The Ultimate Guide to Using Chinese Kitchen Knives

The rectangular Chinese kitchen knife has the simplest appearance, but the skill of using the knife is the most profound, and the knife skills are also the most complicated. The correct grip of the knife is the basis for familiarity with Chinese knife skills.   The usage of kitchen knives varies according to the shape […]

Archeology of the Origin of Japanese Cold Weapons Manufacturing

The inherently cold weapons of the Japanese Yamato nation are most distinctive in their own swords. In the “Ancient Sword Era” before the Taiping and Tianqing years (931-946 AD), the Japanese learned to forge swords and swords, and then gradually rejected imported products and naturalized China, and gradually made their own valuable swords and swords […]

A Survival Knife Guide for Hunters and Campers

Making the conscious decision to leave the comfort of your own home to go out into the wild to hunt or camp takes courage. Outdoor life can be unforgiving when you come face to face with the elements, and survival becomes a matter of life and death. This is why hunting and camping expeditions are […]

Shieldon recommended! 5 best “camping knives” with a blade length of 10-12 cm.

Above is JOKER’s “Stag Handle / Outdoor Knife.” Weight 145g. Below is also “Bushcraft knife with fire steel.” Weight 183g. Sheath knives (knives that put the blade in a sheath) have a more straightforward structure than folding knives, so they are sturdy and easy to handle. It is attractive that it can be used for […]