20 Recommended Popularity Rankings for Outdoor Survival Multitools

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A knife that incorporates various tools in the handle of a relatively small pocket knife. Manufacturers such as Victorinox, Leatherman, and Gerber sell mainstream Swiss Army knives and pliers tools that can also be used as tools and full-scale models with more than 30 functions. However, there are too many types and procedures, and it is difficult to know what to choose based on.

Therefore, this time, for those who are thinking about purchasing multi-tools, we will explain detailed selection points. Based on that, we will introduce them in a ranking format in the order of recommendation. In the latter half of the article, we will also teach how to use the multi-tool and points to note when possessing it, so please refer to it when selecting products.

Supervised by an expert! How to choose a multi-tool for outdoor surviva

This time, we asked the mountaineering guide, Asami Kanai, to watch how to choose a multi-tool for outdoor survival.

Select the primary tool according to the application

There are two main types of outdoor survival multi-tools. First, find out which type is right for you.

“Swiss Army knife” with the primary knife

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Multi-tools that are mainly knives are called “army knives” and help all scenes of cutting things. It is convenient not only for cutting ingredients and handling fish but also for cutting ropes, sharpening pencils, and cutting ivy.

Most swiss army knives come with the main blade and a small blade convenient for cutting small things, which is helpful in any outdoor survival scene. When choosing, make sure to check the sharpness by referring to word of mouth.

“Pliers tool” suitable for use as a tool

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Pliers tools are multi-tools that mainly use pliers instead of knives. It is a set of tools that can be used as tools, and you can use a screwdriver to turn a screw, a hammer to hit a peg, a nipper to cut a wire, and so on.

In the outdoor and survival scenes, it is useful when setting up a tent or repairing equipment, and it is also very convenient when cutting twigs for a bonfire outdoors. If you can afford it, we recommend that you bring it with an army knife.

Choose by the function you need

Multitools04, Shieldon

Multi-tools have different functions for each product, so check what kind of functions they have. A swiss army knife comes with a bottle opener and a file. However, some models have only the minimum features to keep the price down, so it’s essential to make sure you don’t lack the parts you need.

However, keep in mind that the more functions you have, the higher the price and weight. Not all of the features that come with it will be useful to you, so choose what you need and don’t need.

If portability is important, check for carabiner and key chain

Multitools05, Shieldon

Portability is also important when choosing a multi-tool for outdoor activities and survival. It’s more convenient to wear it all the time, so don’t forget to check if it’s portable.

If you have a carabiner model or a model with a key chain, you can hang it on a belt loop and carry it with you at all times. Alternatively, you can choose a smaller one that fits in your pants or shirt pocket.

If you carry it in your pocket, it has a lock function.

Multitools06, Shieldon

Since multi-tools are equipped with blades and sharp tools, it is also essential that they can be used safely when pulling out and storing the knife blade.

The type with a lock function cannot store or pull out the blade unless the lock is released, so there is less risk of injury due to an operation error. If you want to carry it in your pocket, make sure that it has a lock function to prevent the blade from popping out due to some momentum.

10 Recommended Popularity Rankings for Multi-Tools (Swiss Army Knives)

We will introduce the popular multi-tools in the recommended ranking format by dividing them into two types, the swiss army knife and the plier’s tool. The first is the swiss army knife, which is often highly portable.

The ranking is based on the best-selling orders (as of May 25, 2020) of each EC site, such as Amazon, Rakuten, and Yahoo! Shopping.


Link Tool knife

Multitools07, Shieldon

Compact size that is convenient to carry. For disaster preparedness.

A multi-tool equipped with 14 functions such as a knife, screwdriver, and corkscrew. It is palm-sized and easy to carry, convenient for outdoor scenes such as fishing and mountain climbing. It is also helpful to put it in an emergency carry-out bag in case of a disaster.

function: Knife, saw, scallop, scissors, can opener, flat-blade screwdriver (bottle opener), Phillips screwdriver, ice breaker, file (nail cleaner), hook remover, corkscrew

Portability: With key ring

Lock function: Nothing

Size: 97 x 26 x 15 mm (total length 157 mm when the knife is deployed)

Weight: About 112g

9th place

Multitools08, Shieldon

Multitools09, Shieldon

Victorinox Evolution Wood S557

Elegant design using wood. For those who want to be particular about their appearance.

