Преодоление трипофобии: роль нескользящих алюминиевых весов с узором отверстий

Время выполнения


It took us an extensive 7 months of meticulous work and dedication to complete the model. Throughout the process, we made multiple modifications to the prototypes and ensured top-notch quality in mass production.

Как leading knife and tool manufacturer, Shieldon prides itself not only on helping customers create exceptional products but also on providing comprehensive market solutions that cater to their unique needs.

Our commitment to excellence sets us apart in the industry, making us the go-to partner for all your knife and tool requirements.


Как появился проект

This model comes highly recommended by a previous customer who was thoroughly impressed with our exceptional quality and reliability. After the successful completion of the initial product, he was so satisfied that he requested our additional services for several new designs he had in mind.

Previously, we assisted him with creating a fixed-blade knife, and now we have provided support in developing a folding knife.

As before, he sent us a basic 2D.STP file and asked for 3D structural and rendering images. After reviewing the files, we started prototyping, which eventually resulted in a mass production order.

Even though the minimum order quantity wasn’t large, we are fully dedicated to fulfilling each customer’s order with utmost responsibility.

Our customers have expressed great satisfaction with our production and shipping services. By assisting with various tasks, we allow them to focus on their sales and marketing efforts. In addition to our regular production work, we offer packaging printing and shipping/customs clearance.

Even customers without any foreign trade experience can easily order products from Shieldon, thanks to our convenient door-to-door service.

We usually ship goods via UPS/DHL/FedEx, ensuring they arrive in excellent condition without any additional duty fees. Shieldon is an exceptional OEM supplier that provides valuable support for your business.


Top Reasons Why Customers Choose Us

Мы предоставили структурный образ

Shieldon has an exceptional engineering team specializing in graphic design and 3D rendering. We understand that our customers often have great ideas but lack the means to bring them to life. That’s where we come in. Even a hand sketch or a simple drawing is sufficient for Shieldon.

We provide structural images for our customers to confirm the size, color, and features. This mutual confirmation is crucial as once we have the data, we proceed with the machining work, which leaves little room for adjustments.

That’s why data confirmation is vital to us.

We supply international shipping

Since the majority of our OEM customers lack experience in international shipping and Customs clearance, they often seek assistance or guidance on procuring goods from China.

At Shieldon, we ensure that our customers can completely rely on us for all their shipping needs, allowing them to focus solely on their sales responsibilities. We proudly offer convenient door-to-door shipping services through trusted carriers such as UPS, DHL, and FedEx.


Story of the Manufacturing Process

1) Our client approached us with a simple 2D design for a folding knife, wanting us to bring it to life. The design was unusual, featuring a patterned aluminum handle with multiple holes and a black blade with three openings for easy flicking.

Despite its simple appearance, we understood the complexities involved in creating this product. We ensured all information remained confidential, as the client’s trust was paramount to us.

2) The patterned handle was inspired by an item the client provided, making communication a key part of this process. As an ОЕМ проект, it was crucial we fully understood the customer’s vision before proceeding.

We took our time perfecting the 3D rendering images, maintaining equal distance between the holes to create an aesthetically pleasing pattern. We worked hard to live up to our client’s expectations, proving that their trust in our previous work was well placed.

3) We created a 3D rendering that mirrored the client’s 2D sketch, which pleased our client greatly prompting them to swiftly place the order.

Given our history, the client trusted our production process and didn’t require extensive explanations. They could focus on their business, knowing we had their product under control.

4) The first tangible part of this project came to life with the creation of the aluminum handle, featuring the Trypophobia pattern. We used 6061 aluminum but would consider suggesting 7073 aluminum for future projects due to its durability.

After confirming with the client, we moved on to production, anticipating the final product’s beauty once the blackened finishing was applied.

5) Creating the folding knife had its challenges, especially with the thumb stud. Unlike typical ones, this required a unique knurling design. To avoid delaying the process, we sometimes make decisions based on our expertise. In this case, we chose a design that didn’t hurt the thumb and looked good.

The customer appreciated our initiative, trusting our 20+ years of experience in outdoor knife manufacturing. At Shieldon, we understand our customers’ needs and know how to enhance knife features. We solve problems efficiently, allowing customers to focus on their business.

6) As evident in the video, the thumb stud’s knurling was specially made for this project. We believe each model should have a distinguishing feature, even if it’s a small detail.

7) When the knife prototypes were nearly complete, we presented them to our new partners. They were often amazed at how we turned their ideas into reality. However, prototyping is crucial to identify and rectify any issues before the final production.

