Какой любимый мультитул для повседневного ношения?

What Is The Favorite Multi-tool For Everyday Carry?, Shieldon

Multi-tools are the most adaptable of all the various types of daily carrying equipment. When building pocket tools, the two most important considerations are portability and adaptability. Gone are the days when the only known карманный нож was a Swiss Army knife with pliers. You can now find a variety of tools that do a lot of things while taking up the least amount of space.


Though it has aided in the completion of numerous daily duties, choosing the best and most affordable multi-tool is a difficult process. In this article, we will go through a variety of favorite tools for your daily needs and any other purpose you might need them. So, without further ado, let’s get this party started.


What Is The Appropriate Weight For a Multi-tool as an Everyday Carry-on?

As an everyday carry, the appropriate weight for a multi-tool is around 240 grams. Since these multitools play an important role in your daily activities, going for a lightweight multitool will be ideal. The weight is a vital consideration if you work for long hours and can carry it along with ease.


Functions of a Multitool

Most of us depend on multitools to make our daily operations easier. Not all multitools will perform their work perfectly, so it is essential to go for a multitool you can rely on. Ensure your multitool can complete the below functions.


Cutting Items. Your multitool should be able to help you cut items. Strong knives and scissors are frequently included in a high-quality and trustworthy multi-tool, ideal for light chores like cutting food and ropes during an outdoor excursion.


Although the knives in these gadgets are not as strong as ordinary pocket knives, they can nevertheless be handy instruments in situations. The blades are razor-sharp, and the size of the multitool determines the size.


Screwing and unscrewing. It’s difficult, if not impossible, to screw or unscrew bolts without a screwdriver. Multi-tools often have a couple of options for more extensive and smaller bolt sizes.


Gripping Items With Pliers. Pliers can be used in a variety of situations, both inside and outside the house. Плоскогубцы are primarily used to remove small items from surfaces, although they can also be used to fold or chip items such as tiles or wires. Choose a large multi-tool to get a balance of strength and portability when purchasing one.


Opening of bottles and cans. We all need to open a can or a bottle every so often, and this is why having this option on a multi-tool is valuable. It can be attached to the bottle or can, but it must be sturdy enough to withstand the pressure of opening a bottle or can. To avoid bending or rust contamination, use hardened, non-corrosive metal tools.

Type of Multi-tools

There are different мультиинструменты in the market and their weight and functions are important factors to put into consideration. Let us go through some of the types of multi-tools that are highly recommended.


OEM 20 в 1 армейском ноже

What Is The Favorite Multi-tool For Everyday Carry?, Shieldon

The OEM 20 In 1 Army Knife is a multitool model with 20 tools, making it one of the best among many army knives. It’s among the most versatile индивидуальные мультиинструменты that can be used in different Приложения including camping, outdoor activities, DIY work, and disaster preparedness supplies.


It’s a touch heavier, and the total size is thicker in relation to the number of tools, so it’s not ideal for everyday usage, and you will need to get used to using each tool properly. This type is suitable for people who frequently use tools for DIY projects. This multitool has a mass of 185 grams.


Gerber Truss

What Is The Favorite Multi-tool For Everyday Carry?, Shieldon

The Truss is an all-in-one multi-tool with 17 features designed to meet the stringent standards of professional users in a space-saving form. The goal of this full-size multi-tool is to reduce weight while maintaining functionality. The end product is a multi-tool of professional quality that bridges the gap between problem and solution.


The Truss, with its 17 handpicked tools, is designed to handle any and all jobs thrown at it, whether on the job site, at home, or everywhere in between. This multi-tool heeds the cry of the demanding user by editing the optimal toolset to eliminate unnecessary tools and include much-requested ones. This multitool has a weight of 238 grams.


SOG Powerlock

What Is The Favorite Multi-tool For Everyday Carry?, Shieldon

With rounded corners and tool frame covers, the SOG Powerlock has a clean, smooth design. Five fastener-related tools are available, including three sizes of flat screwdrivers, one screwdriver, and a 1/4-inch square drive to accept sockets. For increased leverage, the 1/4-inch driver can be angled 90 degrees from the tool body, but the frame cover must be removed first.


Лезерман Микра

What Is The Favorite Multi-tool For Everyday Carry?, Shieldon

The Leatherman Micra is one of the brand’s smallest multi-tools and greatest Leatherman tool, as it manages to fit ten tools into a single package. It’s 2.5 inches wide when closed, making it the ideal width. It is a lightweight multitool that weighs 51 grams.


Leatherman’s finest spring-action scissors, knife, tweezers, nail cutters, nail file, three screwdrivers, a bottle opener, and a ruler, are all included in the Micra. It is made of stainless steel and is available in several colors. It is without a doubt one of the best fishing multi-tools available.

Лезерман Вейв Плюс

What Is The Favorite Multi-tool For Everyday Carry?, Shieldon

Leatherman Wave Plus is a popular and among the best-selling multitools because of its superb mix of quality and price. The Wave Plus comes with the majority of the equipment that tradespeople and problem-solving need on a regular basis, as well as some handy extras to make life easier – all in one compact package.


