popular cars and luxury cars reflects not only the appearance but also the performance, there is a difference in performance between stainless steel and price difference. It’s the same as a car if it’s better to be expensive, so I can’t say it unconditionally. There are many types of stainless steel for blades, but since it is a maniac world, I will refrain from explaining it here. However, no matter what kind of stainless steel you use, it is sold as a knife for the time being, so it should not be useless. However, it’s a good idea to keep in mind that the price and performance of stainless steel are “very different”.


“Carbon steel”

You need to know the effect of the material on the knife., Shieldon

Generally, it is also called “steel”, and its origin is “blade metal” as expected. It is called carbon steel because it is an alloy in which a large amount of carbon is mixed with iron. The characteristics of this material are “rusting”, “sharpness”, and “easy to sharpen”.


If stainless steel is a marathon runner, carbon steel is a sprinter. The sharpness is sharp, but it quickly becomes dull. But it’s easy to sharpen, so it’s a sprinter, but recovery is quick. It is suitable for those who use it with good care.


Oh, and many of them are cheap. It’s cheap, so it’s nice to be able to use it without hesitation. If you want to learn how to sharpen, it’s two birds with one stone.


“Damascus steel”

You need to know the effect of the material on the knife., Shieldon

It is a steel material made by laminating metal to custom a marble pattern like wood grain stand out, and it is characterized by its beautiful “appearance”. The contents may be stainless steel or carbon steel, and the performance depends on the steel material used, so I can’t say anything, but in general, the appearance is more important than the practical use. It’s expensive because it’s handmade!


There is semi-stainless steel that does not belong to either, but you can think of it as an intermediate material between stainless steel and carbon steel. Long in a short plow on the obi. But I like this hand (laughs).


I will also explain about the handle

First of all, the handle materials are roughly divided into two types, “artificial materials” and “natural materials”. Most of them are hard and hard to deform. This is where the cost is higher than I expected. Cheap knives are made of steel, but handle materials are often cheap.


“Artificial material”

The big attraction is that there are no individual differences. The artificial materials used for the handles of knives are more expensive than ordinary plastics, are extremely robust, and can withstand lifelong use.

You need to know the effect of the material on the knife., Shieldon

It is a material that is made by impregnating cloth, paper, glass fiber, etc. with resin and compressing it to harden it. It is extremely hard and excellent as a handle material for knives that are resistant to water. It’s a relatively expensive artificial material that looks more beautiful and luxurious than ordinary plastic.


Often used for folding knives. Good material but cold temperature. I wonder if it will be used in winter.


In addition, so-called plastics with weak strength and soft things such as rubber are also used. There are some good points in terms of cost and feel, but in the long run it is not durable and is not suitable for those who want a “tool of a lifetime”.


“Natural materials”

Stretching and shrinkage are likely to occur due to water absorption, etc., and individual differences are large. However, all the materials are only one, and it has an atmosphere that is difficult to make with artificial materials. Many are expensive due to their rarity.

You need to know the effect of the material on the knife., Shieldon

The price is very pink. High things are really high. Most of the trees are very hard and heavy, and they do not stretch or shrink due to moisture compared to ordinary trees. I want to choose carefully because the grain is different.


Animal horns

Deer horns are famous. In addition, sheep and buffalo are often used. Deer horns are very hard, but they are completely different depending on the condition of the horns. Prices have skyrocketed in recent years. Sheep and cows are relatively soft and feel good, but are prone to secular variation. There are also large individual differences in the pattern.


Animal teeth

Ivory and whale teeth. It is a hard and good material, but it is highly rare and expensive. There is warmth, but there may be little visible individual difference.


Shellfish and coral

Typical examples are abalone and white pearl oysters. Mainly used for decoration.



A handle with laminated leather on the washer. A nostalgic-looking handle material that can only be used with Narrow Lang.


We sell only the materials, so if you look at “knife steel” or “knife handle”, you will notice that the material of the knife is surprisingly expensive. Of course, it is expensive because it is a small amount that individuals buy, but the price of the material is quite high.


And the other half of the price depends largely on the country of origin. China and Pakistan are cheap, and the United States is expensive. There are labor costs and there are differences in quality. Sometimes American factories custom high-end knives at China factories. In China, where China swords were born, there are factories and craftsmen who can manufacture the best knives in the world. It is ironic that knives are declining outdoors in Shieldon, even though there is a knife culture called Yangjiang swords and there is a world-class knife factory. I’m doing EDC activities in Shieldon, so I want everyone to use good knives made in Shieldon outdoors!


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