An elegantly designed multi-tool with a beautiful walnut texture. Equipped with 19 functions such as a wrench, pliers, and Phillips screwdriver, the design and the high functionality are attractive. It also comes with a key ring that is convenient to carry around, so you can carry it around in style.

Function: Large blade (with lock), nail wrench, nail cleaning, cork bottle opener, bottle opener, wire stripper, flat-blade screwdriver 5 mm, can opener, flat-blade screwdriver 3 mm, reamer (drilling, sewing eye), Phillips screwdriver (Phillips type 1/2)・ Universal wrench (M3, M4, M5) ・ Scissors ・ Pliers ・ Adjustable opening ・ Wrench ・ Wire cutter ・ Terminal crusher

Portability: With key ring

Lock function: Yes

Size: 28 x 85 mm

Weight: 127g

8th place

Victorinox Camper

Multitools10, Shieldon

Equipped with a saw and can opener function. Items that play an active part in the camping scene.

Although it is a multi-tool with a size that is easy to carry, it is equipped with all 14 functions such as sawing and can opener. It has tools to help you cut wood and camping tape, and open cans of soup. It will be helpful for camping in the sea, rivers and mountains.

Function: Large blade, small blade, cut, flat-blade screwdriver 3 mm, bottle opener, flat-blade screwdriver 6 mm, wire stripper, reamer (drilling, awl), cork bottle opener, saw, toothpick, tweezers.

Portability: With key ring

Lock function: Nothing

Size: 17.5 x 91 mm

Weight: 74g

7th place

Victorinox Swiss Champ

Multitools11, Shieldon

Unique 33 features! Multi-functional tool that can be relied on in various situations.

Victorinox Swiss Champ packed with 33 functions, from large blades and small blades to scissors and saws to ballpoint pens.

It’s a bit challenging to carry in your pocket because it has many functions, but you can use it indoors or outdoors in any situation. It also has a magnifying glass, so it’s convenient for viewing small letters and maps.

Function: Large blade (large blade), small blade (small blade), cork bottle opener, can opener, minus driver (small), bottle opener, minus driver (significant), wire stripper, reamer (drilling), keyring, tweezers (hair removal), toothpick, scissors, multi-hook, saw, scallop remover, bottle opener

Portability: With key ring

Lock function: Nothing

Size: 33 x 91 mm

Weight: 185g

6th place

BIBURY 5-in-1 multi-tool knife

Multitools12, Shieldon

With a lock function, safety is improved. With a pouch, it is also portable. ◎

It uses an ergonomically designed handle for both right-handed and left-handed people—a compact multi-tool with five functions such as pliers and can opener. With a blade lock function, it can be stored relatively safely when not in use.

It doesn’t come with a key ring, but you can put it in the included nylon pouch and attach it to your belt, so it’s convenient to carry.

Function: Includes knife, player, can opener, screw sword adapter, bottle opener, 9-in-1 screwdriver set

Portability: With belt buckle and storage case

Lock function: Yes

Size: 25 x 112 mm

Weight: 425g

5th place

Victorinox Huntsman

Multitools13, Shieldon

Carefully selected tools that are convenient for outdoor activities and disaster prevention. Rich in colours and designs

It is equipped with 15 frequently used functions such as saws, scissors, and screwdrivers on large and small blades. It has a compact built-in tool convenient for disaster prevention from outdoor scenes in the sea and mountains. You can keep it at your office desk or study.

It weighs only 95g and is relatively lightweight, and it has a key ring, so it is easy to carry. In addition to black, the main body is available in a wide variety of colours such as red, blue, and camouflage, so why not choose your favourite colour?

