[With a function table that you can see at a glance] 9 popular Victorinox multi-tool knives recommended

Here are some recommendations for Victorinox multi-tool knives. We will introduce various types of knives by type. There is also information on how to care for it for a long time, so please refer to it!


Victorinox knife

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“Victorinox” is the manufacturer that created the “Swiss Army knife,” which can be said to be the originator of today’s tool knives. The presence of tools adds value other than cutting tools, and the variety of tools themselves is attractive. We also manufacture knives other than multi-tools, so we will introduce them as well.


Is it a violation of the Firearms and Swords Act if I have a Victorinox tool knife?

Multi Tool Knives 02, Shieldon

According to the Firearms and Swords Possession Control Law (commonly known as the Firearms and Swords Law), the violation is when the blade length exceeds 6cm and cannot be carried without business or justifiable reason. Therefore, if it is a small object, it does not violate the Firearm and Sword Law. However, according to the Minor Crimes Act


“Anyone who hides and carries a knife, horizontal bar or another device that could be used to harm a person’s life or cause serious harm to a person’s body without a justifiable reason shall be detained or charged.”


Regardless of the length of the blade, it cannot be carried without good reason. Be careful when carrying it.


9 popular Victorinox knives recommended


Victorinox Classic SD

It is a multi-tool with a lot of functions necessary for daily life. A Victorinox knife that you want to carry with you for your usual mountaineering and outdoor activities.

Multi Tool Knives 03, Shieldon


  • Handle material: ABS resin / Celidol resin
  • Weight: 22g

[Very good]

“I was wondering which model had scissors and which did not, but this was the correct answer! Having small (but well-cut) scissors always at hand is a lot more convenient than you might think! I always carry it with my key, so the exterior is full of scratches, but I want to continue using it!”


Victorinox Soldier Knife

The latest version of the multi-tool has been used by Swiss mercenaries for over 100 years. The Victorinox Soldier is made lighter and more durable.

Multi Tool Knives 04, Shieldon


  • Handle material: 2-layer structure
  • Weight: 131g

[Used for wild boar hunting]

“It is used to remove the internal organs of the wild boar that was caught. In wild boar hunting, drain the blood as soon as possible after catching the wild boar. Routine work is to remove the internal organs after carrying them out. The main blade cuts boar skin, subcutaneous fat, and peritoneum, but the serrated blade is very sharp even if oil adheres. (Omitted)”



Victorinox Traveler

The Victorinox Traveler, which continues the tradition of multi-tools, is a knife that can be used not only outdoors but also in various scenes.

Multi Tool Knives 05, Shieldon


  • Handle material: ABS resin / Celidol resin
  • Weight: 82g

[Super convenient! ]

“This is a convenient dish. For travel, mountaineering, and daily life. The sharpness of the knife is the best. Even in France, where I was traveling, I enjoyed cutting French bread like air and combining it with the cheese and side dishes I bought. If you can make pills, you can use these scissors. It cuts far more than thread-cutting scissors for dressmaking. The size is just right. Not too big, not too small. I am convinced that each person wants to have one.”



Victorinox Huntsman

A Victorinox knife that continues the tradition of multi-tools used by the Swiss army in camps.

Multi Tool Knives 06, Shieldon


  • Handle material: ABS resin / Celidol resin
  • Weight: 97g

[My buddy]

“In the sea, in the mountains, in the river, in the fields, in the thickets, not only for domestic and overseas trips but for 30 years, I have never let go of it. I’m using it for the third generation now, but none of them broke in the middle and became unusable. (…) Perfect as a tool and its function is perfect. I can’t let go of it for the rest of my life.”


Victorinox Outrider NL

A Victorinox knife with 14 types and abundant knife tools that are durable and can be used for many years.

Multi Tool Knives 07, Shieldon


  • Handle material: Polyamide
  • Weight: 132g

[My Best Knife]

“I dropped the outrider I had for about 5 years and replaced it with another knife, but it didn’t look right and I bought the same one.”

“This model is the most convenient because it has a saw and can be locked. (Omitted)”


Victorinox Rambler

An easy-to-use Victorinox beginner pocket knife with a slim body and basic tools.