8) The finished folding knife features a black aluminum handle, a black 154CM blade with a diamond-like coating (DLC), and a red anodized aluminum backspace. The customer initially wanted a high-end product, but we both had to consider cost control.

After discussions, we decided to upgrade the blade finish to DLC, a premium, durable coating. The customer agreed, so we applied this change in the final production process.

9) We incorporated a pivot screw in the knife design, finished with a black titanium coating. It has a D-shaped stand-off to prevent it from turning during unscrewing. This unique feature caters to the EDC community’s penchant for disassembly, cleaning, and reassembly, enhancing the overall user experience.

10) We designed the pivot screw set to be user-friendly. The show side doesn’t have a screw slot, whereas the backside does. This design choice eliminates confusion, especially for EDC novices. Although a slot on the show side might seem logical, it’s unnecessary due to the D-shaped stand-off inside. This focus on user experience is a hallmark of Shieldon manufacturing.

11) We modified the original spot pattern around the pivot due to space constraints. Some spots lacked room for a complete circle, detracting from the overall aesthetic. After consultation with the client, we removed these spots to improve aesthetics. This change underscores the importance of prototyping in identifying potential enhancements.

12) We made further modifications to the flipper tab. Initially, it was too long and lacked jimping. We added jimping for better grip and shortened the tab to improve the aesthetics. After these changes were made and the client’s deposit received, we moved forward to mass production.

13) After 20 days into production, we started working on the aluminum handle scale of the knife. The handle was raw and fragile at first, needing significant care to prevent damage. Its silver color is natural to aluminum, which we know can be changed to many different shades through anodization.

Anodization is a safe, electrochemical process that strengthens the aluminum and allows it to retain color.

14) In the following 20 days, we crafted the liners of the knife. These are essential for providing a solid feel to the knife and preventing handle flex. We chose stainless steel for its weight and rigidity. The liner lock mechanism ensures the blade’s secure opening and closing. Our liners’ thickness starts at 0.050″, but it can be adjusted according to the design.

15) Next, we produced the red anodized backspacer. This component, crafted from aluminum like the handle, must also be well-protected. The black handle and red backspacer create a visually appealing contrast. At this stage, we are close to working on the most crucial part of the knife- the blade.

16) We used 154CM steel for the blade, which was in its raw form and required careful handling. 154CM steel is versatile, easy to sharpen, and holds an edge reasonably well. It is a modified version of 440C stainless steel, enriched with carbon, chromium, and molybdenum for extra strength.

17) The blade is crafted from 154CM steel and features a Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC) finish. This DLC coating offers exceptional benefits, including reduced friction, enhanced wear resistance, and increased hardness.

Moreover, it provides a reliable shield against scratches and other potential damage. In the case of a DLC-coated blade, the knife’s screws and clip will also be coated. For the Blackwash version, a distinctive Stonewash finish follows the DLC coating. Typically, DLC coatings exhibit shades of grey or black.

18) Once the blade and handle parts were ready, it was time for assembly. This process involves the careful assembly of screws, the thumb stud, and the internal stand-off. Each knife is unique due to slight differences in detent strength, deployment, and the sound it makes when flicked open. Shieldon ensures quality in every piece.

19) The final image shows the completed custom folding knife. The customer was happy with the final product. As they had their packaging, we made sure each knife was packed safely for delivery. Folding knives are a source of pride for Shieldon. If you have an idea for a knife, even just a sketch, come to us. We provide expert advice and cost estimates. We are all part of the knife community, working together to improve products and expand the market.


Отгрузка и сводка

1) Quality assurance (QA) is an integral part of our production process. We don’t make empty promises of perfect production without thorough checking. Instead, we conduct at least six QA checks throughout the process.

While some issues inevitably arise, we strive to address them promptly. While we take pride in achieving a 99% passing rate after these six checks, we believe total honesty about our process is essential for customer trust.

2) During production, we sometimes encounter component issues, such as color loss on anodized backspace due to metal friction during assembly. It’s crucial to address these problems immediately to prevent them from escalating. At Shieldon, we maintain high-quality standards and regularly train our workshop to ensure all workers, new and old, adhere to these criteria.

3) Comparing our designed product with the final physical one can reveal differences. However, the focus here is not on which is superior. Instead, it’s about showcasing the manufacturing expertise we’ve honed over two decades as an outdoor knife and tool creator. Whether you require OEM/ODM services or have a novel knife concept, Shieldon is prepared to work with you to bring your idea to life.

4) This concludes the journey of our aluminum folding knife production. We hope for it to be one of our best sellers. For more information on OEM/Custom projects, or if you’re curious about Shieldon EDC knives and tools, feel free to reach out via our various platforms listed below:


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