You can also make your spoons and forks! Three points to keep in mind to cut wood with a knife.

I think there are really few opportunities to get a folding pocket knife in everyday life. I think many people have never carved wood since the school’s craft class. But when you can cut wood with a knife, you can make various things such as spoons, forks, and butter knives. So this time, I will give a lecture to everyone on how to cut wood with a knife.

Spoons And Forks 01, Shieldon


The easiest custom to do. It’s “custom to shave”. No need for large spaces or large tools, just use a knife to cut the wood into your favorite shape on your desk.


As a knife brand, we “CUSTOM” have held workshops on the theme of “cutting wood to make things” in various places, and up to now, more than 200 people of all ages and men have used knives to make wood. I have lectured on how to shave.


Here are three points I learned from that experience that I should keep in mind to cut wood with a knife.


① The first step. Push the back of the knife with the thumb opposite to your dominant hand!

Spoons And Forks 02, Shieldon


Knife with your dominant hand as shown in the picture.

Hold the member with the opposite hand to your dominant hand, attach your thumb to the back of the blade, and push it out to scrape it.



At this time, please be careful not to forcibly scrape with the power of your dominant hand as shown in the video below.


To the last, cut the wood with your thumb on the back of the blade.


This will allow you to control the movement of the blade and avoid the risk of accidental injury.



A dangerous example. If you use your dominant hand to sharpen the blade, you will lose control of the blade. Place your thumb on the back of the blade and move the blade within the range of your thumb.


② The road to an advanced level. It is the “return of the wrist of the dominant hand”.

Push the back of the blade with the “thumb opposite to your dominant hand” to scrape. Many people can reach this point.


From here, I will explain the first step to advanced users, “returning the wrist of the dominant hand.”


If you can do this, you will be able to cut wood more powerfully and efficiently.


Why is it possible to sharpen powerfully by turning the wrist back?


That is because the “lever principle” is working.


See the figure below.

Spoons And Forks 03, Shieldon


Using the thumb that pushes the back of the blade as a fulcrum.


If you turn the wrist of your dominant hand slightly in the direction of the arrow in the photo above,


The cutting edge draws an arc and the shaving stroke is extended.


And since the principle of leverage with the thumb as the fulcrum works, it can be sharpened powerfully.


Please note that for the lever principle to work, it is necessary to cut the wood on the blade edge side of the thumb (fulcrum) attached to the back of the blade.


③ Shave along with the flow of wood grain.

When cutting wood, it is also important to consider the flow of wood grain.


“Shaving along with the flow of wood grain”


This is important.


Depending on the direction in which the wood is sawn, there will always be a direction that follows the grain of the wood and a direction that opposes it.

Spoons And Forks 04, Shieldon


As shown in the illustration on the left, if you sharpen in the forward direction, you can sharpen the skin with less resistance, while if you sharpen in the reverse direction, as shown in the illustration on the right, you can sharpen the skin. The resistance is large and it is difficult to scrape. Also, if the blade is advanced as it is, the blade will penetrate deeply along the grain of the wood, which will cause the wood surface to become rough.


However, this order and reverse. It is difficult for an amateur to identify at a glance.


It is important to insert a blade a little and let it feel.

If you think that the resistance is high or the tree is likely to turn over, try scraping from the opposite side.


This is the easiest way to identify the order and the reverse.


For reference, it’s my pocket knife folding style the handle material of the beginner’s edition is used as an example to show the direction in which it is easy to cut. On the left and right, the direction of the grain is slightly changed.

Spoons And Forks 05, Shieldon


The left side has a straight grain of wood concerning the steering wheel, but the right side is slightly diagonal.

As a result, you can see that the boundary between the forward and reverse directions changes slightly.


However, the two-dimensional illustration alone cannot completely explain the flow of wood grain.

This is because there is a grain flow not only in the XY direction but also in the Z direction.


Even if you are a carpenter or a lumber shop, it is difficult for an amateur to judge the flow of wood grain.


After all, as mentioned at the beginning, the most reliable method is to scrape and judge the order and the reverse.


About It’s my knife

The knife kit “It’s my knife” that we developed by scraping his handle.


Based on the above idea, this embodies the most suitable shape for cutting wood.


Point (1) The shape is such that the “thumb opposite to the dominant hand” easily fits on the back of the blade.

Spoons And Forks 06, Shieldon


And point (2) There is also a big feature in the blade attachment.


This It’s my knife is a single-edged specification with a blade from one direction on the surface.

I have a little blade from the back.

Spoons And Forks 07, Shieldon


The reason why I have a little blade on the back.


This is to raise the cutting edge so that you can control the depth of shaving.


By attaching a back blade, you can raise the cutting edge as shown in the figure and cut it, so the blade does not go too deep into the wood and you can cut it at a stable depth.


However, this does not apply when scraping in the opposite direction. Please note that the blade will go deep along the grain of the wood.


Shaving is fun! Why don’t you try “Shaving CUSTOM” in the fall of crafts?

“Autumn of craftsmanship”.


It is also good to enjoy cutting wood and making things.


Using “It’s my knife”, which was born with the concept of “shaving is fun”

Enjoy custom cutting wood!


The knife “CUSTOM” is currently challenging the crowdfunding “customization”.


There are also limited-edition models available only here.


Thank you for your support.



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