Function: Large blade (large blade), small blade (small blade), cork bottle opener, can opener, minus driver (small) 3 mm, bottle opener, minus driver (significant) 6 mm, wire stripper, reamer (drilling), tweezers (hair removal), toothpick, scissors, multi-hook, saw, sewing eye (thread hole)

Portability: With key ring

Lock function: —

Size: 27 x 91 mm

Weight: 95g


Victorinox Classic SD

Multitools13, Shieldon

Lightweight type that is easy for women to handle. Built-in file for nail care ◎

Victorinox’s best-selling model equipped with the minimum necessary functions such as small blades, scissors, and a flat-blade screwdriver. Because it is compact and weighs only 21g, it can be attached and carried like a key chain.

With a size that is easy to handle even with small hands, it is also convenient as a tool for women’s daily work. It also has a built-in file, so you can use it for nail care.

Function: Small blade (small blade), claw file, flat-blade screwdriver (small), scissors, tweezers (hair removal), toothpick

Portability: With key ring

Lock function: —

Size: 18 x 58 mm

Weight: 21g

3rd place

HONZIN Multifunctional pocket knife

Multitools15, Shieldon

Chic black colour. Rust-resistant with stainless steel tools.


The handle part features an excellent appearance unified in a chic black colour from each tool’s handle part. It is equipped with 11 functions, such as a knife and a Phillips screwdriver, as well as a bottle opener and a can opener. It can be folded into the size of a palm and is convenient to carry.

Rust-resistant stainless steel is used as the material, and it is a nice point that it has excellent durability and is easy to clean. It will be suitable for those who are looking for items that can be used for a long time in multi.

Function: 11 functions such as blade, Phillips screwdriver, scissors, bottle opener, can opener, etc.

Portability: With carabiner

Lock function: —

Size: —

Weight: —

2nd place

Victorinox Super tinker

Multitools16, Shieldon

Both right-handed and left-handed people can use it! Recommended for the travel scene

A multi-tool with 14 functions that are useful in daily life and outdoors. There are many tools useful for the travel scene, such as scissors, tweezers, and a can opener. It is designed to be used by both right-handed and left-handed people, and it is possible to cut the nails with scissors.

The handle part’s length is about 91 mm, and the weight is as light as 84 g. It has a key ring, so it is very portable, and it is easy to carry around even when travelling. It is also suitable for detailed work such as sharpening a pencil, and if you keep it at hand, it will be helpful in various situations.

Function: Large blade (large blade), small blade (small blade), Phillips screwdriver, can opener, flat-blade screwdriver (small) 3 mm, bottle opener, flat-blade screwdriver (large) 6 mm, wire stripper, reamer (drilling), tweezers (hair removal), scissors・ Scissors ・ Multi-hook

Portability: With key ring

Lock function: —

Size: 27 x 91 mm

Weight: 84g

First place

Nakabayashi Seisakusho Adventure Club 20 Virtue Tool Knife L-36

Multitools17, Shieldon

Various functions in this one! It can be used from outdoors to every day.


In addition to the standard functions such as a knife and screwdriver, it is a multi-functional type with a stringer and tweezers. It has a compact built-in tool that can be used in various situations, from outdoor activities to daily work. When folded, it is shorter than an available ballpoint pen, and its portability is attractive.


Made of rust-resistant stainless steel, it can be used onerous even in harsh outdoor environments. It is equipped with valuable tools for detailed work, so you can use it in case of an emergency, even if you put it in a disaster prevention bag.


It comes with a convenient cloth case to carry around, and it is recommended that you store it in the case when not in use. It is a product that can be purchased at a reasonable price and has both functionality and cost performance.


Function: Knife, can opener, nail opener, nail file, sword, chisel, saw, bottle opener, scraper, scale, screwdriver, drilling, de-striping, corkscrew, Phillips screwdriver, urine remover, hook, nail toothpick, tweezers, scissors, string thread.

Portability: With storage case

Lock function: —

Size: 100 x 200 x 23 mm

Weight: About 155g


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