There is no doubt that the Bushcrafter Reserve will also be addicted to it! 5 rugged blade gears from that popular brand

Rugged Blade Gears 01, Shieldon

Barebones that proposes functional items while looking retro. The popular railroad lantern is familiar, but in fact there are many other outdoor EDC gears that stimulate the man’s heart! From among them, I tried the ability of the blade gear that would be the immediate force of Bushcraft.


“Barebones blades are good, aren’t they?”

Rugged Blade Gears 02, Shieldon

The editorial staff who is familiar with the Shieldon channel, but the gear I’m addicted to recently is the barebones field hatchet. When I got it for use in Bushcraft, I heard that it was so easy to use that I couldn’t let go of it.


I wanted an ax while camping in a camp style. I’ve been looking at various things, but honestly, all of them seem to be a little expensive.


At that time, the Barebones Field Hatchet was released. It was in the right price range, but above all, I fell in love with the looks. Now I’m also interested in other blade gears.


He was also attracted to the design that does not cover the surroundings. Speaking of barebones design, this popular item is excellent.


“Of course, the barebones lantern is also good, isn’t it?”

Rugged Blade Gears 03, Shieldon

By the way, this is the Barebones Railroad Lantern that is currently breaking. Barebones, which has various other gears, is a brand started in 2012 by the founder of Goal Zero. We are developing unique functional beauty items that combine the latest technology with a rugged design based on vintage products.


In addition, the backbone of the brand is full of charm! But if you want to dig deeper into that area, check here!


Why did you fall in love with “Field Hatchet”?

Rugged Blade Gears 04, Shieldon

I bought a field hatchet because I was attracted to its looks, but now I’m also fascinated by its functionality. Thanks to that, it seems that the bushcraft fever is getting higher. In fact, what’s so good?


First of all, I don’t get tired of seeing the straight and long handle, but it’s really easy to handle. It has an exquisite size that is easy to handle with one hand, and it is also convenient to change the grip location according to the purpose.

Rugged Blade Gears 05, Shieldon

Rugged Blade Gears 06, Shieldon

The head is not that heavy, but if you hold it for a long time and swing it down, you can easily break thick firewood by centrifugal force. On the other hand, when using thin firewood, hold it short and emphasize control. Also, you can custom “snacks cucumber” with an ax-headed hammer that can also hit pegs (laughs).

Rugged Blade Gears 07, Shieldon

Somehow, the tip of the handle on the head side is struck vertically, but what are you doing?


The ax can be separated from the head and handle for easy maintenance. In the case of field hatchet, the closer the handle is to the head, the slightly thicker it becomes, so if you want to fix the head firmly, you can do it vertically with the handle facing up. By doing this regularly, you can use it for a long time with peace of mind.


Somehow, it seems that he is using it firmly. I’ve always liked knives, and maybe it goes well with blade gear.


I also tried other Barebones blades

So, as I was addicted to Bushcraft, I decided to have other blades tried. In fact, Barebones has released various blade gears. Moreover, they all have an attractive appearance. What is your ability?


“Japanese Ax 2.0” with the image of a Japanese hatchet

Rugged Blade Gears 08, Shieldon

First of all, from “Japanese Ax 2.0”, which became a hot topic in word of mouth as soon as it was released, and continues to be an exceptional hit as a blade gear.


As the name suggests, it features a long blade inspired by the traditional US tool, the hatchet. It’s a versatile tool that can be used for various purposes.

Rugged Blade Gears 09, Shieldon

It’s my first time to use Nata, but it’s a lot of fun! The branch cuts in an interesting way. The ax has a stronger cutting power, but since the steel material is solid, it can be conveniently used not only for pruning but also for cutting thick branches.

Rugged Blade Gears 10, Shieldon

Rugged Blade Gears 11, Shieldon

To be honest, I thought that the ax would be more suitable for my bonfire style, but I have to change my mind a little. The balance between length and weight is also excellent. It’s very easy to handle.

Rugged Blade Gears 12, Shieldon

Rugged Blade Gears 13, Shieldon

Moreover, unlike US ax, the tip is also a blade. This is easy to use again! Delicate work can be afforded. You see, it was sharpened beautifully! I feel like I understand why it is selling.


“Plus Kiax” with a beautiful form that makes you want to decorate

Rugged Blade Gears 14, Shieldon

Next is “Plus Kiax,” which looks so beautiful that you’ll want to display it on a tent site or garage. A head with a round blade that can also be used as a shovel is mounted on a long handle with a total length of over 60 cm.


Since the handle has steel parts set at the end, it can also be used like a hammer.


Let’s go! One shot of thick firewood broke! It can be swung down comfortably and has high crushing power. It may be convenient when making firewood from logs.

Rugged Blade Gears 15, Shieldon

Rugged Blade Gears 16, Shieldon

The round blade on the other side can be used in various ways, such as scraping the bark for burning. When using here, it is safer to attach a case to the blade on the ax side.

Rugged Blade Gears 17, Shieldon

The hammer at the tip of the handle is surprisingly easy to use. I also used it when hitting a hanger rack made of Y-shaped branches. It’s heavy, so it’s good to be able to drive it without putting too much effort.


“No6 Field Knife 2.0” that demonstrates sharp sharpness

Rugged Blade Gears 18, Shieldon

The “Field Knife”, which is useful not only in Bushcraft but in every scene, is a gem that all campers want to keep in their gear containers.


It is quite tough because it is a full tongue specification with the blade connected to the handle part. Furthermore, the high carbon steel blade has excellent sharpness. The walnut handle seems to enjoy beautiful aging!


This can be messed up! I have tried various knives so far, but it may be the first time I can cut it so far by putting it out of the box. The blade is thick and full tongue, so it’s light but very tough. It is comfortable to use with a sense of security. It seems easy to maintain.

Rugged Blade Gears 19, Shieldon

It’s easy to custom feather sticks because it cuts smoothly. Personally, this is a buy. I want to use it as my main knife in the future.


“Timber Saw” that follows the North American style

Rugged Blade Gears 20, Shieldon

The last is a saw that can also be used as a custom tool. This “Timber Saw” has an impressive round silhouette, which is a traditional North American style. It’s more stylish than a saw in a tool store.


It is safe to have one because you can surely cut thick branches and firewood without using more force than an ax or hatchet. It is a reliable existence.

Rugged Blade Gears 21, Shieldon

As a first impression, it is easy to hold. You can hang your finger firmly on the handle, so you can pull it without much effort.

Rugged Blade Gears 22, Shieldon

The round silhouette is also easy to use. It may be easy to cut logs. It may be the right size when you bring it as gear at camp. I think the case is also cool.


Barebones blades were full of talent

Rugged Blade Gears 23, Shieldon

While trying each blade, I noticed that a camp-style tent site was completed. The sun has just fallen, so I decided to enjoy the bonfire. So, finally, let’s hear the general review of the blades we have dealt with this time.


I liked the field hatchet and used it, but I didn’t think all the other blade gears were so easy to use. A feeling of size is also ideal for camping.


When you actually use it, you will want to have it in the series. And it seems that he found the direction of the whole brand by using various blade items.


It looks good, but it’s more practical than that, so it might be similar to a railroad lantern. It’s barebones, isn’t it? Thanks to that, I was able to create the site I wanted to do today. Today, I will continue to enjoy the bonfire here!

Rugged Blade Gears 24, Shieldon

Apparently, the barebones blade gear is not only a gem in design, but also in functionality and ease of use. As a newcomer to Bushcraft, he casually created a handsome site and proved his ability.


First of all, why don’t you pick up the one you care about? It will surely expand the range of camping styles!


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