Multi Tool Knives 08, Shieldon


  • Handle material: ABS resin / Celidol resin
  • Weight: 30g

[Practical functions are condensed into a mini size]

“It is a product like a classic SD with a Phillips screwdriver function.”

“It is very convenient because the battery lid of dry battery-operated products is often stopped with a Phillips screwdriver. It may be a little too small for everyday use, but it’s a size that doesn’t get in the way even if you leave it.”


Victorinox bladeless

A Victorinox knife with the blade removed from the multi-tool. Recommended for those who do not need a knife.

Multi Tool Knives 09, Shieldon


  • Handle material: Cell resin
  • Weight: 21g

[Because it’s usually like this]

“The multi-tool is surprisingly sturdy and surprising. The bottled beer can be unplugged properly and the Phillips screw can be tightened firmly. It would have been even better if it had a nail file. But I think it’s okay to get a perfect score. With Victorinox Classic, there are many cases where you accidentally open the blade to use scissors, until you are used to it, and with this bladeless, such mistakes are unlikely to occur. Because it’s so small, it puts a lot of demand on ease of use and safety, but braided dresses meet that expectation. (Omitted)”



Victorinox Santoku Knife FIBROX Knife

Victorinox Santoku knives have been developed based on ergonomics and are very active in the kitchen.

Multi Tool Knives 10, Shieldon


  • Material: Special high carbon stainless steel/polyamide resin (FIBROX)
  • Weight: 110g

[Light and sharp ♪]

“(Omitted) I was used to chef knives, so it was difficult to use at first, but I am satisfied with this lightness and sharpness. The next time I buy it, I think I’ll use a chef knife. I tried using various knives, but Victorinox is the best for me. Once you get used to this lightness and sharpness, you can’t use anything else. (Omitted)”


Victorinox Lucky Set (Parling Knife & Petty Knife)

A set of Victorinox petty knives and paring knives that are great for delicate cooking in the kitchen or camping.

Multi Tool Knives 11, Shieldon


  • Materials: Petty knife wave blade BK / stainless steel/polypropylene, paring knife BK / stainless steel/polypropylene
  • Weight: Petty knife 28g / Parling knife 21g

[Purchased for camping and vertical mountain climbing. ]

“Large knives are bulky, but half-baked petty knives are inseparable and meaningless. Light, small, durable, and cuts well! It’s such a knife. Bread, ham, and tomatoes will run out (proven because I already had them). You need to be careful because it is sharp enough to cut your hands quickly. One is enough for vertical climbing (take the wave blade). Since there are a lot of people at the time of camping, I will bring a set of two so that I can lend it to my friends. If you remove the mount from the plastic case that came with your purchase, you can store two of them at once, which is safe.”


How to care

Multi Tool Knives 12, Shieldon

Caring for Victorinox


The Victorinox blades are made of stainless steel, so they are unlikely to rust during normal use. However, when it is exposed to seawater or used to cut salty foods, be sure to rinse it well with running water and dry it.


Victorinox multi-tool oil

Victorinox does not rust under normal use, but if salt such as seawater adheres to it, rinse it well with running water, dry it, and then pour in multi-tool oil for storage.

Multi Tool Knives 13, Shieldon

If the joint is clogged with sand or dust, it will be difficult to open and close the blade and tools. Clean the joints with a worn toothbrush and open and close the blades in lukewarm water several times to remove dirt. Let’s dry after cleaning. Use oil to make it smoother.


Victorinox Dual Knife Sharpener

A Victorinox sharpener that sharpens the blades of multi-tools.

Multi Tool Knives 14, Shieldon

When the sharpness is reduced, perform a touch-up by simple sharpening (polishing).

・ Apply a stick-shaped sharpener to the blade at an angle of 15 to 20 degrees and sharpen while maintaining that angle (do it evenly on both sides of the blade).

・ If this does not restore sharpness, use a whetstone or sharpening kit.


Master the Victorinox knife!


Victorinox knife


Victorinox multi-tool knives are simple, lightweight, and easy to use, and one knife with dozens of multi-tools is indispensable not only for outdoor activities but also for daily life. If you use it correctly, you will surely be a reliable person. Enjoy the mountains with a Victorinox knife!


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