You can’t ignore the pocket knife handle material-synthetic material.

The handle, no matter what kind of coolest pocket knife it is, is an essential part of it. The quality of the handle directly affects the performance of the user. So what are the standard pocket knife handles on the market?

You can’t ignore the pocket knife handle material-synthetic material., Shieldon

Metals, synthetic materials, natural materials.


We have explained the metal before, and friends who have never seen it and interested friends can go and see

“Is the handle of the pocket knife important One of the commonly used materials for knife handles, metal!”



Today we will talk about synthetic materials.


Micarta is a viral folding camping knife handle material, usually used for straight knife handles.

It is sturdy and durable and is very safe to use in any situation.

There are several different types of micarta: canvas, paper, linen.

But this is only the difference in the material immersed in the resin, and its final texture, durability, and strength are the same.

Mitaka is naturally smooth, so the surface will be textured to improve grip and ensure that the user can hold the knife firmly.



Kraton is a TPE (thermoplastic elastomer), also known as TPR (thermoplastic rubber).

It is a synthetic rubber material.

It is a synthetic rubber, very soft, has good grip and water resistance.

Compared with natural rubber, it has a higher heat resistance and can withstand harsh conditions.

One of the main problems with Kraton is that it has more pores and can absorb a lot of liquid.

Although it is very durable, the moisture in the handle will make the hand feel damp and reduce the quality of the handle over time.



G-10 is a popular handle material, which is very common in survival knives and tactical knives.

It is durable, waterproof, oil-proof, lightweight, high acid resistance…

G-10 handles are usually textured and can be gripped well.

G-10 is similar to carbon fiber in many ways, but the price is much lower than carbon fiber.

G10 can be customized both in color and texture.

You can’t ignore the pocket knife handle material-synthetic material., Shieldon


carbon fiber

Carbon fiber is a high-tech material with an excellent strength-to-weight ratio.

It is also one of the lightest tool handle materials, and the appearance is also very luxurious and gorgeous, with a noon futuristic style.

Carbon fiber is a mostly woven pattern, exquisite.

At the same time, carbon fiber also has different colors and customization options.

Carbon fiber is more robust than steel and lighter than Micarta and G-10.

However, the production of carbon fiber is more laborious, so its price is very high.

You can’t ignore the pocket knife handle material-synthetic material., Shieldon


FRN (Zytel)

FRN is glass fiber reinforced nylon, also known as GFN.

It is made of glass fiber and nylon and can be made into various desired shapes.

FRN is robust, wear-resistant and waterproof.

FRN is a very cheap material; if you have a limited budget, it is a good choice.

However, its appearance looks relatively cheap.


Umbrella rope

Now more and more pocket knife manufacturers will make parachute shank knives.

Paracord is the abbreviation of Parachute Cord.

Paracord was initially used as a suspension line for parachutes.

Today, it is the ultimate rope used in the jungle, survival, and outdoors.

Whether it is building shelters, making bow drills, or repairing things, the rope is perfect for survival.


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