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The American manufacturer “Spyderco” is known mainly for outdoor folding knives. However, even if you try to buy it, if you are a beginner, you do not know which point to check.


In this article, we will introduce the features of Spyderco knives, how to choose them, and recommended products. We will explain the points such as easy-to-use model and sharpness, so please refer to it.


Features of Spyderco Knives

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Spyderco knife with a black handle.


“Spyderco knife” is an American knife maker established in 1978. Folding outdoor knives are the mainstream product. Its variety and ease of use have been favored all over the world.


The big feature is the hole in the knife. This hole allows you to operate it with one hand even while wearing gloves, making it a great success for mountaineering and climbing. There are three types of blades, including wavy blades and straight blades. The wave blade has a shape devised so that it can cut even hard-to-cut materials.


A design that considers safety design will be useful in case of emergency. It is also recommended to keep it as a disaster prevention product. A ceramic grindstone that does not require water is also sold separately for maintenance.


Representative series


Let’s take a look at the series of Spyderco knives that boast many models.


Lightweight and easy to use dragonfly

Spyderco Knives 03, Shieldon

Spyderco “Dragon Fly 2 Salt FRN (C28YL2)”


“Dragonfly” is used for a wide range of purposes from outdoor activities to daily work. Lightweight and compact, with a variety of handle colors, there is also a type with excellent durability and waterproofness.


There is a wide range of factors to choose from, so even beginners can easily find the one that suits them.


Waterside is OK with Endura and Pacific Salt

Spyderco Knives 04, Shieldon

Spyderco “Pacific Salt 2 (C91BK2)”


“Endura” is characterized by using a rust-resistant material. Although it is a large type of Spyderco in terms of size, it can be used sufficiently even at the beach.


Some Pacific Salts have excellent corrosion resistance, making them suitable for waterside outdoor scenes.


Small and easy-to-carry ladybugs and cricket

Spyderco Knives 05, Shieldon

Spyderco “Lady Bug 3 Salt RN (LYL3)”


Mini-sized ladybugs and “cricket” are convenient to carry. The feature is that it is easy to use even for women with small hands. Many of them come with a key chain and can be easily attached to a bag, so they can be used as a key chain.


In particular, Ladybug is attractive because it is easy to obtain with a Spyderco knife at a reasonable price.


Harpies and civilians that can cut ropes and fishing lines quickly

Spyderco Knives 06, Shieldon

Spyderco “Harpy Stainless (C08)”


“Harpy” and “Civilian” are characterized by their blades bent in a dogleg shape. This shape makes it easy to cut ropes and fishing lines.


The harpy is made entirely of silver and stainless steel and is a well-established model with a beautiful appearance. The Civilian is one of the largest Spyderco-sized.


How to choose a Spyderco knife

Now let’s look at the basics of choosing a Spyderco knife. The points are the following three.


[1] Three-blade types with different sharpness

[2] The material and shape of the handle that affects the usability

[3] Blade lock type


By suppressing the above three points, you can know the function you want more specifics. I will explain each one.


[1] Check 3 blade types with different sharpness

Even with the same model, the Spyderco knife can be selected according to the shape and shape of the blade, and the shape of the blade is mainly a full-wave blade with waves in the entire area, a half-wave blade with half-waves, and a straight blade without waves. There are three types.


▼ Easily cut wet ropes! Full-wave blade with sharp sharpness

Spyderco Knives 07, Shieldon

Spyderco “Police Model Stainless Steel (C07)”


The full-wave blade is also known as “Spyderco Serration”, and this structure makes it easy to cut thick materials that are difficult to cut and thick wet ropes.


However, this unique shape is a little tricky when sharpening, so if you are worried, we recommend that you choose one that uses steel with good durability and strength.


▼ The half-wave blade that can be used properly with one blade

Spyderco Knives 08, Shieldon

Spyderco “Tenacious G-10 (C122GBBK)”


Half-wave blades are also called “half serrations”. As the name suggests, half of the cutting edge is a wave blade and half is a straight blade, and one knife can use two patterns. A nice feature is that the price is reasonable.


▼ Straight blade for beginners and easy to use

Spyderco Knives 09, Shieldon

Spyderco “Persistence G-10 (C136G)”


The straight blade called “plain” has a familiar shape, so it can be used as a kitchen knife and is easy for beginners to use.


Of course, it can be used in daily work without any problems, but when using it outdoors, it is better to choose one with excellent blade strength or sharpness.


[2] Check the material and shape of the handle that affect the usability

Spyderco Knives 10, Shieldon

Spyderco “Ambitious G-10 (C148)”


A Spyderco knife that allows you to choose the material of the handle depending on the model. Among them, the representative ones are “Zytel” and “G-10”. Zytel is a nylon resin and is characterized by high impact resistance and chemical resistance. Furthermore, it is resistant to water and does not easily deteriorate.


G-10 is a material called epoxy resin impregnated with glass fiber, which is light and durable. Both have high performance as a material for knives.


[3] Check the lock type of the blade

Spyderco Knives 11, Shieldon

Spyderco “St. Fante 3 FRN (C66BK3)”


As a portable knife, it is important to be able to carry it safely. Therefore, the back lock type is recommended. You can easily fix and release the blade with one hand by clicking the button, so it is safe and secure.


In addition, it is convenient to have a clip on the handle. Since it can be easily fixed to a pocket or belt loop, it also prevents loss.


Expert advice

“Spyderco belongs to a relatively new manufacturer in the world of knives. It is highly regarded for its rational design, which solves the difficulty of using a classical folding knife with its unique patented thumbhole design.”

“Safety that reduces accidents caused by inserting and removing blades is also suitable for outdoor and knife beginners. Most of them are made in G Sakai, Seki City, Gifu Prefecture, and the quality of Made in Japan is also reassuring.”


In this article, we have introduced how to choose Spyderco knives.

Examine the characteristics of each of the various models and series, and find the one that suits you best!


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