The popular multi-tool transforms into a wolf in sheep’s skin!

Although it is an amateur work, we share DIY methods and ideas centred on gears that can be used in camping with the motto “Create, make, use”. DIY information dissemination is fun to make camping goods for your products …

The popular multi-tool transforms into a wolf in sheep’s skin!, Shieldon

The black-green multi-tool, a special appendix for the 30th anniversary of the first issue of the July 2011 issue, was very popular, but since it did not have a knife, the actual scenes to use even after getting it was limited. .. After the announcement of the multi-tool re-appearance for the first time in about ten years, I was excited and waited for the day of release.

My misunderstanding was that the 2020 red-black model had a sized knife not to violate the Firearms and Swords Act, so I was slightly shocked when I touched the blade (laughs).

I presume that there was probably considerable debate within the company about what kind of knife to use. Still, I think that the decision to use a mini paper-knife was made in consideration of the reader’s safety.

On the other hand, Daiso has a multi-tool of the same size and similar appearance for 300 yen, but it has a mini knife and a blade that can cut branches. Since it is a famous appendix, I wanted to use it regularly in solo camp, so I transplanted a mini knife and customized it, aiming for one multi-tool in the world.

Now that I’m compiling the article, I came up with the idea of removing the nail file from the 2011 black-green model and transplanting Daiso’s mini knife here as well. I will try it soon.

remove the screws

Each model is assembled with Torx screws, and with a Torx wrench T9 or T10, you can easily remove the screws.

However, it is advisable to observe the position of each tool in advance closely. If you take it apart casually, you will probably have a headache (laughs).


curred like a domino effect (laughs). It may be hard to see, but it is misaligned.

I made a note of each tool’s order and the position of the spacer in advance, so it was pretty good.

mini knife

Right: 2020 model mini paper knife

Left: Daiso’s mini knife

You can’t tell the difference unless you touch the blade lightly.

The popular multi-tool transforms into a wolf in sheep’s skin!, Shieldon

Since the grip’s design was the same, I removed the green plastic parts from the 2011 model, transplanted them to this tool, and warmed up the idea of customization even before the release to make it red-green.

I tried to challenge, but I gave up because I could not remove only the black part from the 2020 model due to the internal structure difference, although I could remove the green part.

I know that there will be no change in performance, but if it is realized, it will be regrettable because the appearance has changed significantly (laughs).

the work of assembling

It’s difficult to tell in the picture, but the work of assembling the long screws through each tool and spacer is like going three steps forward and two steps down, which requires patience (laughs).

My eyes were flickering for a while.

The popular multi-tool transforms into a wolf in sheep’s skin!, Shieldon

I’m not good at making feather sticks, but I can use soft, thin materials such as cypress with sharp edges.

Oh, I used Daiso’s knife and then a whetstone to sharpen it.

The appearance does not change, but I praise myself as a wolf covered with sheep’s skin (laughs). It was detailed work, but thanks to you, I was able to enjoy the work.

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