Some may find the Wave Plus a little hefty for regular usage, but if you are the handy sort who uses a variety of tools on a daily basis, you will like the Wave Plus’s greater size and heft. The Wave Plus is a good option for you if you want to be prepared for everything and are ready to pay a little more for a high-quality multitool that will last for many years. It also weighs 8.5 oz.


Gerber Dime

What Is The Favorite Multi-tool For Everyday Carry?, Shieldon

The Gerber Dime tiny multitool is of high quality, especially considering its low price. The spring-loaded pliers are effective, the little scissors are sturdy, and the knife blade is razor-sharp. It also comes with miniature tweezers in case you get a splinter. With a weight of 2.4 oz, this multitool is lightweight.


When you are not using the tools, they all lock firmly into place, and the device feels strong and long-lasting. The Dime can be worn as a keychain or attached to a belt loop or backpack strap using a little carabiner. Anyone looking for a tiny, cheap multitool for everyday carry or use in the outdoors should consider the Dime.


Victorinox Swiss Army Classic SD

What Is The Favorite Multi-tool For Everyday Carry?, Shieldon

The best multitool is the one you have with you at all times, which is why the Victorinox Swiss Army Classic SD is one of our favorite everyday carry products. It includes everything you need for easy, light-duty jobs like opening packages and grooming, yet it’s so small and light that it’s barely detectable on a keychain.


It’s also why ultralight backpackers love it because of its weight of 0.7 oz. It’s great for blister treatment and other frequent trail needs, but it will barely add weight to your pack. These Victorinox swiss army classic SD are a must-have Мультиинструменты EDC for everyone, especially for those who wish to keep things simple.


Importance of Multitools


Adaptability. Multi-tools are fantastic since they may provide a variety of simple and effective answers to common problems. There are many options available, and if you have a little imagination, you can even customize them to employ their included solutions in novel ways.


While they may not be the greatest tool for complex tasks, they can perform the more typical little tasks, such as loosening or tightening screws, measuring something, opening a bottle, chopping, and so on. Multi-tools are the closest thing to a physical illustration of EDC principles in theory.


Convenience. If you come across a stray screw, or a stray thread, you will find that a multi-tool in your everyday carry is a far more accessible and rapid solution to solve the problem. It is more convenient than going to your toolbox, locating the right tool, finishing the work, and then returning it.


You don’t need to put everything on hold and refocus. To finish the job, all you have to do is reach into your pocket, grab the tool, and go to work. A multitool will save you time and aggravation.


Efficiency. You may not always require the use of a ruler, a screwdriver, a bottle opener, a nail puller, or any of the other tools included in a multi-tool. When you do, you’ll be delighted they were included.


Multi-tools are by far the most efficient way to transport a variety of tools in a small, portable package. Sure, you can come across a circumstance that isn’t so simple to handle, but those instances are uncommon.


These tools were created for a reason: the developers ran across challenges in their daily lives that they couldn’t handle with what they had on hand. As a result, they devised their own remedies.


Emergencies. Not all emergencies can be predicted. That’s why they are considered emergencies. You can only hope for the best while preparing for the worst. Having a multi-tool on hand is also a positive start in the right direction.


A multi-tool can be the difference between risk and success, whether you are stranded on a lonely stretch of road or have problems in your own home. Let us say you have locked yourself in a room by accident. If your multi-tool includes a screwdriver, you may easily remove the screws from the door and free yourself.


Portability. It is very easy to move around with your multitool. Some tools include pocket clips or are pre-wired to attach to a belt loop or keychain. Others include ways to carry some of your other goods, such as your keys, flashlight, and so on.


There are numerous tools that can simply fit into your pockets. If you don’t have a lot of room, your best bet is to find something that can hang outside of them or fit somewhere else, like your wallet. There are a few solutions that are very easy to transport and have a wide range of applications.


Disadvantages of Multi-tools

While multi-tools are useful small gadgets with several advantages, they do have a few disadvantages that you should be aware of.


Multi-tools Have the Potential to Limit Your Traveling Options. Carrying multi-tools and other фиксированные лезвия can limit where you can go. While multi-tools are fantastic small equipment that comes in handy in a variety of scenarios, they are prohibited in several places, establishments, and areas.


Despite their ability, multi-tools can’t do everything perfectly. A multi-basic tool’s concept is to combine the capabilities of numerous tools into a single, simple instrument. While this may appear to be a good idea in theory, multi-tools are generally less effective at executing a task than a tool dedicated completely to that task.



Up to this point, you should have ideas of what a favorite multi-tool is. Make this guide your stepping stone when seeking the best multitools. At Shieldon, a ножевая фабрика, we offer different types of multitools that could come in handy during your daily chores and camping. Our ISO certification is proof of our quality production. Kindly, give us a call and we will advise on the best multi-tool to fit your preferences.


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