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Outdoor Equipment 01, Shieldon

A joint exhibition for select shops, MONTAGE, was held at TOC Ariake from February 8th (Tuesday) to 10th (Thursday), 2022. As expected, it is for select shops, and there are many items that are a bit different from major factories. This is coming next! We will pick up and introduce the latest outdoor equipment that will be released in the future.


New products to be worried about one after another!

Outdoor Equipment 02, Shieldon

Infiltrated the joint exhibition “Montage” visited by highly sensitive select shop buyers. Various brands such as outdoor, interior, and green have booths, and there are products of interest here and there at the venue!


Therefore, this time, we will introduce the “break candidate” items that are likely to be popular this year, which we found at the exhibition.


Convenient items that can reach the itch “GRN GENERAL LIFE” one after another

Outdoor Equipment 03, Shieldon

“GRN GENERAL LIFE” derived from GRN outdoor. It is a brand that proposes products that are closer to everyday life with Jenaka Yesoto. Pick up the hot items scheduled to be released from March to April!


“Key strap” that is magnetic and will not be lost anymore

Outdoor Equipment 04, Shieldon

At first glance, it looks like a normal key strap, but it has a built-in magnet. You no longer have to worry about finding car keys or house keys that you tend to lose track of.

Outdoor Equipment 05, Shieldon

At home, I slammed on the front door. At the camp, just stick it to the pole! The price is $8.8, which is kind to your wallet even if you have it for your family. With this, you can reduce the trouble of searching for “key where”.


You can combine your smartphone and wallet into one.

Outdoor Equipment 06, Shieldon

A “card bank bag” that can be used as a wallet with a smartphone. With a strap that can be hung diagonally, you can put together a set of valuables without the need for a bag.

Outdoor Equipment 07, Shieldon

As you can see, there are plenty of pockets! I recommend using it as a maternal and child handbook or a medical examination ticket case. Generally, there are many cute designs, but this is a design that is easy for dads who are raising children to have.


Cordura nylon is used as the material, and it is available in four colors: black, coyote, paisley, and duck. It’s also good as a one-mile bag that you can easily use for going out “a little bit”.


“Omamori Tag Case” to protect children and pets with Apple tags

Outdoor Equipment 08, Shieldon

Many people use Apple’s “air tag” (a gadget that detects location information) to prevent the loss of important things and to prevent children and pet dogs from getting lost while camping or going out.


“Omamori Tag Case” is a small case that can store such an air tag. A set of 3 is $27.5. Since it has a carabiner and can be hung and fixed, there is no need to worry about dropping the entire case.


Items other than Jug were amazing for “Collaps”!

Outdoor Equipment 09, Shieldon

First of all, pay attention to dog goods that can be used in the camping scene from “Collaps”, which was a big hit with the foldable water jug last year!


The fashionable design and gimmick that is addictive to everyday walking outfits is a must-see for dog lovers.


Portable dog water bottle & poop bag holder

Outdoor Equipment 01, Shieldon

The water bottles needed for walking goods are now fashionable from Collaps.


A leaf-shaped silicon sheet is attached along the bottle, and when turned inside out, it transforms into a tray! You can feed water and dog food as it is. At the top of the bottle, there is a carabiner that can be attached to a bag pack or a walking bag, making it extremely portable.

Outdoor Equipment 11, Shieldon

In addition, a poop bag holder with a carabiner (a poop bag case for excrement) is also included for $35. This is scheduled to be released in March.


While there are many strolling goods with bright coloring in general, the chic and smart-looking Collaps products are eye-catching. In addition, we are planning to develop a silicon “dog bowl” that can be folded compactly.


You don’t have to use a knife or oil! Rust-free iron pot “Tetsu”

Outdoor Equipment 12, Shieldon

Discover an interesting brand that overturns the common sense that “iron pots are rusty”! The name is also “Tetsu”. Introducing the rust-free iron pot series that does not require seasoning and is made by Now Sangyo Co., Ltd., a metal processing factory in Ayase City, Kanagawa Prefecture.


By the way, the secret to avoiding rust is that the finished iron pot is “Chicka black dyed”.


What is the ticker black dyeing process?

Outdoor Equipment 13, Shieldon

A chemical treatment that once rusts the surface layer and allows nitrogen to permeate and diffuse. It has the effect of increasing wear resistance and corrosion resistance, and unlike fluorine processing, it is not a coating, so it does not come off and lasts for a long time.


A lifelong mini bread “Tetsu Konabe set” that can also be used for solos

Outdoor Equipment 14, Shieldon


“Tetsu Konabe set” with a lid on an iron pot. If the lid is turned inside out, it can also be used as an iron frying pan.


The size of the iron pot of the main body is W270 x D180 x H32 mm (bottom φ110 mm). The size of the lid is W266 x D166 x H25 mm (top surface φ115 mm). It’s a size that is easy to use even for a little smoking depending on the idea.


There are a wide range of scenes that can be used with gas stoves, IH, open flames, charcoal fires, and ovens, and it is inevitable to play an active part at home or outdoors!


In addition, it has been confirmed that “iron elution” is a characteristic of iron pots, and it is possible to remove iron by cooking with Tetsu.


Large size is also recommended for families

Outdoor Equipment 15, Shieldon

The Tetsu series also has a lineup of square models and large-sized round pots. For those who do not need a lid, there is also a pot sold separately, so why not choose one that suits your needs?


If you are looking for fashionable cases, “Weekender”

Outdoor Equipment 16, Shieldon

Weekender, which is popular for storage cases and bags, we will introduce tools made of reflection materials that are convenient to have.


For tissue cover “Tente Reflection” NEW Fluorescent color joins the ranks!

Outdoor Equipment 17, Shieldon

Outdoor tissue cover using reflection fabric and waterproof zipper.

Outdoor Equipment 18, Shieldon

Until now, there were two colors, silver and black silver, but new fluorescent colors yellow, orange and black are now available. The material that reflects when exposed to light and the waterproof fastener that prevents water from entering make it a perfect product for outdoor activities.

Outdoor Equipment 19, Shieldon

It is also recommended for people who are always worried about storing kitchen paper with a sense of life! This is $20.


“Slower” that can expand the convenience of the table

Outdoor Equipment 20, Shieldon

“SLOWER” proposes items that can be used in a variety of situations, from indoors to outdoors, depending on how you use them. A little later, I would like to introduce the items scheduled to be released in June. It is a convenient item that can be cute and cool depending on how you use it!


“Table clamp ram” that makes full use of the space on the table

Outdoor Equipment 21, Shieldon

Have you ever wanted to illuminate the light directly above the table, but didn’t illuminate the area you wanted to illuminate? In such a case, try introducing this!


“Table clamp ram” is a convenient item that allows you to install U-shaped clamps on both sides of the top plate and install bars on the table.

Outdoor Equipment 22, Shieldon

As you can see, it is possible to hang the light! It is said that it was made according to the “folding table” sold by the same brand, but it is also outstandingly versatile.


It can be used for any table as long as the thickness of the top plate is within 40 mm and the width is within 1140 to 1940 mm. The height of the bar is fixed at 960 mm.

Outdoor Equipment 23, Shieldon

It’s good to hang a tissue that gets in the way when you put it on the table, or you can hang a pocket-shaped case as shown in the picture. You can also hang a garland etc. to create a fashionable site!


Why not take full advantage of the space on the table that you have missed so far?


There are many other exciting items!

In addition to the items introduced this time, there are many attractive new products throughout the venue. There is no sign that the excitement of the outdoor market will decline this year as well! Keep an eye on the latest outdoor equipment this year as well.

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