Thorough review of Workman “TANOSHIBI Lightweight Hand EDCs”!

Thorough review of Workman “TANOSHIBI Lightweight Hand EDCs”!, Shieldon

Hello! It is SLOW CAMP of EDC YouTuber. This time, we will review “TANOSHIBI Lightweight Hand EDCs” from Workman’s NEW gear that started in earnest in 2022 this year! Although it has a full tongue structure, it is lightweight and not bad for sharpness. We will also tell you how it feels when you actually crack the firewood, so please use it as a reference when choosing a hatchet!


Get “TANOSHIBI Lightweight Hand EDCs” that appeared in Workman 2022 new work presentation!

A number of NEW gears were unveiled at Workman’s 2022 new release on September 30, 2021.


From that, I bought the product I was interested in. It is a hatchet “TANOSHIBI lightweight hand EDC”!


Many of the products in the field that Workman is good at are Workman originals, but it seems that familiar manufacturer’s products such as “Takagi” and “Montana” are also used for tools.


TANOSHIBI Lightweight Hand EDC is a product of “TAKAGI”!


Product information of “TANOSHIBI Lightweight Hand EDCs”

Let’s take a look at “TANOSHIBI Lightweight Hand EDCs”!


[TANOSHIBI Lightweight Hand EDCs Specs]

  • Size: 2.3 x 8.2 x 31.5 cm
  • Weight: 401g
  • Material: Blade / Stainless steel (SUS420J2), Grip / ABS resin / thermoplastic rubber coating, Case / Nylon

Thorough review of Workman “TANOSHIBI Lightweight Hand EDCs”!, Shieldon

Takagi TAKAGI Fun Fire Lightweight Hand EDCs

[Product Name] Kogi TAKAGI Fun Fire Lightweight Hand EDC For wood splitting Set contents: Main body x 1, Case x 1 Material / Main body: Stainless steel (SUS420J2) ・ Grip: ABS resin + thermoplastic rubber coating ・ Case: Nylon Country of manufacture: China Original size: 2.3 x 8.2 x 31.5 cm, body: weight: 0.401 kg


I confirmed that it is sold on Amazon and Rakuten, but the prices are also different.


It seems that it is sold only at stores, so please visit the store when purchasing at Workman.


Lightweight as the name suggests!

It’s just called “lightweight”, so it’s smaller and lighter than the hatchet I use all the time.


Sturdy stainless steel full tongue structure

A sharp cutting edge that can also custom feather sticks!


We will verify the sharpness in the second half, so please look forward to it!


It is solid with a full tongue structure of stainless steel (about 4 mm thick).


The grip is also moderately thick and easy to grip.


People of the same generation who thought it was like Zaku’s Heat Hawk (laughs).


Comes with a case

It comes with a nylon sheath, so it doesn’t seem to matter if you dig it into the gear container as it is.


There is a loop on the back that allows you to pass it through the belt, so you can always keep it on your waist!


Compare with Astro Products (AP) hatchet

I usually use a hatchet from a manufacturer called Astro Products (AP) that handles tools.


It’s an affordable hatchet that you can wholesale for around $20, but it’s also useful for chopping wood!


Size comparison

  • Lightweight hand EDC: total length 31.5 cm, weight 410 g
  • AP: Overall length 38 cm, weight 850 g


The AP is larger overall, but the length of the blade length is almost the same.


Shape comparison

The center of gravity is centered on the AP head and the lightweight hand-acquis.


If you compare the blade thickness, you can see that AP is considerably thicker.


AP has no sheath

The AP does not come with a sheath, only the cover that covers the tip.


I’m about to lose the AP cover several times, so I want a sheath that covers the whole thing …

The lightweight hand-acquis that comes with a fine sheath is a bargain.


Compatible with Workman “Paraffin Canvas Square Tote”

Workman’s “Paraffin Canvas Square Tote” that I recently wholesaled.


The 38cm AP is oversized, but the lightweight hand EDC is just the right size.


I’m glad that the lightweight and small ax doesn’t take up much space even if you put it in the gear container.

