The Machete Manual: Tips for Use, Safety, and Maintenance

The machete is a versatile tool, widely used for clearing brush, chopping wood, and even for farming tasks. This manual is designed to give you practical tips and advice on how to use a machete effectively and safely. Whether you are a seasoned tool user or a beginner, understanding how to handle, maintain, and store […]

The Diver’s Invisible Companion: The Multi-Role of Dive Knives

Divers carry knives for a multitude of reasons – to cut away tangled lines, free trapped equipment, defend against dangerous marine life, or even as an emergency signaling device. This indispensable tool tucked neatly into a leg strap or BCD pocket serves divers in expected and unexpected ways, making it a true invisible companion on […]

Gentleman Style | Appreciation of William Henry’s Works ——William Henry B30 OUTBACK

William Henry B30 OUTBACK, aerospace-grade titanium handle inlaid with desert ironwood handle, hand-forged Nichols Torrent Damascus steel blade, button and push button inlaid with spinel gemstones, total length 17.8 cm, limited to 250 pieces worldwide, certificate, box, U disk, leather case. About William Henry In the world, there is only one jewelry/knife brand that is […]

The Ultimate Guide to Using Chinese Kitchen Knives

The rectangular Chinese kitchen knife has the simplest appearance, but the skill of using the knife is the most profound, and the knife skills are also the most complicated. The correct grip of the knife is the basis for familiarity with Chinese knife skills.   The usage of kitchen knives varies according to the shape […]

Traditional materials of Islamic cold weapons

The raw materials and ingredients of the ancient weapons of the Islamic nations include iron, copper, steel, gold, silver, jade, coral and other various decorative accessories.   This classification is briefly described as follows:   01 iron The ancient Indians used to forge and smelt iron extensively in ancient times. From 1000 to 2000, the […]

The Best Hunting Knives in 2021

Hunting knives come in many shapes, designs and sizes. But one thing that connects all of them is their function. Every knife maker in the world knows better than to make a weak hunting knife considering the type of work they are subjected to. We are going to explore the best hunting knives that are […]

Knife Making Basics Featured in the Production of Shieldon Knives

Shieldon is one of the leading knife manufacturers in China and around the world. The company was established in 1998 and has over the years continued to offer incredible knife options to its customers. The company prides itself on offering the best outdoor knife options designed to cater to your specific needs. The knives produced […]

What Makes a Good Knife Blade, and Why Design Matters – Shieldon

Knife blades come in all shapes and sizes, but what makes a knife blade good? And why does design matter? In this article, we’ll explore knife blades and what makes them so special.   There are numerous moving components in a cool pocket knife, and they all have a purpose.   Different knives have different […]

Top Forging Techniques and Process for Knives

Everybody knows what a knife looks like. There’s the blade, the handle, the cutting edge, the sheaths, and so many other parts that combine to give the knife structure and functionality. But how well do you know how knives are made? Hunting and folding camping knives are very unique when it comes to designs and […]