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A folding knife is a type that can store the blade in the handle. It does not have the versatility of a tool knife, but it is characterized by many highly artistic models that are particular about design and materials. It’s not necessary, but it’s a tool to improve your status as an outdoor enthusiast.


110 Folding Hunter 01, Shieldon 110 Folding Hunter 02, Shieldon

110 folding hunter

A legendary model in the camping knife world. Buck’s bestseller, inheriting the name of the world’s first folding knife with lock “110”. Blade length 87 mm.


770 Flash Point 01, Shieldon 770 Flash Point 02, Shieldon

770 Flash Point

A blade with a wave blade that can be used for multiple purposes. The highly designed aluminium handle has a built-in non-slip rubber. The easy-to-carry carabiner can also be used as a bottle opener. Blade length 73 mm.



P3G 01, Shieldon P3G 02, Shieldon


The cocobolo handle is super beautiful! The unique 3G steel blade, which has high hardness and prevents the blade from spilling, has a thumb stud that can be easily opened and closed with one hand. Blade length 77 mm.


TK3 01, Shieldon TK3 02, Shieldon


Uses 3G steel with long-lasting sharpness. Cocobolo material is used for the handle. The blade is engraved with “Tre Knorr (three crowns)”, indicating the use of 3G steel. Blade length 70 mm.


GP 01, Shieldon GP 02, Shieldon


A beautiful item that can be used or decorated with a slim design that is too beautiful. A small and beautiful book when stored. It uses steel that is easy to sharpen and has excellent toughness. Comes with a luxurious wooden vanity case, perfect as a gift. Blade length 78 mm.



New Folding Hunter Cocobolo Wood 01, Shieldon New Folding Hunter Cocobolo Wood 02, Shieldon

New Folding Hunter Cocobolo Wood

Uses a rare cocobolo handle. A slightly hard steel material called “ATS-34” is used for the blade. Three sizes are available with blade lengths of 60 mm (S), 73 mm (M), and 90 mm (L).


Leatherman (LEATHERMAN)

SKELETOOL KBX 01, Shieldon SKELETOOL KBX 02, Shieldon


Beautiful and light! Skeleton design. Over 100g is a standard folding knife and weighs 42.5g. Since it has a wave blade, it is highly versatile. Blade length 66 mm.



TASMAN SALT 2 01, Shieldon TASMAN SALT 2 02, Shieldon


Blade shape that is good at rope cutting. With an inwardly curved blade that makes it easy to cut mountain climbing ropes and fishing nets, it is also convenient for picking edible wild plants and for gardening. The edge can be opened and closed with one hand! Blade length 74 mm



Stainless Steel Knife 01, Shieldon Stainless Steel Knife 02, Shieldon

Stainless steel knife

A masterpiece of a traditionally French brand. A long-selling outdoor knife that hasn’t changed much since it was invented in 1890.


Round Tip Knife No.7 01, Shieldon Round Tip Knife No.7 02, Shieldon

Round tip knife No.7

This is the first time you use a beginner pocket knife. It features a round cutting edge for knife beginners who are afraid of sharp tips. As the first one to give to children. Blade length 75 mm.


No.8 Outdoor 01, Shieldon No.8 Outdoor 02, Shieldon

No.8 Outdoor

Uses a highly versatile half-wave blade. With a wave blade that makes it easy to cut ropes such as climbing ropes and tension ropes. The handle is made of highly durable resin. Blade length 85 mm.

Takeda knife

Ironwood 12 01, Shieldon Ironwood 12 02, Shieldon

Ironwood 12

A folding knife made by a blacksmith. Takeda Knife is a blacksmith in Niimi City, Okayama Prefecture, which has been in business for 80 years. Mr Matsumizu Takeda, the third generation, makes a modern knife by Japanese style forging. The inscription of the heart mark is also pop. Double-edged. Blade length 92 mm, blade thickness 3 mm.


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