Thorough review of Workman “TANOSHIBI Lightweight Hand EDCs”!, Shieldon

D014 Paraffin Canvas Square Tote | Workman Official Online Store

Free shipping on mail orders at Workman official online stores if you receive them at Workman stores nationwide! Free shipping on wholesale over $100! It is possible to store the hottest EDC clothing, popular winter clothing, and cool work clothes in stores. Paraffin canvas square tote (free gray)


TANOSHIBI Challenge the feather stick with a lightweight hand EDC!

I wore Workman’s gloves to custom the feather sticks.


It’s $1, included product that is more profitable than wholesaling for $1, but it grips firmly. One point of fried egg is also playful and my favorite!


Let’s custom a feather stick.


The shaving taste is “gritty” and it is difficult to put in force.

It’s a little subtle.

It would be different if you sharpen the cutting edge, but is it just used when you forget the knife?


After all Mora knife with outstanding sharpness!

Let’s custom a feather stick with the Mora knife (stainless steel) that you always use!


It feels like the blade is slipping in. Lightweight hand EDC is the difference between cloud and mud.


It’s a strange story to compare because the usage is different, but after all Mora knife cuts well!


TANOSHIBI Challenge to chop wood with lightweight hand EDC and AP! Verify sharpness

From here, we will chop wood!


In order to check the sharpness of the lightweight hand EDC, let’s compare it with the AP that appeared earlier.


Conifer x AP

First, divide the coniferous trees that are often used for burning by AP.


Since the head has a center of gravity, leave it to centrifugal force and split the firewood with force.


I’ve never used an expensive hatchet, but a cheap hatchet works well.


Conifer x Lightweight Hand EDC

Then break the conifers with a lightweight hand-acquis.


The weight of the head cannot be used to force it.


It doesn’t have a striking power, but it seems that coniferous trees can handle it without difficulty.


Hardwood x AP

Next, divide the hard and long-lasting hardwood by AP.


The moment the scone and firewood split in two is exhilarating!


Hardwood x TANOSHIBI Lightweight Hand EDC

Finally, I tried hardwood with TANOSHIBI lightweight hand EDC, but the blade does not easily get into the firewood.


In such a case, batoning! TANOSHIBI Hit the back of the lightweight EDC with firewood.


It broke without any problem in batoning.


If it is a small hardwood, it can be divided as it is, so TANOSHIBI lightweight hand EDC is a place where the sharpness is quite good for its small size.


TANOSHIBI People who recommend lightweight EDCs

For those who recommend TANOSHIBI Lightweight EDC,


Those who want a hatchet that is reasonably sharp and easy to carry.


In addition, it is also attractive that it is sold at a low price unique to Workman at $17.8.


Recommended for those who want to keep prices down!


When choosing an ax, each person has a different camping style, such as portability, striking power, and appearance, so what do you use it for? Think carefully and choose the ax that suits your style.


The new Workman camping gear “TANOSHIBI Lightweight Hand EDCs”! Pay attention to the hatchet of portability & copse

We have reviewed “TANOSHIBI Lightweight Hand EDCs”, one of the new gears that joined Workman in 2022!


It’s not very sharp, but it’s compatible with hard hardwoods, and I think it’s a gear with excellent portability and good cost performance. If you are looking for a hatchet, check it out!


You can see the contents introduced in this article in more detail in the video. Please check it!


▼ Click here for “TANOSHIBI Lightweight Hand EDCs”

Thorough review of Workman “TANOSHIBI Lightweight Hand EDCs”!, Shieldon

Takagi Fun Fire Lightweight Hand EDC: 20211014082710-00121: Coretta –Mail Order –Yahoo! Shopping

Kogi TAKAGI Fun Fire Lightweight Hand EDCs [Product description] -Original size: 2.3 x 8.2 x 31.5 cm, body: Weight: 0.401 kg-For chopping wood-Set contents: body x 1, case x 1-Material / body: Stainless steel (SUS420J2), Grip: ABS resin + thermoplastic rubber coating, Case: Nylon, Country of manufacture: China [Size] Height: 4.60 cm Width: 15.70 cm Depth: 35.60 cm Weight: 480.0 g * The size at the time of packing .. Please note that it is not the size of the product itself.


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